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You don’t even look scrupulous

5th December 2012,

For the past few weeks, I publish my field reports and some reflections about the pickup on my Facebook, just to see what the girls will say. Most of the men hide that they study seduction, it seems to be a logical idea because the discretion pays but… I noticed that some girls are very very interested by this subject. It is, for example, the case of Chacha.

I met that girl 5 years ago, a year it had snowed and I gone out for a walk. I bumped (metaphoric language) into young people of my parents’ district and we made a snowman. One of the girls who were present added me on FB, we talked online something like once or twice but nothing more in five years. Except that, she used my texts as an excuse to talk to me (without assuming that speaking about sex turns her on). « Where do you find all that bullshit? »


ME : It is nevertheless the censored version
I remember when we met, it snowed and I was something like 18 years old
Are you shocked at what I write ?
SHE : And me I was something like 15…! I’m not shocked at what you write, but at the arrogance with which you write!!! You don’t even look scrupulous !
SHE : I don’t know, if I had such a behavior, I would at least not have the audacity to mention it out loud, like “riotous living and assuming”
ME : I got my driver’s licence really late, at 21 I guess ! This fact makes me appreciate my car so much and making love in the car also
SHE : Oh yeah, in a car, I don’t really like it…
SHE : Lol yeah I got it… And when she doesn’t get out of the car, what do you do?
ME : Well, in this case, I kiss her
Not only with my mouth but also with my hands (this is why the temperature inside rises very quickly)
Some condensation appears
And she takes off her bra
But yeah, you do not do it often
Do you do it?
And if the guy doesn’t kiss you, what do you do ?
SHE : What are you talking about when you say “do you do it?”? Euh it depends on the boy if I had a great evening I take the initiatives otherwise I leave
SHE : Yeah I am rather that kind of girl : when I cannot be invented, it forces to be creative
ME : Delighted to read that you are a creative girl
SHE : Ahah I didn’t say that !
I’m doing some babysitting, I’m bored and I just read your last post… lol
ME : Ahah you didn’t say the opposite neither!
Creative as to how we choose cute underwear lol
SHE : Lol we can say that but I am not going to talk about this kind of thing with a stranger
ME : Oh, really, am I the stranger ?
SHE : Ahah yeah you are, at the moment
ME : In any case, I like the “at the moment”, because I am always delighted to speak with new people then… after 5 years : it was time. It’s not like if we had to start from scratch : we made all the same a snowman together
SHE : Lol, “speak with new people” makes me smile, yeah, it is clear that  a very strong link unites us!!!
ME : yeah, we have to start somewhere ^^
SHE : It is essential !
ME : cool, when do you wanna start ?
SHE : When you want !
ME : Sooner rather than later, right? In any case at the moment I have a lot of spare time. Well, I give you my number, let’s use it wisely 06 XX XX XX XX.

So here we were, she sent me a message the same evening and we arranged a date, today at 3:30 pm. She arrived late, me too, nice. We spoke about a lot of things, she is interesting, she talks sometimes very slowly, it is funny. This chick looks smart ! She has beautiful green eyes and she is really thin, sexy, has a lot of charm (She has cat eyes moreover one of my buddies calls her « Catwoman »). In brief, I like her, she is pleasant, she turns me on just through her presence.

I asked if she would have liked that I tried to pick her up 5 years ago, she told me yes, I suspected it. I asked her if she liked me with my glasses, she said « yeah you’re cute ». I asked her « and without ? », she answered « yeah you’re cute too ». I knew that I was going to succeed at this moment. We a went to the mall because I needed gloves because I was cold and because I squatted in her. I found 5 euros on the ground, I was fortunate.

Suddenly, only 15 minutes remaining before her last bus and she was cold so I told her « I know a warm place, not far away » And I leaded her to the hall of my building. We spoke, she was distant and everything… I put myself against a wall, she did the same after 3 minutes. I told her « well…
– You leave ? (gave me her cheek to say goodbye – wasn’t assuming the latent sexual tension)
– No, it is you who is going to leave (avoid her cheek and go on her lips). » Kiss. I believe that we gain in value when we dare to kiss them, like that, a little bit by surprise in a spontaneous and natural way. In any case, in this kind of situations, you should never let the girl leave without at least trying to smack her.

Then, I walked her to her bus, she told me that she would tell to her parents) that she has « working at the library ». I think that I will suggest her revising with me this WE, we will see. May the God of the Game be with you !

Kikiss !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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