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Explosive mixture

two sisters in my bedThis text is a bonus in my Diary of a French PUA 2


Two sisters in the same bed, mission impossible? Even for Tom Cruise? We will see…

The young hedonistic

All wet, Pauline (one of the sisters) goes out of the pool of her parents. If you want my opinion, they have a wealthy father who used his status to marry a hottie … Hottie who made two daughters models then divorced because he was never home, reaching a beautiful pension she enjoys in this very moment under the sun with a young gigolo. Results: two hotties a little bit weak in their head, more or less left to themselves trying to fill a void by adopting an extreme approach to sexuality to try to interest a little bit daddy (even in a negative way) … without success. Luckily, our paths crossed when she contacted me via my blogwith a so shitty opener that if it was you who used it the girls would not even look at you before sending you to Hell, so “who’s your daddy”?

My air was filled with a strong smell of chlorine when she suddenly glued to me. The more I spent my hands almosteverywhere on her naked shoulders, on her muscled stomach by her cardio and her hip of young woman, the more we wanted each other. I love girls like her who take advantage of their 20 years by intensely and freely living the moment. No judgment, just fun. It is also my creed. So I guided her to her room (not easy when you’re mouth to mouth, in addition she closed her eyes). I violently thrown her on the bed, and it made her laugh: but a teasing and female juvenile laugh tickled my ears as I went down to kiss her swimsuit bottom. She stayed lying down, staring at me as claiming for more … even if she already knew the outcome.

What did this pretty blonde expected from me, basically I do not know. Maybe she was looking for a form of acceptance? After all, I was in her eyes, her “beautiful favorite writer” (I quote) … Maybe she was trying to getmore mature? Why do chicks look for it while it’s just a trap made by adults to try to make us become one day as miserable than them? Maybe she was just libertine, and only wanted to give, take and enjoy. In any case, it was the same thing for me.Anyway, this is the kind of answers I’ll never get, unfortunately.

The former – nun

Alexandra sweating, arched and bit her lower lip. She was sexy and wild, what an explosive mixture… Well, it was really exciting to watch her. An explosive mixture that filled my test tube of mad scientist. That said, it took a while for the preliminary to warm her at this point so I was very proud. She is on meme, trembling a little. Totally clenched, she clung to the sheets, like if she was afraid of losing balance. Oh, I’m not a bull at the Feria de Nîmes (even if I’m a bull in bed) !!!

A cute little metro ticket conceal her nudity … she had not tamed yet. She asked me to be “soft” I guess it’s what a girl alwayswish for her first time (I cannot imagine a “fuck me hard, I’m a virgin“). She had pushed away all her various suitors because she saw in them bounty hunters like BobaFett seeking reward after screwing Princess Leia with his lightsaber (but my favorite character remains Chewbacca). Everything must be perfect, she should be able to think about it again on her death bed and say it was really perfect.I had to prove I was a good choice. THE GOOD CHOICE. It put on me a sigh of pressure, but it went well eventually. Must say, I begin to know how.

It is also an experience that marked me in terms of understanding: I remember she sought her own gaze in the mirror of her room when she made me get in her. It happened between her pussy and her mind, so I closed my eyes and I left them together, being only a man-object at that moment.

Which one to choose? Why should I choose?

Pauline slept with 32 guys: I was not much to her eyes, while I was the total sexual story of Alexandra. I should not break her heart … I should not propose a 3some with her sister. Damned, it tempts me! It is impossible anyway, she chose a guy with a conscience … Consciousness that ordered me to don’t spoil the reputation of men in her eyes (others will do that for me, I have no doubt about that but the first impression is important). Thus leaving the place ready for the next seducer who would cross herdestiny. And yes, we are supposed to be united, us as men. I say “supposed” because some make me ashamed and are not supportivein my back. In short, there is not only female solidarity that is fucked up, eh!

So, I did not really have a choice, this is the hedonistic nympho who suffered. But that night, as I fell asleep with her sister, Pauline fucked an ex … A dirty drug dealer, a big asshole, but I had nothing to say … She chose to punish me, punish her sister , punish her dad and punish herself. One stone four shots, plus I think he was stone (no I’m kidding). There’s nothing worse than a girl with a broken heart who seeks revenge. It’s going to fuck all-out in this room if she destroys the bed, but I do not want to be held responsible.

Take cover.

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