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I had to screw her for all the guys who masturbate by thinking of their boss by going home from work

21st May 2013,

Well I have just passed an interview for a job. With the girl who wants to take me as escort-boy for the marriage of I-don’t-remember-who. Apparently I succeed, thus at the end of June I leave for a trip in her rich family.

She directly came at my place  : it is necessary to say that I used the routine of the questions on FB with her (a thing I just invented) and that it has turned her on a little. In my memories, she was not THAT hot but cute and very nice… when she arrived : I saw a classy girl, with charm, an attractive nose, well-dressed and everything (and big tits). In fact, she is the master of a society of construction sites thus she makes masons be hard all day long. I thus had to screw her for all the guys who masturbate by thinking of their boss by going home from work. Well, I fucked her two minutes after she penetrated into my apartment.

About sexual life also: yesterday, I tried to pick up a girl on FB and took her number… today, we texted all morning long and at noon she was at my home : I touched her up and everything. I was not able to fuck her because of my roommate and also because I have only one hour to eat before going back to work. I just tested a new approach of the women, more direct… apparently I am on the right way !

About love life now, I met a girl who could fill my side “I need attention and tenderness” but a single woman will never be able to satisfy me sexually… I am now persuaded of this fact (at least now that I am young and full of ardour). She is cute, very tall 6ft06 and has the same personality than me… We have a lot of fun together, we really like very much each other, there is a fucking connection between us. Well, I am going to disappoint you now, she is in Sydney (lucky girl) and comes back only at the end of July thus at the moment we only talk on FB, Skype and on the phone (we send naughty pictures too). Having said that, she wants that I belong totally to her, she tells me that she does not bang Australians and is jealous when I tell her that I go out. I agree, it is unthinkable, and a relation which begins like that, bad departure. What’s to be done then? Lying to her? I would hate that. To put her in an open relation? She doesn’t want (she doesn’t want that I can compare her then wants to be able to get fat and that I continue to fuck her all the same). To give up downright? I don’t know.

About professional life, I leave for Paris next week, an audit with my boss. This guy who is one of more powerful bosses of France likes me very much and wants to hire me… Nice.

About health, I have been sick one entire week again. It sucks. Seriously, in May, I only went out ONCE, it was for the medical party. That’s it. Shit shit shit. I hope that I will be in great shape now. This morning I had 35°C of fever, not a bug of the thermometer… Very strange! What explains so certainly that it was not the best fuck of my life with the girl of the marriage there.

About being scandalous now, I sent the following message to all the girls whom I missed these last two months. In brief, those who like me, those I kissed but who lost their interest in me : “well I really want to bang you. I can’t stop imagining you sucking me. Come to my place this WE”. Seriously I sent it to 10 girls, I’m waiting now. At the moment : only 3 insulted me, the others didn’t answer.

Seriously, these poor pussies deserve this punishment. There are girls like that, who are satisfied because they have kissed me (or even not sometimes) just because they think that they can have me in their bed. The fact of knowing (or rather to believe) that they can have me in their bed : I have the impression that it validates them as well as to really have me… The truth is that these girls do not worth it : the proof is that they did not do it (even if I would have been probably willing they have not enough moral strength and thus they piss me off thus they disappoint me and cannot have me anymore). They imagine a lot of scenarios saying that I am not cute enough, or that I didn’t do the right thing, or that they do not really want it, or that they look for a serious relationships only or other bullshit… But the truth is somewhere else like in X-Files. Needs to ask the good question, for example “why a girl in her right mind would refuse orgasms with a guy she likes a minimum ? No reason.” Because YES they like us a minimum from the moment we kissed, we flirt by message and more… The truth is that these girls are not in their minds : they freak out, are frustrated, conditioned, submitted to the social pressure, cockblocked by their jealous friends and no able to take the good decisions alone, prefer staying in their zone of comfort (look for excuses instead of finding ways) and everything. My duty is not to loosen you up eh… Know miss that when I try to pick you up, I test you. And what often emerge from these tests it is that you have a big mouth but nothing in the panties (but don’t I hold it against you, a lot of guys do the same thing, they have just a big mouth too). You think you have the power but it is in your head, eh, finally if an illusion can satisfy you, I don’t care because I know what you miss. Other girls will be more intelligent and will seize the opportunity. I know what you lose, and to what extent it is stupid from your part. But I can do nothing more for you there… If you manage to convince yourselves that it is better that way, good for you.

For once, not too many thoughts, neither of philosophic claptrap nor anything. Just goodbye and good night (good fuck for the most fortunate)! May the God of the Game be with you!

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