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Are your beliefs helpful ?

Are your beliefs helpful What is a belief (or a faith) ? As its name indicates it, it is the fact of believing in something. It is a kind of thought inked in us that has influence on all our other thoughts.

A belief has nothing to do with the fact of knowing. It is “to believe”, as the name indicates it (again). And often, without proof, besides. Then yeah, it is a little bit stupid! But we are all treated similarly with this thing…

Everybody has his own faiths and sees the world through them. It is difficult to realize it because the beliefs are a part of us, of our way of working. Just like a fish does not see the water in which it swims.

But this “water” has a fundamental role. Indeed, the faiths influence our words, our actions, our decisions… In brief, our behavior in the broad sense. Then, this behavior that will occur and reproduce, is going to strengthen itself, until becoming a new habit resulting in new faiths. Did you follow ?

It is thus fundamental, when we want to do some personal fulfillment, to discover what are our faiths and to determine if they are constructive or limiting. For this purpose, we need to auto-question methodically.

Watch out! I am not saying that you have to adopt MY faiths. After all, we are all different and I do not want to make you a brainwashing. If it was the case, I would work for the CIA! I just want to bring you to question your limiting faiths most solidly installed. You will see that by getting rid of your limiting faiths, you widen your range of possibilities. I want you to think FOR YOURSELF.

The limiting belief, what is it ? It is shit. OK. What else ? It is something we think right but isn’t (or not always) and which prevents us from doing what we really want to do.

The faith that says that you should not kill or that stealing is bad, it is something true (even if that was not true always for everybody). It is thus not a faith… It is a fact and you risk serious troubles with the law if you think differently. On the other hand, the faith that says it is bad to speak to people you don’t know and try to pick up attractive single women (in a polished and respectful way)… this is shit!

Maybe you think you are not beautiful, or you have no charm. Wonder if you have already made people laugh or if girls have already found you attractive (even ugly girls that’s not the point). Yes ? So, you’re on your good way.

This kind of judgment can also apply to other people. Like when you say that girls who like sex are easy whores. It is wrong: there are very good girls who like sex. Just like there are big frustrated silly bitches.

Generalization is an enormous problem. “Girls do not like that we try to pick them up, they find it weird” is what I heard the most. The truth is some do not like it, others appreciate. Just like the pushy attitude. Extremes and intellectual absolutes are dangerous.

Ideally, it would be necessary to avoid thinking negatively. It would be necessary to speak to yourself in a positive way. Easier to say than to do. Instead of wondering how you would avoid being premature or how you could avoid seeming too shy during the date… Try to wonder how you will succeed in making her enjoy like crazy or how you will make a success of your date.

The faiths create: possibilities OR dead ends. Every time you say to yourself that you cannot, while in fact technically you can, it is wrong. And that decreases your potential. There are always more options than you think. Get rid of your psychological coal nuts.

In The Game, Neil Strauss wrote about the kiss “as soon as you ask yourself whether you should or shouldn’t, that means you should “.

With that read, at the beginning of my Game, I began to approach and to kiss girls after just a few minutes of discussion and I noticed that even if often they were surprised, they appreciated. Then, I said to myself that I was going to take the matter farther. I tried to fuck them in bathrooms during parties, in the street, in my car, etc. And if some were shocked by my cavalier manners, others appreciated to live a passionate scene worthy of a porn movie. Rare are the ones who regretted (not rares are the ones who regretted not having tried to go out of their comfort zone).

Moreover, often, it was because they felt guilty after… That is because their feelings made them act on the moment and then they found it against their plan of thought “a girl from a good family does not do that even if it was funny“. From there, we realize that faiths determine our degree of social and sexual freedom.

There is one last interesting thing there with the faiths, it is that they shrink our field of vision. Like the blinders of horses. So, when a girl will be in attitude of seduction with you, you will not notice it if you are persuaded that girls are not usually interested in you. We notice more easily what belongs to our plan of thought. The rest, we hide it or often reject it.

Also, beliefs can show you things that do not exist, like a guy who would try to pick up your girlfriend while he is in fact a gayfriend (and that he would prefer to pick YOU up). Generally, we believe more easily: what we would really enjoy AND what we are very afraid of.

It is because of the faiths we have that we all live in our own reality (when for me it is obvious that girls like sex and that I can fuck one in the crappers of a club after 10mn of talking while respecting her ; others would see a conceited misogynous guy there and it is hard to say who is wrong or right). Finally, to a certain extent all the same…

To note all the same that for some suggestible people, the faiths can have physical consequences. Where from the psychosomatic illnesses. More generally, our faiths influence our body language and thus the reactions of others. Good beliefs attracts good things.

Below some questions to help you to determine if your beliefs are limiting or helpful :

Question 1 : What the Hell could happen if you did it? What have you got to lose? What is the potentiel gain?
Question 2 : What would you need more than what you have right now to do it? Is it possible to do it right now anyway ? Why not ?
Question 3 : Why do you think this way ? Who or what put it in your mind ?
Question 4 : It is helpful and does it go in the sense of your objective of life?
Question 5 : Are there circumstances in which that does not apply? Which ones and why? (back to question 1)

I wish you a good questioning of your faiths about yourself, girls and gender relations.

PS = The girls have to love you because you are an alpha and a good leg OR you have to go into a great deal of trouble and pay them drinks ? As for myself, I’ve chosen my sexual reality. And if that annoys you because you are frustrated, let me all the same be happy, please. Be tolerant.

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