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Are you straight ? Yes, well, kiss me then.

15th May 2013,

There is fortnight, a fucking biatch shoot me in the package (while we were both naked). Pure clumsiness? I doubt about it: the same chick asked me ten minutes later to slap her face very hard. Violent sex is good, but there are certain parts of the body that it should be forbidden to touch, like in boxing (too bad that nobody did write a regulation about that, I will maybe do it).

So, my testicles hurt, I suffered martyr by sitting down and tutti quanti. That also burned me when I pissed, I even believed I had a STD then I went to make the tests: nothing, dance of the victory in front of the doctor. The Calvary (nasty bruise in the balls) lasted all the same more than two weeks during which I gave up going out. I was too much put under stress and a little dulled. But finally, stepping back from it all, having stopped nights out and sex during 1000 years and now my modjo is back. No secret there: when saturation comes, it is a good idea to take holidays to avoid the burn out and then to come back in the match with envy… Because without envy, no conviction, and without conviction, no seduction.

I started again fucking sexfriends since Monday… and yesterday, with Padawan, we motivated to go to the party of the end of exams P1 of medicine in Marseille. Atmosphere Seth Gueko in the car “I hope that are you a squiring woman because I am a frogman”. Arrived over there, full full club, the human heat made us transpire at once. I had to remove my shirt to survive. It seems that I would have said a day “the inhabitants of Marseilles we don’t give a damn, we have no logistic to fuck them except in the car so I game in a hard way here”. Padawan knew how to remind it to me, then well, I have gamed in a hard way.

At first I was still too soft, I asked the girls “we kiss each other?” But it didn’t work too much, even if one gave me a hug. Then, the atmosphere began to warm, some put themselves in bra then, well, I said to myself that I had to cross a speed to be the most scandalous of the party. I have a reputation to hold, fuck. Loose, some approaches which I tied, for sport:
– Why are you still dressed, you?
– Undress.
– Get naked.
– Are you straight ? Yes, well, kiss me then.
– Come to see me later, I want to kiss you.
– Would you like to kiss me?
– Have you already drunk a glass of cyprine? (By giving her a glass of water)
– Hello, I am gay, so show me your boobs.
– Do you have a girlfriend for me?
– And many others, but I forgot (updated: I also dried my hands on the nape of the neck of a girl and introduced as Tarzan to another one)…

Well, then, the first girl whom I kissed : I had approached her friend on the dancefloor by saying to her “hello, why are you still dressed you?” I don’t remember what she answered and I said “well, we kiss each other? ” She answered “no, my boyfriend is right here.
– Have you a friend for me then?
– Yes, look, meet Joanne.” Joanne was not bad, rather tall. “Hello, we kiss each other?
– Why?” And at this moment, without answering, I turned her head and kissed her. It is the technique I learned from looking at Cajun, this PUA who put everything on the body language. After a moment, I asked her “well, what do we do now?
– We dance maybe?
– No, I don’t want to… dance with my buddy if you want and take my facebook, me I am too lazy to take yours”. We shall see if she adds me. Kiss on the cheek, I have bodyrocked to the next target because I felt that there was no way to go farther with her.

Still on the dancefloor, I asked a girl “are you straight?” And she was afraid. I’m not kidding, she moved back and everything … She didn’t want to talk to me anymore nor anything and avoided me, it was very funny! In fact both first ones whom I asked it were very surprised and it became my challenge to succeed in kissing a girl with this line… “challenge accepted” ! I needed ten minutes to do so but it was in approaching a very hot girl (a tall thin brunette with blue eyes) that it worked. “Are you straight?
– Huuu, yes …
– Then we can kiss.” Kiss closed. I told her to take my facebook, same thing than with the other one, kiss on the cheek and bodyrocking towards other meadows potentially more green to graze because her friend started to cockblock.

