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I massaged a 28-year-old physiotherapist

August 6th 2015,

Yet, it was rather a bad start between the physio and me. She had a profile without a photo and a shitty description on Adopteunmec… I quote: “Picture on request, because of my job, I do not want to be on the schedule… I’m looking for someone healthy, with a good life and who knows what he wants. A well-educated man, ambitious, attentive, cuddly, epicurean, traveler… would be a good start; for the rest we will see in use :)”

And besides, she dared to send me a really aggressive first message “You are a very sick right?
– I could say the same thing
– LOL why?
– Given your expectations on the site
– I do not think so 🙂
– You will see
– I’ll see what?
– When you’ll have met two or three weird guys or bad lovers
– The weird ones yes it’s done
– Bad lovers you do not know because you do not fuck?
– It must be that
– Just asking
– So yes, I know
– I think our communication has problems
– I do not think so. I’m telling you that I know that there are bad lovers, but here like everywhere else
– Can you send me a picture please?
– Hmm I do not know. You look weird all the same
– Maybe different but I do not know if that’s a bad thing
– Explain
– Well, you’ve met only weird guys that looked normal. Now, you’re talking with a guy who do not take it seriously and you reject him for that
– I do not reject I am suspicious
– And you think you’re not weird you?
– Not me 🙂
– Well think again lol
– What makes you say that?
– Well a lot of things. Your profile without photo. The aggressive way you have approached me. Now it’s difficult to send me a photo while on your profile you’ve written on request lol
– I’m not aggressive 🙂
– This is all you have understand among what I said?
– Not necessarily. Relax
– I’m relaxed I’m waiting for your photo
– If you give me an email address

[She sent me a black and white picture but I could hardly see her…]

– One single picture ??? 🙂
– It is already a good thing
– Me I uploaded 8, darling
– It’s a contest? 🙂
– Yes, a contest of good will 🙂
– I sent you another one
– Cool, the dress is almost transparent 🙂
– Not exactly
– So I did not really understand what you want from me
– Nothing in particular. And you?
– I want to see if you are a good kisser, for starters
– No one had to complain. By the way what do you do in life?
– I’m an accountant and you? OK so we will see it then… are you free any night this week?
– I’m a physiotherapist. On Friday I go on holiday it’s hard
– Cool but it is me who will make you a massage for once 🙂 Me too am leaving this weekend so it postpones to September if we do not meet up!
– I hope you love challenges for the massage… 🙂 I’m back late August
– Yes I do 🙂 me too but that is not a reason to procrastinate
– It’s gonna be complicated. If I can I’ll tell you which night
– Okay or you’ll have to reopen me when you’re back
– You can also reopen me you know
– Well here it is you who refuse therefore it will be for you to come back to me, my dear
– There are only 2 nights!
– It’s manageable

[She then asked me what I planned to do and I told her to come to my place… however after trying unsuccessfully to get invited in her office to fuck her.]

– I will think about it. For now I’m going to bed…
– Alone 🙂
– Who knows

[Yesterday morning, the night wearing board… turnaround, I received this]

– Maybe I can tonight finally
– Good. What time ?
– Calm down it’s not sure yet
– Ok but I have to organize a minimum
– That is to say? You know I’ll be very uncomfortable
– Why would you?
– Because it’s not me to do such a thing
– I see ! I will help you to feel comfortable! And that’s good, too, new experiences. Where are you in Lyon?
– Secret 🙂
– Lol YOU’re gonna make ME suspicious
– You should not 🙂 I do not want to see you at my office
– You know, I’m far too busy these days, I have other things to do lol! But well as you want. I have to visit my cousins after work then you’ll tell me what time you come so I can organize

[She asked me where I live and made a shitty comment]

– This place is dangerous 😉

Basically, she tried to find an excuse and tried to force me into any errors for not coming having sex while keeping a clear conscience (she had yet some desire in fact). But she fell on the wrong dude because I did not fall into those traps. Another victory for the aggressive game against social pressure!

Arrived home, about 9:15pm a small blonde dressed in a little strict way. Older than the last one who came directly to my place. A little less thin too. But hey, it’s still a quality ass. Especially seen how she played the princess, she deserved a fucking correction.

We drank orange juice to get acquainted. Her friend was harassing her via texts to find out if I was a freak who would cut her and bury her in the Parc de la Tete d’Or. She has not received many responses during the evening. Not because I killed her but we were busy!

First, I made a massage. She wanted to choose music: Christine & TheQueens. Ok. Then this princess did not like the lavender essential oil, so it was a massage with moisturizer. I massaged the paranoid physio, that’s funny. She even taught me a few tricks to further improve my massages but told me that for a non-physio, I’m doing “quite well”. Right now, it’s a little my technique, the massage: therefore so much the better!

After massaging her back, the plan was to go down between her thighs. And to lick her pussy. Then, the plan was she takes care of me a little bit before I take her. However, after enjoying, she masturbated me but did not suck. The moral is that if chicks want us to call them back, they should think about sucking especially if you licked them until orgasm just before! I fucked her all the same… but well. Another negative thing is that she does not like spanking. But the positive thing is that she is a good kisser.

By leaving, she was looking for her clothes that had been scattered and was surprised : there still was Virginie’s chemise in bed. At least she will not take me for a sex-starved guy who has not fucked for months (so who is easily manipulable).

One hour later, I got the text message “I’m safe home”. I answered “by the way, what’s your name?
– Lol you do not know my name! :/
– Tell me, I’m curious!”

She nevertheless ended telling me. Proud of my victory, I started an episode of the show Arrow, so I can fantasize about Thea Queen… then I fell asleep. I dreamed that I fucked the actress but I fell asleep right in the act and her brother found me in his bed, in the position of Jesus on the cross, naked and alone. And besides, I still had the condom on my cock. He looked at me, said “you should be ashamed, you will change my sheets.” I woke up with a jolt!

Well. I’m at work now. So I can not fussing too much but it’s still the third crazy girl I had sex with since I am in Lyon (after the crazy elf and the rats breeder). I will be on holidays Friday… I’m going back to Aix but I will still try to fuck 1 more girl during the month of August.

Kisses to all the fans, hateful and envious persons! May the God of the Game be with you! And for your well-being, sleep with the head at the north!

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