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Cut your bad karma in the bed

Cut your bad karma in the bedWhen you will become used to sex, like me, you should not forget that everybody isn’t. With practice, you’ll be comfortable with being naked in front of an unknown.

But this is not the case of most women. Be comprehensive with them. Women are not whores because they have sex… If they are not comfortable, help them ! Take care of them. Instead of blaming them in your head, realize that if she gives you her body, it’s an honor ! No judgment. A lot of compassion.

A lot of men think they are lucky when a girl accepts to have sex with them. This is a bad mindset, you must know that you are special. Your belief is you are better than 99% of men in bed (and when you will have read this book it will obviously be true). So now, you know, women are at least as lucky as you are when you sleep together. Now, practice to become a very good and, I hope, respectful lover!!!

But never forget where you do come from. And remember that every woman is unique (they are not exchangeable, we share every time something unique with an unique woman). Everybody can teach you something in a domain. So, be humble. If you can teach her something do it, do not make fun of her if she’s stressed. God will give it back to you (God had forbidden sex out of wedlock but I think that it was before for concerns of hygiene and so that it is out-dated now)!

The bottom line is : give, please her, and your karma should give it back to you. That’s how I think. I try to do good around me. And because I’m good in bed, I’m generous with women. Just because I can.

And if they don’t want me, or do not believe I’m as good as I claim in bed : their loss, but it’s their choice to think I’m a pretentious dude. I respect! Me, I know the truth… And you too, soon !

I’m not God but I have a sexual confidence and I respect myself that’s why so many women had sex with me (and will in the future, I hope).

Those who will believe in me won’t regret it. I don’t want to brag here (the empirical proof don’t lie & I don’t give a shit about bragging) but I have to say the truth : very few women who had sex with me recently (before it wasn’t the same thing – I’ve been a geek for long but now I would like to see the face of my ex-schoolmates if they read it one day) didn’t achieve one or several orgasms (and no they didn’t fake). Those who did had a problem of trust, experience, confidence, etc. It happens… Yes it is a little bit easy to say that but it is nevertheless the truth. There is a lot of people with a bad state of mind towards the sex and bad beliefs. As for example when the girls tell me “you speak about sex thus are certainly bad in the bed because it is the ones who speak about it the most who make it the least
– Is that so?! OK ask your best friend then and you will see!;)

It’s important to understand all that shit because you too soon will be able to make a girl orgasm even if usually she doesn’t achieve orgasm on her first night with a guy. I can do that and it happens to me very often… I am capable of it and it happens to me very often that girls congratulate me spontaneously on that… Then I chuckle when a silly bitch tells me “why you? I can find a sex thing when I want“. Yeah but…

You can do the same thing : I’ve no huge cock it’s only technique and behavior (and choice of the targets).

I know I have a precious knowledge and I’m ready to share it. But when a girl does not respect me or lies to me, she doesn’t deserve it. One more who missed something because of her stupidity. It’s true it’s better to watch TV alone rather than living a magical moment in a bubble out of time and social pressure!!!

I give more than one chance to girls, all the same. I try to open her mind but honestly if there’s nothing to do for her I won’t let her humiliate me. I get bored. Some girls want to try me but doesn’t dare and invent excuses or flake (whatever they say the main reason is because they feel nervous). It’s the fear/anxiety that talks because chances are low that she met her “one true love” just 1 hour before your fuck-date (or another shitty excuse).

In this case I try to reassure her because it’s a problem with herself and not with me and there’s nothing else I can do. It is like when they contract so much they vagina that we have difficulty in bringing it in: psychological blocking. Except licking more, I see no other solution.

I sometimes let them think I buy their bullshit because I’ve been here too. But I find it ridiculous. And do not forget that they logical mind is not the most operational at the moment of a last minute resistance, arguing is useless.

But if she’s really too much of a pain in the ass I will let her in her shit. She will have sex with bad legs and will be conditioned to think sex is not something awesome. Her loss ! But she had her chance : I gave her my hand and she beat me. I’m not saying you should fuck every women even the ugliest for charity : on the contrary, more you’ll have sex more you’ll become confident and so demanding.

There are good girls who know nothing about the sex and who deserve that we invest a little bit to free them or to make them discover things. But not at any cost… By being good, you become the offer and they become the demand! So don’t behave like the demand !

