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Imperfection and seduction

imperfection seduction

Regularly, I am told that I am not credible as a seduction coach because my approaches are not ultra-alphas and I am not a sex bomb like Ian Somerhalder.


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I think that these people did not understand that we should not look for perfection in seduction, a “perfect” game would look robotic…

Fuck the competition

A French woman has a lot of suitors, the competition is tough for the role of boyfriend, but it is much less for the role of “secret lover”. In other words, it is much easier, more practical and more enjoyable to become a lover than a boyfriend.

Trying to become very beautiful and very interesting to seduce women seems to me being counterproductive because it would require a lot of personal investment and would be the best way to become her next boyfriend or husband.

The problem is that the best guy on paper is not often the one who wins the game of seduction in real life. In fact, if you are wonderful on paper, she will probably make you wait longer before sleeping with you. It’s paradoxical, I know, but as you have made a strong impression, she will want to highlight her purity to try to keep you! In the meantime, you will still need to qualify with the risk of losing the deal at any time.

For others, those that women do not necessarily see as potential boyfriends, they see them more easily as occasional lovers and behave differently. This is exactly the effect we are looking for because once we have slept with, we can of course consider keeping the girl if the complicity is at the rendezvous. Because, yeah, it’s still paradoxical but a girl will more easily start a relationship with an average guy once he has fucked rather her than with a great guy who will sell himself for 3 months before getting laid and who may be bad in bed. The circle is complete !

If you liked this analysis, do not hesitate to read The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations ! And to be sure to fuck the women in a good way so that they want to see you again, I direct you to The awesome lover’s manual !


The pick-up artists are often criticized for flirting like robots and being clones. On the other hand, when I simply go to a woman to introduce myself and ask her number very directly, people think it’s a fake!

Yet, few people watched the video showing the evidence that followed my demonstration in SPU. It seems to reassure people to believe that we have to wait to be perfect to succeed in the street since it justifies the inaction of many of them…

But realize that if each approach was done in a humble and imperfect way, it would bring out the human side of things and pick-up artists would be much more popular. Exactly like with live concerts that often have more charm than perfect recordings: if the mp3s were so wonderful, no one would move their ass to hear their idol singing.

In addition, perfect people intimidate others and make them complex. That’s why I do not advise you to try to be perfect! Be careful though, this does not mean that you can do anything, ignore the basic rules of the pickup and that it must work every time. NO ! It just means that you do not need to realize the best approach in the world (and you should not even try) to seduce a girl.

You are not the hero of a romantic film and she is certainly not a princess!


drague parfaite

Do not think of yourself as a white knight thinking that you are doing something very original and courageous because it is the behavior of almost all men in our society today. In fact, those who put the woman on a pedestal from the beginning are not misunderstood romantics as they are led to believe but submissive sheep.

Accepting imperfection is courageous

When you expose yourself and make yourself vulnerable, you automatically subcommunicate the status of a confident man. So you should be proud of yourself, just for that!

And if you approach seriously but humbly, you communicate to the world “no matter the result, I assume and I fuck the negative look of tight-ass people.”

Maybe you will have a phone number, maybe not… but it does not matter because you know how to react in case of rejection if you saw my video about this subject. In any case, you will come out grown and stronger from this experience and I am sure you will be delighted to see that women will love you despite the fact that you did not approach them saying “he dies at the end of the book you’re reading” or “hello, I am the ideal man”. Really show who you are instead of repeating stupidly what some have told you to say. And never mind if they judge you imperfect. Perfection is in imperfection.

Do not forget that the best approach in the world can lead to a violent rejection and that the worst approach in the world can work. It all depends on who you fall on… it’s all about optimizing your chances. If there is a connection with the girl you are approaching and she is not closed-minded or feminazi, you can just go. Do your best, but do not worry too much and, if possible, do not hide behind the story of an impersonal and falsely original approach that you would have learned by heart.


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