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The manual of the man who misses the inevitable

3rd November 2012,

The manual of the man who misses the inevitable :

Chapter 1 : put your phone in silence mode when the girl that want you to doggystyle works at night and wants to join you after her job. Twice. (I did it last Saturday and I did it again on Wednesday,  fuxelife).

Chapter 2 : reject the girl you want to doggystyle when she asked you for a DATE during her free evening, Because you decided that it was more productive to watch l’Arnacoeur with Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis (yesterday but, in my defense, it is a great movie).

This evening, I FINALLY stopped playing the unbearable guy (the hard to get hard) and went out in order to drink a chocolate with the miss Cucarrachas (I already wrote something about her the other day). Seriously : I dunno how she stand me, I would  almost have self-nexted… When I arrived : she was already a little bit drunk (WITHOUT ME, WHAT NERVE) and wasn’t bored because she knows all the waiters of almost all the bars (IT IS SEXY I GUESS, THE SOCIAL PROOF, EVEN ON WOMEN). Sometimes I say to myself that, if I was a waiter in a nice club or something, motherfucka how many naughty girls I would take doggystyle effortlessly (THE TIP).

In brief, we talked a little bit, we played footsie a lot, then we ate a pizza and she told me she was looking for a place to change before going to work. Innocent question ? I don’t think so… « You are in luck, darling, I have an apartment, and moreover not far ». Arrived in my secret base, I feigned a power failure (because the darkness is appropriate to rapprochement) but after 5 minutes I push her on the switch and everything was illuminated… « Ah well, hmm, it’s fixed obviously ! »

In the process, she changed in front of me (what an Indicator Of Interest) then I asked her why she was getting dressed because I was going to undress her in few minutes. One thing leading to another, we made it twice before she leaves late for her JOB. A short time in the missionary position on my bed so that our bodies get acquainted and a wilder doggystyle on the sofa. She made me laugh when her boss called her during the sexual intercourse « Yes, I am almost here, I am in the street right now, if I am breathless it is because I walk fast ».

She then asked me to walk her to the club but, fuxelife, it was too cold outside. Well, I did it, contrary to expectation, because I am too nice… So, she comes back after work, at 6pm. I checked that my phone was not in mute in order to « fully » investigate the issue. Anyway, the barmaid, checked.

I kiss you on the boobs and if you do not have tits, I shake your hand. May the God of the Game be with you.

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