Quick passage in the smoker area. I perceived the girl whom I had kissed in the medical party of December, I went to say hello and stole her a kiss in the stride. Six slaps in my mouth. Padawan counted. There, I began to be as good as my reputation: I make actions which require a monstrous nerve and I don’t care. I push away the limits of the socially admitted…

I went everywhere in the club, I fell on a group of 5 and I said to them “I am sorry girls I am gay”. Then I saw one I liked. I went to see her, and said “would you like to kiss me?” She said yes with the head, kissclose. She hadn’t her phone then I was obliged to take her facebook. I hope that Zucky is not going to block me: he likes deactivating me when I add too many girls in a row. Kiss on the cheek, bodyrocking towards the bar. My phone fell on the ground, I lost my shell. Motherfucka, that will teach me what happen when I break my own rules. Especially for a girl whom I am probably never going to fuck…

My following line was “when you will be fed up being with your friends, come to see me”. I got some “yes”. And when I re-crossed them, I said to them “well, we kiss each other now?” I had a kiss on the cheek and a real kiss. Explanation of the kiss: I have saw again an intoxicated blonde and ordered her “well, kiss me”. Kiss closed. I have seen her a little later “Again?
– Again! ” Kiss. She too, I took her facebook. Fuck, they have the damned mania to leave their telephone in their bag, and their bag in the changing room. At the same time, we cannot blame them for that, they cannot guess that they are going to meet Cyprineman !!!

The last but not the least, an aixoise. I crossed her, “undress
– But I just did it right now, you didn’t see?
– No, too bad.” She stayed and started talking about her work and about others uninteresting things then I persuaded her that I was in P1, that I had arrived 128th to the competition and that I wanted to be a dentist “oh, like me”. I proposed her “well, we kiss ?” she got closer and everything, our lips touched, small smack in the corner of the lips, “it is too easy, come we are going to talk in another corner. ” Well. It is her who left after a moment it was boring. A short thin brunette who had excessively turned me on by getting topless earlier in the party. It was not a passionate kiss or something like I would like to do to Clara Morgane, but it was a good thing. I was scandalized to learn that during their “crit” some medical students make stripteases.

I tried a crash&burn on a waitresses but it did not work. Otherwise, for the customers, as usual a lot of sluts who did not even answer to me or who took a disgusted air like if I was a monster. One who even had the damn nerve to ask me “You take yourself for Don Juan you?
– No, for Barney Stinson.” Bam, in teeth. Having said that, the most part laughed, and repeated to their friend. The worst of the worst : those girls in the smoker area. I wanted to do the 10, naturally that worked on nobody (when the first ones refuse, the others follow the movement: reputation / imitation / effect of group). But three last ones killed me “what does he want, he is so disgusting! Very ugly !!!
– Shut up silly bitch! “. I put her KO verbally then I left before getting irritating for good : like if I was disgusting, I have thousands of fans on Facebook… fuck… among whom some who think that I look like Enrique Iglesias or Josh Hartnett, needs not to mess around! Of course I know that everybody doesn’t like me, but they cannot say that I’m a ugly, there is a good margin between both things. I guess that everything is in the approach, in fact… They kill me those big shits who treat you like shit and who later proudly make out with really disgusting riff-raff on the dancefloor in no catholic positions (understand that without garment, there would be copulation). In brief, fuck off, my inner game is  top: few years ago, this kind of reflections would have affected me, but not now, that flows on me as a stream of cyprine on the head of an AFC after an inconvenient feminine ejaculation.

End of night, with number 3. She danced in a hot way, she came down and everything, I felt hard for the first time of the evening, FINALLY. Padawan took a picture. Looked like she did not really want to have sex then she kissed rather badly : the kind of girl who probably put teeth when she blows you, as in Twilight… then I left. Just before leaving her, a dude approached her and I said “be careful with my sister, eh” he turned heels without even trying anything. Ridiculous the dudes sometimes! To finish, with Padawan, we put our presales in the boobs of a girl. Then she fell in the entrance. Mythical. 6 am, in my bed “fuck, I work tomorrow, well I mean, today…”

So : 5 kiss and 5 Facebook. I am rather proud to have thought of taking their coordinates. We shall see if this business eventually pays. Finally, I want to say, these kisses in parties mean nothing eh. Sometimes girls are drunk, or some girls kiss guys to have free drinks. A kiss after a date on a sunny afternoon, I agree that can mean something but a kiss during parties : it is shit, it is nothing if you want my opinion. A lot of guys are satisfied with kissing girls and everything, they feel validated, their ego is OK and everything… but, guys, keep in mind that they kiss their best gay friend too! Pff…

In my sight: a girl who wants to use me as escort boy for a wedding (remember the party at Lionel’s place), a very tall chick (6ft07) who writes texts and makes jokes in the same style as me, another girl I had kissed in a pub one year ago who has just broke up and sends me messages (as if by chance) and Marie of medicine who woke up from a long sleep. Otherwise, I guess that Precious stone started doing sport, she is hotter than before.

