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Dismantling of misconceptions about the PUAs

Dismantling of misconceptions about the PUAsI’m writing today to explain why people are wrong when they hate PUAs (they do not even know exactly what they are talking about) and I will dismantle a lot of misconceptions about the PUAs at the end of my text .

A/ Ten more than rare qualities that have PUAs

Fasten your seat belts !


1/ We are men who “have balls”

The balls to go on the field and confront our fears instead of stupidly staying quietly suffering the fate that others have planned for us. We have ambition and are showing fighting spirit, we come out of the mold. That’s what pisses of a lot of men !!! Most guys are in denial, because it prevents them from making efforts and moving their ass, etc. In short, they are sheep. Some are afraid of wolves, me it’s clearly the herd that scares me sometimes … I just have to watch TV to observe this phenomenon.


2/ We are men with values

PUAs are probably not better nor worse than other people, basically. But we follow a code of honor. And we respect women: we are more feminist than average because we accept their right to sex. We are more respectful than the average because we also do not insult nor anything in the street. Finally, a woman who has fun is not for us “a slut”.

There is also a certain solidarity within the PUA community. For example, right now, one of my Padawans is in my apartment when I spend the weekend with my parents. Indeed, he suddenly found up on the street and he had no other solution. We are in a spirit of cooperation, sharing, not only of our knowledge. Solidarity is lost… the real, I mean, not that is only is not based on words.


3/ We are sincerely interested in understanding people

Frankly, since I was in college, I would like to understand women. But at first, I did it the wrong way : I asked directly to my girl-friends (with whom I did not sleep) what they liked or not and why. And none really knew me how to explain. Then they were banging guys very, very far from what they described.

I have started to take off when I discovered the seduction community. And those guys who exchange on the subject do love women … they do it FOR them but also FOR women.

We read a lot, we want to become cultivated, and we are forced to take an interest in human psychology in general to progress and understand social dynamics. So we look at humanity in general, not just women, even if they are the starting point of a long road that we will travel…

When I arrived in Lyon, 9 months ago I did not know anyone but I ha ve immediately been welcomed into a LAIR and made a lot of friends there and I also met a lot of girls thanks to pickup. That makes us sociable guys !!!


4/ We are men with culture

We read a lot. On many different topics. We try to understand how these things work, to think for ourselves and we agree to questioning. This demonstrates a certain form of intelligence. All people have are not capable of questioning themselves, far from it!

We make a lot of personal development and we improve in many areas indirectly because seduction is a multi-disciplinary. We finally becomes more philosophical in everyday life and perform better in all areas of life (eg we communicate better at work so we get better works).

5/ We are more open-minded than average

Inevitably, cultivating, it opens the mind. But for this you have to be curious and agree to try things. There is therefore a somewhat adventurous spirit, explorer behind the PUAs (we don’t want to die stupid, we want to know what is behind the glass wall)… Those who have not it and refuse to develop it will usually not go very far in the community.

It offers an alternative vision of reality, basically, we are creative. We don’t foolishly swallow the unique thought of the speech without filtering it to see when we are taken for idiots.

6/ We are more positive than many other

By facing our fear and dismantling our limiting beliefs, we actually are face to face with ourselves. So we learn to know ourselves. The game is a way to accept ourselves.

Because we confront the looks of others, mostly women, but also criticism in general, we become stronger, we assume more. And, unlike most people, we will not impose on them the burden of our own insecurities. We are thus less boring: there is less frustration than average into us and therefore we are more positive. Although the future that emerges is not necessarily beautiful, we know that how to to appreciate the small pleasure of life and we do not deny it! Carpe Diem !


7/ It inspires young people with a future

I have readers who have written to me to tell me they had taken off thanks to my blog. And it has not only allowed them to pick up chicks, it has especially given them the desire to take charge of their entire lives.

There are a lot of cute and smart guys who just don’t know how to approach, should we let them suffer ? We make them and the women they meet happy, this way.


8/ We are more honest than the average

We are more in contact with our instincts, our deepest nature, we don’t take headaches with stupid social conventions, which allows us to be more forthright.

