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Chuck Bass Season 1 : Best moments body language and cocky funny

Image : Gossip Girl

Chuck Bass, from the TV show Gossip Girl, is a good example of alpha male. He is legendary now…

I realized this movie “the best moments of the season 1” so that you can observe his body language and his humor cocky-funny. Hoping that it will inspire you!

The video free streaming : chuckbass-bestmoments-season1.mp4 – 1.5 GB (If one day there is a problem with the link, send me an e-mail and I shall repair). Or : direct link here.

This character is one of those who has the most influenced my game. He is provocative. He has a demonic side. The girls also like him because he is libertin : with him, they can do or ask what they want and will not be afraid of being judged… Because, anyway, he has already done worse.

But he is not perfect (who is ?). He is disturbed, he has problems notably with alcohol and drugs… He is not a PUA. But he is a natural alpha male.

Certain simplifying but not erroneous theories say that women are attracted only by money, social status and confidence. We cannot do exactly like him because he also is famous and rich what also turn on the women but we can be inspired by what we can imitate IE the confidence. Here is the key.

In brief, there is another character in this series, Nate Archibald, who is objectively more handsome than Chuck. However, Chuck has a charisma and a lifestyle which makes fantasize a lot of girls (that they admit it or not). They are two different styles… Choose your style !!!

For a more complete analysis of his body language and his mindset, you can read my ebook How to sublimate your body language !

See ya !!!

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