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A full of love lifestyle

Every woman will blackmail you some day

A woman has two secret weapons to charm men and urge them to make a commitment. Her purity and a subtle threat making you understand that if you do not comply with her expectations, you will be replaced by somebody who will. Thus, even if she does not succeed in holding you with her « purity », she will hold you with blackmail.

The purity

The marriage is an arrangement: the men obtain the sexual exclusivity, the women the commitment of the spouse.

The men just try to feel loved and say to themselves that « if she only sleeps with me it is because she loves me. SHE IS MINE. » The purity of a woman must thus be protected at all costs. And the best way of guaranteeing this purity, is getting married (even if you will always want to sleep with other women) or being in a serious relationship (knowing that it is more ridiculous to do so when you are 16 or when you know she is not the love of your life).

Men eventually exchange their freedom for the purity of the women. Why this need for feeling loved ? Why is it so important for them?

Because most of the guys cannot accept the feminine affection coming from a woman who sleeps with another one. That feels reluctant at them. It is doubtless registered in our genetic code, and shows itself through the thorny paradox of the « puritanical whore ».

This feeling becomes intensified when you are profoundly in love or during the honeymoon. Themen in this state of blindness will agree to do anything, even getting married to prevent her from sucking the cock of another one. Of course, they won’t admit it in these terms.

The guys get married only because they want something : and it is not sex, it is affection coming from a pure source.

Even rock stars and celebrities eventually get married (they can nevertheless have the women whom they want but cannot enjoy an affection coming from a pure source with the groupies). The marriage thus guarantees to the man something more precious that the sex : it is affection coming from a faithful, stable and pure source… a real drug. The men thus do not make a commitment for the sex but for the affection.

Her biological clock

The guys also get married because they realize that if they do not respect the biological clock of the woman, they can be easily replaced by another one. The women do not threaten you explicitly, but what will happen if you do not follow their clock is obvious.

Sorry, but the women do not really love us. They just like being with guys who want the same thing than them : house and children.

They can call it love if that pleases them but the word « love » can mean many different things for a woman. This revelation is terrible.

That she gets married with you do not mean that you are the one she loves the most. The women do not get married to the guy whom they prefer. They marry the best of the league of those who are willing to comply with her deadlines. The guy who she loves the most and on whom she sometimes fantasizes even at night in the marriage bed, is doubtless a sexy adventurer who refuses to make a commitment.

The alternative to the marriage

If you want to be happy, instead of drawing your affection from a single woman, you need to have several women in your life. It is easy to fuck a lot but finding stable and affectionate women giving you affection, it is really difficult. But you need them.

The variety of the affection

Roughly speaking, we have two needs : sex and affection. Our sexual needs require a variety in the partners, whereas a single source of affection can be enough for us. We thus understand why a guy is going to get married and to deceive his wife with girls to whom he grants no importance.

First of all, these guys have to admit that they need feminine affection in their life. You can increase your emotional income by diversifying the women who give you some affection. A woman cannot give you ALL the affection you need. Then, take the second girlfriend or make numerous friends, keep your niece, accommodate your sister, the sister of a friend, etc. The affection and the feminine energy are not age-related. From girls to the grandmothers, every woman possesses this special energy which makes a man feels good.

The problem affection/purity

Then, you are going to come up against this problem. Because by not making a commitment with A SINGLE woman, you will have some affection coming from women who sleep with other men.

Sorry guys, but it is the truth about this lifestyle. Are you still in ? It is hard but you will have to make with all the problems connected to the paradox of the « puritanical whore ». Especially if you refuse the marriage and see frequently several women …

You will maybe never have a source of pure affection but at least you will always have your freedom.

A life spent meeting women

Thirdly, you’re going to ceaselessly have to meet new quality women. No madwomen in lack of affection (if you are linked with an unstable girl she will poison your existence).

Nevertheless, none of these women will stay with you forever because they will go ahead until they find a man ready to make a commitment. You will like them all the same, these girls, then it will hurt you. Be prepared there.

These quality girls must be replaced years after years. Your work will never be finished.

The lifestyle of love

Fourthly and more important : you have to enjoy a lifestyle turned to love.

It means simply that you have to diversify sources giving you this feeling of being loved. It is what women do, even apart from their relations. Look for sources of love except the women.

Build many social relationships, which is easier today than before. Spend time with your family, do voluntary work, adopt a cat, make a child, be a good friend, practice your hobbies, your passions, etc.

Build full of small social relationships rather than a single strong relation for your entire life. Thanks to them, even if you do not get married, you will never be really alone.

Extract from : The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations (29€)

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