We are not the type who turns a thousand years around the bush, to confuse the girl or what: we reveal our intentions quickly. Who cares, we can afford it, because we act in a way that gives us the choice. And therefore we cause our luck.

After that, it is of course possible that honesty and all that bothers most people who prefer ambient hypocrisy. But I think as Kurt Kobain that “It is better to be hated for what you are, than loved for what you are not.”


9/ We empathize

We listen and try to understand the others. This is the basis of the game. There’s no manipulation nor anything like that in what we do, contrary to received ideas.

On the contrary, when you have been very humiliated (by chicks in this case because they are often not kind to us), it normally makes you more humble, more human. Finally, in any case, it was my case. I was able to overcome a lot of my neuroses and all that shit through the game, so I have never wanted to make people suffer with this new power I acquired, I rather seek to do good around me.

Empathy and experience we acquire, are particularly apparent in the fact of not being selfish in bed. Basically, the PUA is a good leg. It’s maybe what pisses off the other guys, who instead of working on themselves prefer criticize us on Saturday night on the forums.


10/ We affirm more than others

Many people tend to live through another (eg the beloved) or through others (the look and the judgment of others) while it’s very important to know how to think about yourself sometimes, by yourself. To do things for yourself, for your personal enrichment. This is what we do, while remaining modest, because we understood that there is no need to be a God to sleep with a lot of girls.

It pisses a lot of people off because, contrary to popular belief, we do not need to have a big bank account nor to pay bottles to fuck chicks. But thinking otherwise arranges the guys to justify that they are zero “I have no money I can’t do anything” and also arranges venal chicks (not all thankfully but a lot among small brains).

The game is one of the form of personal development the least costly and the most effective out there. It has certainly helped avoiding a lot of suicides. Not like the politically correct psychologists that pump the money of their patients awaiting a miracle cure… and lecturing them when they start picking up in the street (it’s out of social conventions). “This is manipulation” or “you’re a shit to seduce just be natural.” Their agreed and false speech, coming from professionals, shows how society is ignorant and obscurantist. In addition, we may think that they are not happy something can motivate alsmot for free while they cost €50 per hour for doing nothing. OK, the pickup can create some neuroses (the guys who know everything by heart and who love quibbling) but eventually we overcome our obstacles and heals more neuroses than we created.

When I read some self-called “seduction coaches’ claiming that the PUAs do not exist (to justify their incompetence), I want to throw myself naked from the fourth floor, shouting obscenities. And if everyone stopped a bit to shoot the others in the legs in this little world, wouldn’t it be cool? Of course the PUA, it exists … we are not E.T.

The game it’s 80% of inner game, skills of communication and tsome nerve.


 B/ Dismantling of misconceptions about the PUAs

We would be men who give advice to allow our peers to sleep with any woman. But damn, I’ve said it 1000 times, there’s no magic formula : only multiple approaches and personal development.

In our advice, the woman’s consent would never the issue center. It’s really absurd to say this: we personally improves to please more women in order that they are of course willing. A PUA is not a rapist…

The pickup, it is not natural. Oh and the society in which we live, it is natural? You have to adapt, that’s all. With the game, one learns to get closer to his instincts while remaining civilized. Like Snipe wrote : a good player never thinks about the technique when he approaches a girl. He doesn’t say to hilself “I use this technique to achieve such a result.” The good player, the one who masters his art forgets the art, and he becomes what is called in the PUA jargon … a Natural.”

Basically, we appropriate concepts, that’s all. Then, they are part of us, eventually. Finally, we become ourselves, but the real “ourselves”, not the one who is stifled by social pressure and all that crap.

A Natural alpha is a guy who has success with the girls without all the time asking himself any questions. A PUA is therefore higher in this scale because he “controls” the whole process from A to Z. However, in time, we become a Natural, even if our game loses a bit of its spice: by not controlling everything, we certainly have a little less performance but at least it is more authentic and it is not too much a headache. The goal of the pickup is to become ourselves but the ” alpha ourselves ” that is successful with women and in life in general, this time. Not the “victim ourselves”. We become a stronger man, for us and for women.

We are not bastards nor consanguineous oxen, as some like to believe. But that, they will never know because the morons will never read this text until the end. And you ?

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