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The estate agent that visited my bed

The estate agent that visited my bedI had sex with an estate agent

November 23th 2015,

Thursday, while I was serenely busy sending “hi, wanna fuck?” to a chick who had written in her Adopte description “no sex friends”… I received a notification telling me that a girl allowed me to talk to her. No messages. Profile without picture. I thought “one more stupid chick who did not upload any picture and who hopes that I answer but who would not answer to the profile of a man without picture”.

After a while, I still decided to write something very direct « no photo, beauty? » I do not give a fuck that’s all. If she is not happy too bad for her. Not giving a fuck is an art.

She replied that she did not want to upload any picture on the dating site in order to do not be recognized. Understand: she is an estate agent and would not want her clients to see her on the site. “No photo, no message, empty profile: you will have to make concessions if you want my services”. She sent me two pictures in the wake (dressed). She is actually kinda hot, and is 25 years old.

She added a not fake warning to her photos: “The photo date from 2014 but I have not really changed since that day… If you want to know my measurements, I am short 1m57 exactly but you know what I am blond, I have green eyes, 50kg, 49kg on the good days, I have no big tits but a 85B… standard… on the other hand, it “seems” that my butt is pleasant, even if it remains subjective…” I had asked nothing at all, me, and I got this, LOL !

I congratulated her « you know how to sell yourself anyway, I appreciate. Did a boy ever tell you no? » She did not answer for a while so I fed with a pretty provocative stuff « if you do not answer we will not go far 😉
– Sorry, I’m on horseback, one of my favorite activities… I liked your description that I read until the end, I found myself on many things… Particularly on the fact that we have only one life, people spend their time complicating everything while things are simple, it is enough to just know what you want and to start with not lying to yourself… If it does not bother you here’s my phone number, I’d rather like to talk on my phone than on my computer… » No, no, it does not bother me.

First text message : « Do you prefer to come and evaluate my apartment or have a visit? » She opted for the visit. “I’ll show it to you then, and I’ll finish with the bed.” I also slipped to her that I would gladly use her as a mount to see if she rides well or if all these years of training were useless. She replied “I will show you how well I ride on horseback”. Okay, Jolly Jumper!

I ended up inviting her on Sunday, so yesterday, for a tea and a nap. She was stressed and told me she did not know how to dress. I replied “do it simple! I will wear something easy to remove, come on, I’m waiting for my tea “.

She came, we drank and then I proposed to take a nap. She was dressed well, classy and everything… besides, she began to lie on the bed keeping her clothes. I asked her if she wanted to sleep in this outfit, she said “of course not
– You undress yourself or I undress you?
– as you wish. »
So I undressed her and did the same on me.

We lied down under the duvet and we started to touch each other. It was pretty sexy as a situation. I fingered her/caressed and she shook me. I was actually staring at her breasts and ass, all three very firm. Then I took off her little shorty and went down to lick her. Her flat, muscular stomach and navel piercing motivated me. She enjoyed, first orgasm. She turned me over and sucked me. Very good blowjob. But I did not let her finish. I took the lead and I licked her again. Second orgasm. She sucked me and I came into her mouth. She’s half swallowed. We made a little hug… then I put her up on my mouth and I licked her but she burned her hand on the radiator against which she was stuck, I had not seen it. She lied down next to me and wanted to show me how she rides well. I like when they keep their promises.

She only had long relationships before me so had never fucked with a condom. It is very funny. So I was ridden and she enjoyed, AGAIN. Then she asked for a break because she could not take it anymore. She was trembling everywhere. Then missionary and hard doggy style. Then cuddle, chatting, showering together, chatting again and she’s gone. She had registered on Adopte last Monday… so in three days, she had found me. It’s so easy, for chicks, to have sex! Finally, she’s a nice company, she looks smart and likes animals so good for her.

Once at her place, I received « I came back well, I spent a very good afternoon, very good NAP
– thanks, me too ! I am now in my bed without the little blonde! It may be more relaxing.
– it will be much more relaxing for sure, no more temptation 🙂 »

This morning I woke up with aches everywhere and a broken glass at the foot of my bed. I think I was quite restless that night. The anguish, I think, because I had an anxiety attack during my breakfast. It had been a long time since I had not such a thing but it’s been a few days since I felt not very well so it’s not so surprizing, and then with the anxiogenic (because of the attacks) ambient climate… Since I started by a bleeding nose last Wednesday, then I had a Conjunctivitis for three days, then big stomach ache and finally I broke a second tooth.

Otherwise, more positive: Saturday evening, little pick up session with the LAIR. Nothing crazy, I still picked up a little blonde and I think she wanted to come and fuck at my place. Indeed, I talked to her about a 5 to 7 in the early morning and she asked me where I lived and she said she lived next door. I even have her address. She gave me her number so that we find ourselves at the end of the party and that we may come together because with my friends we went to another bar.

Except that I did not hear her message on time nor her call. I even went back to the first bar to see if she was still there… but no. Disappointment ! I sent her a message last night but she did not answer yet so I think she got cold feet in the meantime. She also had a lousy girlfriend so it surely influenced her.

Yet I think it was not much of a lie, or at least she was a little tempted, because when she asked my age, I said “listen, you will not use this as a pretext for not having orgasms tonight
– don’t worry”
or she asked me “what are you looking for as a relationship?
– it’s a non-question, I do not overthink and I see where it leads
– me too.”

Last anecdote about Tinder: a girl warmed me for 3 days like “I want to suck you and everything” then when we had to meet up “sorry I went to the cinema”. Finally, she confessed to me that she got cold feet because she was a virgin and wanted to “have a lot of fun virtually before”. The idea did not seduce me even though she was hot. I’m sick and tired of the unwilling girls who do not assume anything and that make me waste my time while they could enjoy like crazy chicks !

Last anecdote about Adopte: I had a 38 year old women who had put 26 as an age. And she wants only tall men! She asked my size twenty times and I finally told her to go to Hell. Understand, she is 1m60 and so I eat her on her head… why pissing me off with my size? Is she complexed or what? In addition, it was she who had approached me first and told me that she was interested in the sex instructor I am. I’m sick and tired of those who reject their complexes on others (age and size, in her case).

To finish: I have got fat, +6 kg in total since I am in Lyon. So I got into the diet yesterday. I have no choice! The teacher is so hot that next to her I am complexed… Besides, I now fuck her without a condom. Life is too short for bothering with this shit!

So, may the God of the Game be with us!

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