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15 movies you must see about seduction

15 movies you must see about seduction

#1 Roger Dodger


I liked this movie. Legendary quote : “sex is everywhere” !


#2 Spread


This movie is cool, full of good lines to improve your game.


#3 Confession d’un dragueur


This film is a bit old but realistic and especially well considered!


#4 Alfie


Some good advice in this movie, but I find the character deserves slaps in the face!


#5 L’homme qui aimait les femmes


How to put romance in pickup! Too bad the atmosphere of the film is a bit old-fashioned!


#6 Hitch


There are good things to learn from this movie (Ross Jeffries was a consultant on the film) … but it’s really too politically correct for me!


#7 Vicky Christina Barcelona


This movie must be watched for the character played by Javier Bardem : very alpha and good understanding of women !


#8 Match Point


This movie must be seen for the sexual agressivity of the main character !


#9 Serge Gainsbourg (vie héroïque)


Great movie about an ugly legend of seduction.


#10 Top Gun


To be watched for the body language of Tom Cruise which is THE legendary model of the seduction community.


#11 Crazy Stupid Love


Another film on the theme of seduction coaches who gives some good advice… but it’s still too politically correct for my taste.


#12 Magnolia


For the character played by Tom Cruise, it seems he was inspired by Ross Jeffries! Without much other interest…


#13 We Need To Talk About Kieran


Watch it just for Gambler (a famous PUA) aka Richard La Ruina.


#14 The Mentalist


Only one episode to watch : season 1 episode 14. He explains why and how the game works.


#15 Castle



I like Castle and there, in the episode 11 of the season 4, he investigates the murder of a PUA.

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