I’m not a monster I just want to make women have a good time. OK I might be an asshole sometimes but they can test me it’s OK as long as it is a normal test of alphaness and not a way to find excuses to stay in her comfort zone instead of having orgasms.

Never harass women ! You would depreciate. In the worst case, let them think in their corner about your proposal and tell them to make you a counter-proposal when they will have understood where is their interest. But do not give her 150 thousand chances by requesting her all the time…

Sometimes the excuses that girls invent to do not have orgasms make me hallucinate. They are afraid of enjoying too hardly or what? An example: “Seriously, you want a tall guy ? You want a guy with blue eyes ? Seriously if you think that’s what is really important, if it’s you main criteria, it’s so sad for you.” It had to be said!

Some women think they are queens and act like that. Some are cute, sure, but it is useless if they don’t use it. And not tomorrow, today, because beauty is short-lived. And anyway you never know what can happen in life. So enjoy today and create good memories for your old days (if you have some) !!!

Some just want a “serious” relationship. But what does it mean ? Nothing. I prefer a “fun” relationship. Most of the time those women will fall on a guy who will pay her stuff to fuck them and then never call them back. Or they’ll both be sincere but the sexual chemistry won’t be there. The thing is sex is a very important part of the relation so if you try to take the problem back to front (ie getting engaged before having sex), you’ll have bad surprises. The reality is those women are not confident and not strong enough in their mind to say “fuck off” to social pressure. Or they have some complexes and want to control you before letting you see their bodies.

In brief, they have a problem in their head, and it is rarely good! That hides in any case a lack of confidence… that hide in its turn… we do not know what ! It is the lottery but it is better to be wary, if you want my opinion!

A lot of women get big-headed because men want to screw her. But they should know even an ugly woman can have sex (there are so many sex-starved dudes). If she was fair, she should not patronize you because you were courageous enough to try to pick her up and assume your sexuality. Instead of admiring your spirit, some will be bitches with you. They think their mission on Earth is to patronize YOU or reframe you.

In this case, put things into perspective : remember those girls would not be able to do what you just did. She thinks she has a power on you because she is cute but it’s wrong. There so many beautiful women out there. And you can have them too!!! Because the one who proposes and the one who plays on the numbers is the one you really controls in fact.

Some women say “I’m not a girl like that“. Like what ? In fact if you treat them like girls who have sex they are not happy but if you treat them like tight-ass it’s not good either. It’s a real problem for women, this fucking sex. It’s not easy for them to find their sexual place in the current society.

My advice for those women : be in peace with your body and make fun of the social pressure to be finally able to think for yourself and see where is your interest. Get out while the going is good discreetly !!!

What makes me laugh it’s when they act like they are too good for you and finish with a vulgar dude while you finish the night with another hottie. Or when they speak badly about one of their friend who is not tight-ass (one who really knows how to have fun) then go back home watching a TV show alone in which their favorite character are closer to their friend in question than to them. But they do not criticize the characters, because they do not compare with them and are not mad at them because they’re not as free as them.

Society wants us to believe that footballers like Benzema are the top of the top of the best men ever on Earth and women should get wet for him. Or for the muscular stupid guys who goes on reality TV. Seriously I’m not jealous I bang enough girls and cute ones to be better than that.

But I think it’s sad for them. It is some waste. And they do not even see that. Well, at least, they are lucky if the “sooooo sexyyyyyy” asshole do not hurt them.

I would like to say to men that it is not a game of power. A lot of men just want to have sex no matter with who. Or they do not really respect women. I know a guy who had sex with one of my friend. Before sex, he was friendly. After sex, he was an asshole with her like if he became better than her just because his dick was inside her pussy. Save your soul before your dick !

Men like that should change their vision of sex and women. If it’s not easy between the two sex, it’s not only the fault of women. Men should get educated too. There is a huge problem with sexual education because it is a taboo and full of shame.

But to get drunk, a lot of people are ready. Some are even proud of it and claim it out loud. They should realize that sex at least is good for health. When you buy condoms you’re ashamed but when you buy whisky it’s classy… pff, the world’s gone crazy.

Extract from : The awesome lover’s manual

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