I just would like to develop two things before putting the full stop:
– First of all a reflection on the reputation of the girls. They are absolutely anxious to protect it, not like us. As illustration: yesterday, the DJ had his computer out of order, then he said “all the guys toples!!! ” (No problems they did it) and “all the girls in bra”: no one did. These suckers then sang “and the DJ, and the DJ, he is gay”. In brief, it is not that they are less naughty nor that they do not like turning us on eh really needs to be a virgin AFC and well-thinking to believe that. It is just the social pressure which makes that they prefer to frustrate rather than anybody can think that they are sluts.
– The second thing (I jump from one subject to another): Cajun is a PUA who worked in a zoo. He was formed to tame panthers who would escape, without weapon only with his BL. If they feel the slightest fear, he would be dead… then he had the idea to apply it to women, successfully! I study his technique at the moment!!! I shall write certainly a book about that if I become good at body language and if this method has results in France too.

– The cash-game works in Marseille like in Aix. In my opinion, it works everywhere. Having balls, it pays. I specify that because : the Coach of Marseille when he goes night-clubbing and that he kisses 1 or 2 girls he is really satisfied (then even he fucks something like 10-15 girl maximum a year) thus he told me that I could not do the same thing I do in Marseille IE kissing dozens of girls in a party /banging around thirty women a year). I hope to open his eyes a little and that he gets that he still has some blocking thoughts. Like for example when he tells me “KissClose and FuckClose it is almost the same value : in both cases the girl wants you”… no, that is extremely false, this is not at all the same level of intimacy, persuasion, seduction. This same coach of Marseille who told me that his objective in Game is to seduce 100 % of the girls he approaches… yeah… he still believes in the miracle solution (“yeah and if it doesn’t work it is because you didn’t do it correctly”). It is obviously impossible eh just because we have no influence on the girls we approach (their faiths, their religion, their lifestyle, their education, etc.) I suspect him of Gaming for the bad reasons (ego, bragging about the girls he screws, giving lessons to show to the others how they are shit) instead of simply wanting to show what is possible and to help the others… I like him and he is sexually better than 90 % of the guys but it is necessary to do not take him too much seriously for example when he tells that he is a coach while he just gave 5 lessons to a guy for 10€ the night or although that he is a model while he paraded in a thing of his village. I think of developing him a little more later because the character is interesting. And I hope that he will consider my remarks when he will read that (I am maybe wrong) and that he will maybe improve his game thanks to it…
– The girls, when you talk to them in clubs, let you almost always a luck… I mean that they generally listen to what a stranger has to say to them even if when you finished they do not always answer. I am fascinated by that, finally I want to say, when they see me arriving they know very well that I am going to approach them needs not to mess around thus even if they are not interested, they leave you all the same a luck to show a very good game (I mean at least a chance to say what they want to hear and that really depends on people). Good to know.
– Padawan saw frequently Valou during more than a week. They saw each other practically every evening, went to the restaurant together and everything. They had not spoken about it but for her, they were in couple… then when he told her that he went with me picking up girls in a medical party, she flew into a rage, insulted him (jerk etc.), insulted me (big jerk) and blocked him on FB. I thus invite people who are in the same case to have a frank discussion, and not to behave like if they were in couple when they are not because even if we tell them “we are not a couple” and that we behave like if we were a couple… because they are emotional and not logical creatures, they consider you as committed. Padawan told me “I don’t want to be in couple, but I want that when she is with me she feels like a princess”… it’s harder than torture for them! And lying is not an option.

So, kisses. May the God of the Game be with us (and with your spirit) !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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  1. Haha! Awesome stuff man… loving the diaries!

    Keep up the excellent work and thanks for the add on twitter!

  2. You’re welcome dude !

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