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Nice fuck during a first date in fitting rooms

Nice fuck during a first date in fitting roomsMay 22th 2017,

At 4 pm this afternoon, I had a first date. I had to find a girl (that I had never seen) in the fitting rooms of the underwear department of the Galleries Lafayette in Lyon. There, we were at the top of the adventure!

At first, I did not find her because she had the bad idea to arrive so early that a saleswoman from Aubade had approached her on the shelves to give her stuff to try.

Fortunately, this same saleswoman approached me soon after (she must have taken too much coffee or be on steroids and working too much). I told her that I was waiting for my girlfriend to choose a model of bra and she asked me if it would not be by chance the girl who was already making fittings. I replied that “maybe” and went to see.

So, the first time I saw this girl who was not fearful, she was already half-naked… and I found it very sexy. We did a sort of role play in front of the saleswoman, we played like I was her boyfriend and everything. Then the commercial ran off and I kissed the girl. She seemed to like it so I put a finger in her string : on her clit and then in her vagina. I noticed a humid climate, like Brittany. Finally, I got into the cabin and pulled the curtain.

What happened after that does not concern you. No, I’m kidding! I’ll tell you everything, as usual… I lowered my pants, pulled out my cock and a condom… she leaned forward and I fucked her pretty fast in doggystyle, standing in this cabin, without really talking to each other before. It was the original deal that we had agreed on Adoptaguy if we liked each other : we wanted to realize a fantasy and go crazy.

I admit that the situation was very exciting, especially with the risk of being surprised by the salesgirl who could come back at any time kicking us out with the help of a gorilla, sorry, of a vigil. I think this field report also highlights the ephemeral side of dating and the fact that it can be super simple, to have sex, if no one makes it a complicated story.

After this coit kinda special, everyone left on his side and, by the way, I threw the used condom in one of the garbage cans of the mall. I told myself, while doing so, that the people who clean the Part-Dieu must sometimes have funny surprises…

I guess this girl had a guy and that’s why she wanted a meeting of this type. Finally, I do not know and do not want to know. Who am I to judge, anyway? Thanks to her, in any case, I broke Snipe’s monthly FuckCloses record (he said it in our podcast) and I’m very proud of it. It proves that, despite the increasing numbers of swindlers in this environment, there are still effective players in the new generation.

On the other hand, I confess that I feel bad, I a little tested the limits of my body and the first heat does not help. I’m dizzy, I’m exhausted, I can not take it anymore… I’m going to take a few days off and then go down to Aix for my mother’s birthday.

So, I do not know if there will be another FC this month… I could very well be content with this score more than honorable and give the opportunity to one of my readers to work on his Game and so, why not, one day, doing better.

I would be proud to have a guy come and tell me that he came into the seduction community thanks to me and then pushed the boundaries. Because that’s exactly what I did: I discovered this environment through a report on Snipe so I thank him and I hope he will see in my success a tribute. I’m talking about success because you should not believe that I fucked 12 fat girls. There are even 2 or 3 who were very very high level.

On the way back home direction, I received a call from La Prof who told me that she was going to Part-Dieu to look for a gift for Mother’s Day… so she offered me to have a drink. Like an idiot, I turned around and went without thinking but I had the other girl’s fucking lipstick all over my mouth and she directly guessed what I did when sawing me. I was entitled to a scandal (justified) and a scene of jealousy. I tell you that for the anecdote, and for you to learn from it: remember to wipe your lips so you do not get burned by your girlfriend after kissing an unfaithful slut.

May the God of the Game be with you!

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