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Have you already acceded to an inaccessible girl?

This text is a bonus in my Diary of a French PUA 2


Have you ever met an”inaccessible”girl? The kind of somewhat haughty princess because she knows she’s hot, the kind that guys seem to annoy because getting what she wants from them is too easy for her, the kind who makes no effort to be friendly. Alice falls into this category. She is tall, brunette with blue eyes, quite lovely breasts and legs … I don’t wanna talk about it :I do not want to be held responsible for a wave of depression over the south of France! A perfectly flat stomach, a natural and beautiful mouth and a skin of an incredible purity. The kind that when she enters a room, the guys shut up their mouths to better stare at her: it’s like those girls in magazines, except that she is not photoshopped, HER.

Hafid had met her by doing some SPU the university of letters and had invited us all to a late aperitif in one of my favorite bars in the old town. In the eyes of the sexbomb, I was just aninhabitnt of Aix like the others (neither tall enough nor handsome enough nor rich enough to seduce her with my passive assets only)… I really had to try to change that.

I tried to include her in the conversation because she played it distant with the group, and I confess that she looked not really interested by naughty boy I am (that’s an understatement): “if women are more attracted to power, money and social status so why would they rather sleep with Guillaume Canetthan with François Hollande?
– Because Hollande, he isfat and ugly. “shehad responded casually without further explore the issue. I should have guessed that… after all, she is too good to bother to think or to developher answer. My goal was just to move the discussion on her, so I seized the opportunity to start a private conversation with Alice. We talked a bit about her: she wants to be a model, 18 years old, new in town, in a relationship with a rich 26 years dude.

This kind of girl is described as “inaccessible” because she is not connected to reality, at least not to the reality of Mr. and Mrs. Everybody. A sort of wall separates her from the problems of ordinary people. Then, I must say she makes no effort to bridge the gap: no unnecessary smiles, do not feed the conversation, not much culture, btw. Only one asset : I have already bangedhot girls but there she is another level. Here it’s the kind that if you touch her you’re blessed by the gods. If I fuck her I will have the right to self-proclaim PUA me for life.

2:00 in the morning, Hafid and his girlfriend offered us an after in their loft. OK, I accepted and she did too (the other people present at the bar: we let them go home). Once in his den, Hafidou left me alone for a moment with his girlfriend and my target. I do not really know what happened to the girls I guess they were quite drunk because we quickly came to talk about three-persons-massage. So I introduced the famous synchronized massage by two people on one. My target had nothing against (must be said that the currentHafid’sgirlfriend is not totally straight). We started to work on my target with my friend’s girlfriend.

Litlle by little, we started pawing her breasts, licking her nipples, to undress more and more. Warning: this kind of bomb does not give she receives. Must say for her defense that she did not have much to do to be a quality partner, thanks to her perfect body. What challenges the theory of the Game …

I removed her soaked panties. Meanwhile, Hafid joined us. So here, we made a foursome in their now famous temple of debauchery inAix… Morality : it has good sides to live with a girlfriend when she’s a swinger. The partys skins at Hafid miss, by the way.

At the moment, I was there, penetrating this feminine perfection and I said to myself “fuck but I cannot believe it is she blind or what? How could it happen? “After beating, Alice has told us a” I had never done something like that …
– Ah, and then?
– That was cool. ” A more developed response from her would have surprised me.

In the end, the experience was average but we don’t care. It was at least one experience worthy of the name, and I’m still fucking hard when I think again about her naked. It turned me on to see her hands on my body, my tongue against her tongue, her mouth around my cock, her mane in my fist and her buttocks making back and forth against my pubis. It excited me less when it was up toHafid, haha!We had to make a foursome, plus they hadto drink several beers at the bar, we had to be two players and a bisexual to get there… to convince her to sleep with us.

NB : I have still not fucked Hafid’s girl. I don’t wanna risk our friendship even I suppose we’re over that. I respect you too much dude.

Besides, when a girl rejects me, I look back on some hotties with whom I had an intimacy (like her or Marylou, the Audrey Hepburn look-alike) and I say to myself “you do not know what you’ve just missed girl.” I do not even insult the killjoy in my head anymore, because I know my value then I do not care much, that’s it. Too bad for her.

And so much the better for the next one to whom I will devote my talent instead … <3

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