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Online dating : the balance of power in favour of women

Women have the power in seduction, we know that for a long time at a profound level. But on the dating sites, it is the even worse than somewhere else. Us, men, are thus perfect targets for getting plucked. I led a little experiment so that you became aware of the scale of the phenomenon (sic).


Little experiment :

* A profile of cute woman that was created 24 hours ago on POF (not very active site in France but totally free thus pefect for my experience) has already received:
– Visits : 189
– Likes : + 99 (the site cannot be more precise)
– Messages : 124

* A profile of cute guy (I uploaded the photo of a buddy that girls generally find hot) that was created 24 hours ago on POF only received:
– Visits : 11
– Likes : 1
– Messages : 0

I visited 100 male profiles with the female profile and 100 female profiles with the male profile just to launch the project and to observe the reactions. Knowing that, although it is not comparable, we could say that the guy is hotter than the girl. That’s what gives pause for thought… But don’t worry, after having read this ebook, you will have understood why.

Extract from “Secrets for seducing on the Internet

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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