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Introduction to sexualization


Sexualization is creating a sexual atmosphere, while remaining fun and correct. It is tempting the woman you pick up to get wet for you. It is running as a potential lover, not as a new sexless best friend and even less as a platonic lover. It’s making the girl understand you’re OK to fuck her.

The idea is to grow feelings of intimacy and physical comfort. Sexualization is what makes a girl see in you a potential lover, not one more guy with who nothing will happen. It will provoke, stir her desire and urge to play with you. The more a girl will come into your game, the more you can accentuate the sexualization.

There are several types of sexualization: this can be done through words and/or the body.

There are also different degrees, sometimes it’s more or less ambiguous, but the goal remains the same: creating attraction, creating a warm climate between you, to let her imagine naughty situations, be mischievous to create an impression of complicity, etc.

It is through the sexualization it becomes possible to sleep at the first date and to quickly kiss girls in clubs.

On the other hand, if shitty phrases like “I like you a lot, but I prefer that we stay friends…” come back too often in your life, it’s very likely that you do not sexualize enough… or not at the right time. In short, you have a problem with that!

This was only an appetizer… we will study the sexualization in details in this ebook!

Sexualization is running as a potential lover.

This is tempting her, communicating your desire to give her orgasms!


Lack of sexualization

Sexualisation also serves to clarify the situation between you and the girls. The faster you will clarify the context, the more you avoid the risk of landing in the Friendzone: the worst shame for a player is to pick up a girl who would not understand it and would see just a friend in him.

If you are doing pickup in any serious way, sexualizing should be your priority!

Lack of sexualisation is the syndrome of the too “nice” guy afraid to show his desire (even if he may very well be mean and not knowing sexualization : the result would be the same (except if he really is an asshole and women do not even want him as a friend)).

Most men having trouble seducing introduce themselves in an asexually way. Typically, the main symptoms are:
– Obvious lack of confidence;
– Nervousness glaring in their body language in the presence of a beautiful woman;
– Inability to talk about sex with women (or very strangely);
– No sense of timing;
– Do not recognize the sexual tension when they talk to a girl and dissipate it;
– Too serious / distant / cold;
– Never touch chicks;
– Do not (or badly) communicate their desire: for example, they try to take the hand of the girl and to kiss her without any prior contact or then verbalize their desire just like when they were kids (by idealizing it).

We will come back throughout this ebook on it: talking about sex, it’s natural. This is also one of the favorite topics of conversation of women. This subject becomes annoying only when you talk about it in an embarrassed way (because emotions are contagious).

So the key is your attitude!

However, I understand some fears: sex is the subject that typically scares chicks if it is not properly done (besides, even if you do it right, this topic will still make some psychorigid flee). There is also the risk of being called a pervert stalker by a rabid an extremist feminist…

In fact, many men are paralyzed by the fear of what women might think. This even cut their balls!

That’s because there is a growing asexualisation of males, mainly due to the prevailing hypocrisy in our society… that’s why we must treat this matter seriously!

Sexualization, it’s exciting…

Polite indifference, it’s over…

It is very important to clarify the situation between girls and you!

For a seducer, ending up unwittingly in a Friendzone is a shame!

The lack of sexualisation is the syndrome of the “nice guy”…

You must beef up your game: dare to touch, talk about sex, etc.

Look at what Emily Ratajkowsky wrote on her Instagram. And she’s right.

So, do not hesitate to read her essay here.

Extract from : Friendzone & Sexualization

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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