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Let’s talk about sexualization

Let's talk about sexualizationToday I want to talk to you about sexualization because many guys have difficulty with sexualizing their conversations. Nevertheless, it is an important step of your learning if you want to ejaculate with a lot of attractive girls. My purpose by writing this article is to tempt you to add a little of sexual tension to your approaches and to your dates.

A conversation like “what’s your name? where do you come from ? what is your job/studies ? what do you want to do later (job) ?” has few chances to tempt a woman to jump on you like a Moroccan jumps on a dromedaries (there is a big bump). Unless if she is really very attracted from the beginning… but well, we will just handle the general case here.

Definition : sexualizing is not as we could think = “talking about sex”. You just have to switch on Canal+ to hear impolite columnists making up a competition of lack of respect and vulgarity. You just have to buy a women’s magazine to understand that talking about sex between girls is not at all extraordinary (thus why would it be extraordinary to talk about sex with a guy?) You just have to buy a GQ to read foolishness written by girls paid to explain to you that realizing your fantasies is a bad thing. Thus, even if you want to be provocative, know that asking her point-blank if she likes sodomy is not THAT original and is not effective. Sexualizing, it’s introducing sex.

Thus: beginning the conversation by asking her “do you want to suck my dick ?” or “hello can I take you doggystyle ?” won’t work (I do it sometimes when I am drunk but well it is most of the time just for fun). The golden rule of sexualisation is : the more a conversation is sex-based the less she has to take you for a dead man of hunger. You are a player, teasing, you have naughty thoughts that you communicate but if something lets her think that you did not touch a woman for a long time, she will lose attraction for you (cf. the principle of preselection by other women).

What we want to do when we sexualize, it is to establish a sexual tension, a game, some sensualism, to make her feel comfortable with the possible naughty thoughts (which she certainly already had) by showing her THE FIRST ONE that we feel comfortable on this ground, and also by suggesting her more or less subtly not you own really catholic ideas in a more or less explicit way.

Just like in the bed, you have to take the initiative to bring the subject, to surprise her by your nerve and your original ideas that make you stand out from the crowd (avoid all the same the weird things like fetishism) and make her rates of hormones rise (= make her live feelings). By talking to her about sex, if she is not too much ashamed (tight ass) she will imagine herself doing dirty things with you. Or then she will think again about the act in itself (that she has seemingly already made) and will be turned on then will associate you with this excitement. In any case, she will a little lose control, but I have to warn you some do not like it : that puts them under stress… those ones can react in an unpredictable way. That can go from the blowjob to the slap right in the face including insults.

Why do accountants have a so bad reputation in seduction? They have the reputation to be stuck to the facts. The facts, the facts and only the facts. A girl is thus very afraid of being damn bored with a typical accountant. He has as many chances to kiss Alice David as Alice Isaaz to slip on a banana skin and to fall naked on my sex nicknamed John-David.

Sexualisation is thus a kind of verbal preliminary that prepares the girl to welcome you into her. It is necessary to prepare her mentally. Even for the dirtiest, a minimum is needed. It can be done in face-to-face or on the Internet / by texts for those who like writing.

Especially, don’t be one of these boring and soporific guys. Do not join the gang of the tiresomeness. It is what could happen when you tell her your day of WORK with a lot of details that do not interest her… all this to brag and/or to be thought of as a “nice” guy. According to me, it is better to go too far than not enough.

If I summarize: sexualisation is any conversation between a man and a woman who would be inappropriate between two guys. Or at work. Or with your sister / mother.

– The shiest will sexualize with easy things that are indirectly sexual as “do you prefer eating black chocolate or listening some music while running in the forest?

With that, you sexualize because you remind her pleasant things that are associated to you by your simple presence when she thinks of it. Capisch ? Otherwise, reread this rickety sentence.

