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Hotties are in the street during the day !

This Field Report has been written by Padawan on June 14th 2013 :

It had been a long time the idea knocked around our head : going out to practice SPU (Street Pick Up), daygame, for real, “hard way”. We decided to finally use our balls (those who are in the brain), those which made the reputation of our forefathers, guys who dare to approach because they have something in the pants ! Last Wednesday, RDV in the park Jourdan with Fab (Cyprineman) for a session of SPU at 7pm !

Arrived on the spot, I saw that the park was half inaccessible, but it had enough opportunities to do something there! Some groups of girls waiting that we come to try to pick them up. But thanks to fucking phony excuses, like “yeah, we cannot pass from group to group” we eventually decided to go in the university halls… which were deserted!

We then decided to go in the city center : I think that it is at this moment that we really become aware of the potential of the SPU : every pussy can (potentially) be taken doggy style! And the ideas of approaches weren’t missing : “why have you a hat in summer?”, “OK my number is”, “I like your style, take my Facebook we shall go to have a drink”. Nevertheless, it was necessary to wait to be in town center to really find the testicles to attack.

A girl passed with a camera, I went there! But the bitchy girl went into a building just at this moment. We continued our tour in city, crossed people we know and hotties! Fab played the mentalist with a target stopped on the Cours Mirabeau, it worked well!

We went to the Monop ‘. Sat against the pane of the shop, a naughty girls listened to music. We decided to play the policemen and I sat down to her right side and Fab to her left. She then wondered what two guys were doing next to her and the conversation started. We played the mentalists with her, we made her laugh, we spoke about sexual thing (bravo Fab for having kept the cap above that). We suggested her to play with us, she was open, all the fires were green.

In fact, she waited for her friends (who went shopping) who eventually arrived. One of her friends told her “ahah you were approached!”. She said that it was rare that it happened, at least by people who looked normal. A blabla followed which encloses the conversation. Mission accomplished, very funny!

Rather proud, we debriefed the pickup, the fucking silences, etc. and it is at this moment (something like 5 minutes later) that the girl CAME BACK taking our numbers and she invited us to a party at the end of the week, admitting that she has been conquered by the surprising approach!

It was time to go back home and to finish on a good grade, but we felt powerful, and I wanted to approach every hottie who crossed my road!

Hotties are in the street during the day !


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