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One night stand : how to find and propose to be a sexfriend ?

a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship

A one night stand, at the base, it’s a shot of a night. That is to say, a sexual relationship, nothing more since the participants do not intend to develop a lasting relationship, or even to meet again.

Sometimes we talk about regular sex, or sexfriends. This is when the partners have sex from time to time but without feeling engaged.


How to find a sexfriend ?

There are many sites on the internet that can help you to find a one night stand or a sexfriend easily.

Tinder has been much criticized for this, because politically correct love to criticize sex without commitment. But it’s one of the best I know. There is also Adopteunmec. Finally, currently, the means to find a good sexfriend or a one night stand are not lacking.

If not, you can also propose a one night stand to a girl of your entourage. Or to a girl you have just flirted in the street, in a bar or in a club.

sexfriend or one night stand



How to propose a one night stand or a sexfriend to a girl?


The first problem that arises when proposing a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship to a girl is ethics. Should you tell her clearly that you only want a sexfriend (at least to begin) or is it necessary to play the transit lover until you reach your goals?

In any case, if you asked yourself this question, you have identified part of the problem. If a girl said loudly that she wants only sex, she might be treated as a bitch.

Indeed, women have the fantasy (secret) of the unknown and good sex easy but they have above all a priority: they want to protect their reputation.

Men, they, have no problem to assume to want to fuck easily without headache or feeling. Although I have the impression that there are more and more guys who become Puritan, well-being, tight-asss and blue flower.

The problem in all this is that some let hope the girls. They tell themselves that if they were frank by saying frankly to the girls that they just wanted to fuck, they would not be interested. This is of course wrong, because there are a lot of girls who have nothing against the idea of ​​sex, but it’s mostly being an asshole.

a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship


Sexfriend OR couple?

The a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship allows to spend pleasant moments between consenting adults, and it’s always taken on life. Whether it leads to a relationship or not, it is better to have orgasmed than have spent another ninth TV evening with your cat.

However, sometimes partners get involved. Sometimes, at the bend of an “innocuous” fuck, the two realize that they share an intense sexual and emotional connection. And that can lead to beautiful stories.

It seems to me a much better start than to qualify intellectually for a month around drinks and restaurants. Because after a month of time, money and energy invested, when you go to sleep together: maybe you will not be compatible. Maybe it will be shit, maybe you’ll be too bad for her or she’s expecting something else, etc. If there is no sexual and emotional connection between you, it’s better if you know it quickly, right?

So, letting a potential couple sparkle or even the opportunity to see you again to become regular plans is a good idea but only if you really think. Otherwise, it’s still like being an asshole.

Selling ​​the dream and making plans on the comet just to fuck… no! I had a friend who did that in high school, he said “I love you” to the girls just to fuck them. What an example not to follow!


Why would not you want a couple?

If you want to be sure to succeed in your first year of seduction, because this is where we progress the most, I do not advise you to couple or have too many regular sexfriends.

Indeed, fucking one day out of two your regular sexfriends, this is the best way to no longer go out picking women up, not to have faith, to stay in your comfort zone and therefore not to progress.


Why would not she want a couple?

Although women love to say they are looking for love and everything, they are often far from closed to the idea of ​​a hot sexfriend. If it was her favorite rock star who proposed her to fuck, do you really think the girl would need to be invited to the restaurant 3 times before removing her panties?

a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship


There are girls who want a one night stand, even with a guy lambda, if only to change their minds or because they come out of a story and want to meet the needs of their bodies.

Examples are not lacking: recently separated, divorced, taking career, wants to take revenge on her guy who cheats on her, nympho, libertine in an open relationship, etc.

In summary, I do not advise you to assume that women always want commitment and promise before sleeping with a man. This is false but it is a very widespread limiting belief that is likely to make you lose easy shots.

Be careful though because some girls really think that sex without feeling has no interest… it is also a limiting belief that can prevent them from enjoying during their full life. Some women have never been properly fucked, so they do not know that sex for sex, it can be super good… A good a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship would probably do them the greatest good!


How to qualify?

They do what they want with their bodies and that’s good because that’s exactly what young Womanizers like me do too. There may be a match!

Moreover, if you are 40 and over, this is also the best way to fuck young girls: you allow them to enjoy your sexual experience during private meetings while they do not have to face the people look “ah but it looks like you’re going out with your father!”

However, for a a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship, what makes the difference between you and the 150 dogs in heat  she meets every day or who send her pictures of their cock after 2 texts?

You have to stand out from the competition. This is where the game is even more useful.

Obviously, if you have a reputation as a fun guy and a good fucker, it will do a lot of work for you. Personally, there are some girls who offer me sometimes one night stands. Some even travel 300km to come enjoy with me. It’s awesome, right?


Conversation topics

With you, life is not a headache! To encourage the discussion to lead to a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship, prefer light subjects.

Do not ask a woman who seems to want to fuck if she has a guy or what. Do not bring the conversation on it. Do not talk about things that can destroy sexual tension. Prefer 100 times talking about sex.

But you must cover your proposal all the same: you do not say “I propose a a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship”. You say rather “it must be too good to be in you… I really want it right away as in a bubble out of time and our lives. I propose you a sex session easy, fast, intense, passionate, without judgment…”

Carve some side carpe diem, which will be your added value, as the Rake in The art of seduction.

one night stand sexfriend


Reassure her

Regarding a possible relationship couple, tell her that if you share a strong intellectual and sexual connection it will be done alone. Otherwise, it is always taken from life and washed well it can be used again.

Do not be an emotional dependent guy who needs to be in a couple more than sex. It’s really like a frustrated chick thing that lives alone with her cats and looks at romantic comedies all night long. Do not lower yourself to this level, please!

In addition, you have to communicate that you are a little demanding: you do not want you to sleep with her just because she is there, like a piece of meat, but because it is HER.

You have to prize her and qualify her on things (if possible not physical details).

An important thing is openness. Do not judge yourself or others too harshly for their natural desires.

Remove the social pressure, remove the fear of judgment and you will have a good chance of having sex!

Finally, insist that after a sex drive, you have never insulted, denigrated, disrespected a woman, spread rumors about her, etc.

The ideal for a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship is that she is ready to assume her fantasies and desires without being judged.


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