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The barmaid

28th October 2012,

I’m going through an existential crisis : I think it’s time to change my lifestyle. After the week-end of integration, I really want to stop alcohol (even if it was fun). Indeed, it makes us do stupid mistakes, then it destroys our bodies… and for what ? To feel a little bit more free than usual ? I mean, thanks to the Game, I already have more social freedom than the average, so why put myself through this ? I already do what I want without caring about what other people think so I’m now too old to say « it is because I was drunk that I did it… » Well, it happens sometimes, theses moments when I feel all the weight of the world on my shoulders… and then, a cutie smiles to me, and I see a possibility for a renewed life. It was the case : I had a date with a barmaid of one of the clubs of my town.

I met her on Thursday night, with Arnaud. She kissed me on the neck to say goodbye so I purposed her to come over and take a bath with me at my place but (strangely) she preferred that we met in town. It’s serious. Moreover, she called me that same Thursday night at 5am (so, if I think well, it was Friday morning) : it was noon when I saw the call, so I asked her if she wanted to visit my apartment, she answered yes, I asked her if she liked me, she answered no, I asked if she was passionate about real state… she answered that she liked me. So, after this interaction totally representative of the « logic of princesses » : we agreed to see each other again last night.

It was 7pm when I got out there and realized that I seemed condemned to finish as a frozen food Findus (but in good company) until she starts her work, that is to say 11:30pm. I then suggested her offering me an easy death by suffocating me between her enormous breasts. I wasn’t really in a mood for death, so instead, we had a drink , I was sexually aggressive, then she invited me in a Spanish restaurant, I was sexually aggressive again but I didn’t showed her  my Mexican hot pepper. She, obviously, tried to make me drunk with « cucarachas » then I walked her to her club. The heart warmed by the divine beverage, I said « 11:28pm… we do not have more than two minutes…
– Yeah, I wait that you push me against the wall and that you kiss me! » I don’t remember what provocation I answered but she threw herself on me. I really like girls like that, so I pay her here tribute if ever she reads me one day. You have to know that those who say « women like that are sluts » are men who would like it to happen to them, but when it happens to someone else, because they are jealous, they say « women like that are sluts » but if it was happening to them, they would say it was so cool. When girls criticize other girls for the same reason, it’s because they would like to have more social freedom, to do not give a shit about what other people think. So, because they are jealous, they say « women like that are sluts ». Of course, they lie to themselves, like it they wanted to justify to themselves not being able to do the same thing.

The barmaid then suggested me waiting 7am, that she finishes her work… at the moment, I didn’t realize that we were changing the hour thus I had to wait more than 8 hours. As a result, I said “OK” and I joined my buddies in the club to spend time. Thanks to her, I had free entrance, it was a good plan.

So bad, I came back home at 4am because I was too tired : I really wanted to wait for her watching a fucking movie but I felt asleep and my phone was in silent mode… I will try to be better next week.

May the God of the Game be with you !

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