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The attraction is universal

The seduction is at the same time an issue of numbers and technique

I know that we all would like to believe that we can have any chick.

But the reality is : you cannot nor would want to live a love story with all the women of the world, even the most beautiful. 99 % of the girls have nothing special. If you think that you need a woman in particular it’s like if you were in one itis. There is dozens of cute girls outside who look like her and have more pleasant personalities. More important, there is a girl somewhere who is her perfect double and who is interested in you. You just have to find her.

You, first, need a good fucking

When you had two or three nice stories with different women, you know what you look for and you know which kind of girl can or not give it to you. When you bang a girl of very good quality, you get promotion. Then, those who are not good enough for you are quickly ignored to release time for those you really like : You become more and more demanding. In the same logic, the time lost with bad sex is time which would have been better invested in good fucks.

The numbers

The « numbers » are part of the game. They allow to eliminate the cute girls who are not really interested, the ugly girls, the psychopaths and the silly bitches… to invest your time in the brilliant girls who are interested. In other words, finding good customers. It is thus necessary to be pragmatic and profitable. There are lots of girls who are not interest at all, or a little bit. Those who are not at all interested in you are great because they do not even want to talk to you and directly reject you with more or less of delicacy. But those with NOT MUCH interest are treacherous because they like you « just enough » to let you lose your time (in a conversation which will lead nowhere).

A technique

The « technical » part of the game is to make « a girl who has some interest » become « a girl VERY interested ». You will achieve this miracle thanks to the physical escalation (detailed below) and the obstinacy. Unfortunately, most of the guys do not accept the part of the game which consists in speaking with the maximum of cute girls in a minimum of time. Their ego does not support to feel rejected while they should understand that they are in fact testing those girls.

The power is in our hands because WE approach, not them.

Numbers = finding interest,
Capacity = converting this interest.

You have to understand that the personal development can increase the number of girls who will be interested in you, but it is another subject. I will probably write an entire book about the personal development to help you sublimating your potential.

Extract from : The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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