In any case, you have to sexualize with your body language while you talk (as explained here and there in details). Because obviously, if you say sexy things by looking at your feet and by reaching for the high notes, that is going to waste all your effect: you would not assume and she would feel it, and thus she would not respect you anymore. To be sexy, don’t be easy to destabilize. I speak to you about something that is related to the domain of the emotion (and of the balance of power sometimes) and not of the logic (which would be : you are not ugly, you have a good job and you are nice then you have sex with hotties… but unfortunately that does not work like that).

*A little more dared “where do like kisses the most ?

*The level still above “what is the color of your underwear today ?

*Then : allusions, plays on words, tell her that she has a dirty mind when she has the misfortune chance of saying an ambiguous word… etc.

*The last level and the most difficult to master, it is the pushy attitude. It is the nuclear bomb of seduction. I do it often but sometimes I still go too far: the euphoria of the moment sometimes traps us by making us lose any sense of moderation. It is not a problem in itself but well we shock some and we are sometimes thought of as a weirdo around politically correct people, it is boring… I even have been punched once.

To inspire you, I give a lot of examples of field-tested lines that work well in this ebook.

The purpose is to connect with woman on an emotional level. If everything goes well, they will find you original & funny (otherwise calibrate better that is to say adapt better to your context / environment)…

With this attitude, we are very far from the “interview mode” they hear most of the time. Having said that, the originality and all this stuff can destabilize the girls been used to losers. Then they will test you to see if you are really cool or if you play a role. There is also the case of the silly bitches (often bimbos or virgins) who are afraid as soon as we get off the beaten track “aaaaaah you talked to me about sex you are a pervert go away.” It speaks for itself. It is often the ones who do not understand the second degree humor/irony or who dread so much to fall on a weirdo that they see weirdos everywhere (they have been too much warned by their mother who in fact fucked in the hay with the neighbor). Really needs to be confident to do that because floozies will try to make you feel guilty and to put you back in the mold of the handleable guys (that arranges them). Don’t be a victime!

You will play with her. That will make her comfortable. She will maybe even play your game and will feel freed by your casual side. Your interaction, under the cover of a small role play, will so be less perturbed by social pressure. Maybe, she will answer your teasings by a pat on the shoulder or an emotional insult “asshollllllllllle, I am not a stupid blonde who has a goldfish memory!

Alternate the warmth and the cold (compliments / teasings) to make the pleasure rise according to the principle of “push and pull”.

Know that we can sexualize any conversation (even the really not sexy topics, just needs to have good reflexes and to bounce on certain words that allow an easy sexualization) with a girl we like outside the frames of work and family. Within 5 minutes, it is totally possible.

What quite a lot of guys find difficult to understand it is that it is necessary to ASSUME. Whatever you do. Even if sex is underlying in any interaction man / woman : you are a man who has some sexual desire and who does not plan to hide it because you are not a hypocrite unlike most of the guys who are spongy but who only think about screwing her and leave her just after. That is the big paradox of women, they push away the true guys and take the smooth talkers then are disappointed and after are mad at the true guys and their final conclusion is always “you are all jerks”…!

Morality : masturbation is not your thing. You are used to real women, to hot and wet real vaginas. She has to respect you for that, it is logical. Except that if that does not arrange her, you will come up against the famous bad feminine faith and take a tremendous amount of shit “come on you are too confident/cocky you I will put you back in place !
– Oh really ? What’s your interest there ? Why don’t you rather take advantage of it to have orgasms ? Go back with your bad legs if you are so afraid of great legs.”

Revelation : she has sexual desires too. Then, you can quench them together and nobody loses there (if both are frank from the beginning about what they want) ! Everybody wins at it in that case. It is a win-win scenario. It is all the same better than watching TV alone with your wubby. This must be your underlying mindset.

In brief, talk to her imagination, to her instinct. Use the three channels of communication (visual, hearing, kinesthetic), when you describe a scene. But this is another story.

The last word: talk to her like you would talk to an old & a little bit naughty friend.

With that, don’t forget to walk the talk: the kinos.

See you soon !

The elevator indicates maximum load = 300kg are you sure that you can come in?

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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