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Do you know the difference between me and the other guys who approached you?

Do you know the difference between me and the other guys who approached youNovember 11th 2015,

Yesterday at noon, I received this message on Adopte: « Hi, I really liked your speech, congratulations for the almost absence of spelling mistakes. Writing correctly is not common for a guy on this site. Without being brainless, you seem to have a lot of humor so it’s a good point. I only put one picture voluntarily because I don’t trust dating sites and the mystery is always a good thing… or not. If you want to talk, contact me. »

I replied, “Hi, you look pretty and you know how to write, can I have more pictures ? I kiss you everywhere”.

And she acceded to my request “give me your mail or your number please and I will send you a picture.”

I sent my number around 6:30 pm. Before that, my mind was elsewhere (not between the thighs of a chick). She sent me a picture of her in the wake. Not bad, the girl. Not awesome, but not bad. Except that last night, I was passing an interview in order to change and go to another job so I only answered around 8pm. She got impatient meanwhile “well… no answer… I’m probably ugly”. Seriously, she’s a LSE (low self-esteem) or what? To comfort her, I sent a picture of me topless. Without being asked, she sent me a sexy photo. I bumped up with a picture of me without pants and she bluntly sent me her tits.

So I played the game: I sent a picture without underpants where I just hide my sex with my hand and I commented “do you want to see what I have here?” Instead of answering, she returned the question (it’s quite typical of the babes to do this: they take no risk) “and you?
– I want to.
– interesting, want to do what?
– want to take off this bra that suits you so well
– hummmm I’m interested
– want to pass my hands on this underwear that is also cute

– keep on going
– want to rub there until I feel you moisten
– continue
– after, I will pass my hand in to moisten my finger against your G-spot before coming up to make small circles around your clitoris
– then
– I may remove your underwear to put my mouth in the place of my fingers and my fingers on your G-spot
– hmmmm I am more and more interested, where do you live?

(………………. no answer ………….. I had fallen asleep before Homeland)
– well you had probably moved on to another chick, good evening
– I fell asleep;) calm down
– do you want us to meet up ?
– I’m already hard.
– and you have not seen everything yet!
– wow !
– there are things I can do very well
– when do you want to show me?
– do you want me to show you ?
– yes
– sunday night
– I was thinking about tonight
– if you want to come to my house?
– no
– ok too bad
– too bad you do not want me to fuck you tonight
– too bad you do not want to come
– I am lazy to move, I am half naked on my bed so it’s up to you to see if you want to enjoy tonight or we wait Sunday
– it’s up to you to you see if you want me to suck you tonight or Sunday
– sunday you would come?
– maybe, but right now I am naked and wet
– I fuck you if you come
– do you have any condoms?
– yes and you ?
– no. Not too tired ? You will stay hard? Do you want me to come ?
(No answer I was talking with my friends, we had planned to go out …………………)
SHE: I can be there in 15 minutes
(……………… I was waiting for the answer of my friends to know what we were doing and she trapped herself during this time)
SHE: Are you getting cold feet? (This magic phrase made me react: fuck usually it’s me who say it to the chicks)
– no why would I get cold feet?
– ok so I’m coming
(she got me like that, forcing a little fate, but I still reversed the balance of power in comparison with the initial frame : remember it was on Sunday and at her place…)

She came to my place. Not too bad for a 29 year old girl: blue eyes, firm breasts… but a little too much fat around the waist for my taste. In my defense, on Adopte she had written 1m65/55kg, she has probably lied! In short, as usual: fingers/pussy-licking/blowjob/penetration/ejaculation. In doggy style, I came while she had not yet orgasmed. So I had to finish her with my fingers. I fingered her for an hour. She tried to touch my dick or whatever to turn away from her pleasure and avoid the loss of control but I told her “don’t touch”… what pissed her off it was fun! I did not want to fuck again anyway, I was too tired. I finally managed to make her orgasm. Phew, it was not easy, she had a real blockage! Afterwards, it stank of sex at home so I opened everything to air in spite of the cold.

It probably made her flee, she left and I went to join my friends. I do not know how I found the motivation to go out, seriously, maybe because the next day was a holiday. In any case, I do not like to flake, a matter of principle. Making an easy pussy coming before an evening in search of the thrill of adventure? No Way. In my defense, I planned to go out with them around 11:30 pm but they debated up to 1am before giving me an answer (were do we go out and at what time?) So I let myself be tempted by the ease and I fucked the girl. But I really wanted to see my friends too…

Reggaeton party: the club was nice but the party was not awesome because there were almost riff-raff, feather dusters, Giroud-haired guys and vulgar girls: nothing to do with our social level so we were not at all in our element. Well, good for everyone!

Among the good openers of the night “hello you will never guess the color of my underwear” or “do you know the difference between me and the other guys who approached you?
– no
– I am a god in bed!”

Well, for the interview I passed, they want me but I have to give a notice of one month before leaving my job so it pisses them off. So they told me that if they find both CV and personality equivalent but available sooner: they would take that person. Fuck off! For my part, I do not feel like giving up on everything without knowing where I am going… in addition, they are in Villeurbanne so it means 30 minutes in the subway from home. Finally, the working conditions look better there than in my current job but I will still continue to search because I would like to find in Lyon. I am not in a hurry…

I tinkered with Tinder again yesterday (I did not even know that it still worked this thing) and I’m talking at this moment to a hot nurse with a dreadfully sexy first name who has the enormous quality of not yet figured in my list of conquests.

It’s kind of a mess in my sex life right now. I do not know where to turn, because of all the chicks who want to see me again (a good problem): the cardiologist who is getting impatient, the chick of the last time who was spitting on my dick before sucking her, the Teacher, that girl of last night who is still hungry, the one that makes me think of a girl I liked in high school, and of course… Virginie!

I will have to do a cleaning and of course be more demanding! But hey, we sometimes see only what we want to see at the moment (PUSSY BOOBS SEX) then reality catches us!

May the God of the Game be with us!

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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