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She wanted me to be her escort-boy

24th March 2013,

On Thursday, 8th date with Pauline the POSH working girl. We went to the movies, to watch This is 40. In fact it was another movie than I wanted to see (Au bout du conte) but I confused the titles. So about the movie : Megan Fox, I lick her during thirty minutes if she wants, touchy games with Popo and hand in her panties. I had not seen her for two weeks: between the fact that she was sick and that I had other projects in brief it is a story which is long now… Maybe even too long.

After the movie, we went to my place, I cooked for her (just to shine at the level of the values Survival and Reproduction) then she showed me the video of Nabila: ” t’es une fille et t’as pas de shampoing ? Mais allô, quoi…” (it is a buzz in France) I didn’t know, but she too I lick her at will. In brief, Popo went back to her place, and I keep up the bad work at the moment even if when I slide my hand in her jeans that gives me an almighty desire to fuck finally her. What allowed me to hold, it is simply to have destroyed the married woman on Tuesday evening. In brief, another two date, and that will be ten times… once the experiment finished : it is going to be a hard time for her tiny ass.

On Friday, night out in the street. I found “the Evangeline according to saint Jean” in a phone box then I got everybody annoyed by reading them passages. There was even a guy who believed me that I was a priest, who looked interested and who called me “Sir”. He asked me for my opinion on a lot of things and everything … Then I played his game and everything and I told him that I was virgin and then I asked all the girls if they were virgin too. Natural way. We didn’t go night-clubbing because in any case I’m fed up of these clubs of shit in Aix which are in fact bars with 90 % of mustaches then I came back to bed with the cat and with the pride to have opened a group of 2 girls by reading them the Bible.

On Saturday, housewarming of a buddy with Arnaud. Lionel has a kind of 70m ² on 3 floors finally a new ground to be vandalized! OK, there were girls : even if they were not bad were in a relationship. I appropriated first of all automatically the role of the waiter because a buddy made shooters with his shaker. That allowed me to socialize well. And then, me too I made shots like I have the secret (I am not saying that I ejaculated inside). I persuaded three girls to drink 10 in a row. One vomited, I was proud. Another one held well and the other one wanted that I show her how to make shooters. That allowed me to isolate her in the kitchen. Ilona asked me “you are a barman and you don’t drink shooters? Allô non mais allô quoi” then I laugh out loud and I drank. I was totally drunk at the end of the fifteenth. That shit comes up fast, almost as much as my dick when I watch College Rules.

In brief, she told me that she will attend in June to the marriage of her cousin where there will be her ex (and her first one) then she looks for an escort boy to accompany her. Don’t ask me how I made her speaking about that, I don’t remember, I was drunk. I asked her if it would be paid, she answer “I will pay you with my body”. Excuse but my memory became selective from this moment everything is fuzzy. I pretended to reflect: I guess that she was cute. We spoke a little, her name is Ilona like the singer (apparently only twelve by year come to the world in France thus it is collector’s, a kind of pokemon rare). As a result, I made full of jokes and everything and I negotiated fucking her in a hotel room (funny idea… I was drunk). She told me that it’s too bad, that I was too short for her taster, then I answered “keep silent drunkard, I am the same size than Johnny Depp”. I pusher her against the refrigerator and kissed her then I started to caress her everywhere and her friends unfortunately joined us. Then here we were, they settled on a sofa bed in a room and Ilona fell asleep. It’s a pity, I would gladly have taken her to the wonderland. Well, I believe that the degree of alcohol made her become cute. In fact, I dunno. On her FB, on her pics, she looks good but well I don’t know.

When they left and when I realized the situation: I began to make some shit: to fiddle her tits, to take out my cock in front of her, to pretend to screw her in shadow plays (had a curtain and a light which gave onto the lounge). Arnaud took photos of all this. There was also a cuddly crocodile which gave me a great blow job (without teeth). Flash! She didn’t wake up.

The bottom line is, the parties in apartment are really the best. Otherwise, by coming back home I added on FB the girls that I had liked in the evening and Suckerberg blocked me. Fuck I am on his blacklist, I can’t do anything : I have messages, pokes and friend requests blocked during 30 days! Again! Seriously, it is a real pain to me! He decided to virtually castrate me. Well, that makes me an additional motivation to start trying to pick up girls in the street. The thing is that I am in lack of routines and  I don’t like the stupid or classic things like “I saw you passing I like your style give me your number”. As a result, I look for a practical idea that could serve again and again when I shall not feel inspired, rather fast and everything but not shits like that. Then here we are, tell me if you have ideas or what you use yourself.

Otherwise, no news of Margaux, the girl I kissed last week. The euphoria had probably dissipated or she read my blog and acts like a shocked saintly hypocrite. In any case, she was far from being unsuspicious when she had her tongue in my mouth and her hands on my butt. While waiting for the next one, I kiss you.

Good night. May the God of the Game be with you !

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