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What you should talk about to a girl

What you should talk about to a girl…

Good topics :

They love subjects that relate to gender relations. If so many women look at The Young And The Restless, it’s for a reason.

Women also love subjects that concern mystery, magic, witchcraft, and so on.

Topics about fashion, clothing, perfumes… are also quite effective with women!

Topics to avoid :

Politics is a delicate subject in which everyone seeks to defend his point of view. Keep this topic aside to discuss it with your parents’ friends on Sunday afternoon.

Religion is a subject that does not create a link, it is a subject that is likely to lead you constantly to dead ends and does not bring anything in seduction.

Avoid at all costs talking about the exs (yours or hers), it is a subject that she normally reserves for her friends or her best friend. If she starts talking about her exs, cut off the conversation and show her signs of disinterest.

Never talk about your problems with girls. Talking about your problems with girls will devalue you and diminish your attraction capital… As a future PUA, you are supposed to have no problems with girls!

Avoid this kind of phrases: « it’s cool here don’t you find? ; Are okay ? ; How long have you been here? ; There’s a lot of people, huh? » This type of lambda phrases reflects a lack of confidence, as if you felt compelled to fill the silence so your target doesn’t escape.

Extract from “The basics of  seduction“…

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