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We played to a game : the strip-not-yes-not-no

12th June 2013,

Well, I just have 5 minutes before going back to work then I will quickly write it.

Yesterday, visit of a small girl who knew me thanks to my FB page. She read my blog and she liked it, needs to say that she is also a kind of artist, a singer in cabarets if I understood well… She is in the faculty of literature of Aix then we agreed on a meeting and we said that she could sleep at my place (or to the place of one of her buddies if I was in fact an old man with a moustache or if she eventually didn’t like me for another reason). She had a knife in her bra anyway… then I had to pay attention on what I said 😉

We saw each other in the city, she sat on a fountain (there is a lot of fountains in the town where I live). I thought that we would go have a drink and everything but NO we stayed there and we chatted. I adore simple people like that. Then, we had a walk and we ate together (I was too much hungry). We ate a salad in a restaurant and I invited her because I have some (buried) gentleman reflexes.

Then, I returned her at my home to see my cat (“I adore cats”) and we played to a game : the strip-not-yes-not-no in the lounge (an idea of her). We spoke and we removed our clothes when we said “yes” or “no”. My roommate returned drunk as usual then we remained hidden in the shadow both almost naked… until he goes to bed). He has AGAIN returned in the apartment a road sign (it is his weakness: then he paints them to make it chaps. True story).

Finally, I brought her in my bedroom to fuck at first in missionary there because her little pussy was tight (she didn’t do anything for 8 months then that closes apparently) then doggy-style and I finished in her mouth (“do you prefer that I finish in you or sucking me?
– I do everything you want”). Not contrary, I love it !

We fell asleep and this morning, in missionary again, I was already less tight. That’s it. Kiss. By leaving she said to me “it is too bad that one can only enjoy a single night with you…
– Euhhh I don’t know not when I said that?!”

PS : She has big boobs and ass made for doggy style.

PPS : Well, I will be late at the office…

Another satisfied customer. May the God of the Pickup be with you !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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2 thoughts on “We played to a game : the strip-not-yes-not-no

  1. Yo,
    I read your blog and after this wanna gotta tell 2 things:
    1- It seems like things are going well for you and you are having sex, good 4 u. This was the good comment.
    2- But also it seems like all your achievement is not related to game or personal improvement. It is rather of a kind of girls use you as they want to. Yeah when you are out and picking up girls than you are learning or/and improving. But in the event of this case (the girls coming from FB page etc) is like girls use you ass free material. There is nothing wrong ofc but don’t you feel ‘cheap’ or something? Also it seems clearly from her last commnet:
    By leaving she said to me « it is too bad that one can only enjoy a single night with you…
    Sorry mate but that is not the resopnd that a player or a guy who is good with women gets. So, in short time, it is fun, but nothing more also I have no idea about the quality of the girls. anyway, have fun, but keep in mind.

  2. Yo,
    1 – Thanks your for reading my blog, I hope you like it !
    2 – I think I understand what you wanna say. You’re telling me that if girls come directly from my FB PAGE to my bed it is not “game” or “personal improvement” ? Yeah you’re maybe right even if I needed “personal improvement” to become an alpha some girls want to use ! But I have to say that it is just a rare case ! I pick girls in NPU , or SPU and Online Dating too ! And most of the girls I fuck thanks to FB : I had to send them a poke and to interest them with messages ! Well, nope I don’t feel cheap because I am happy to have sex with cute girls ! Yeah by leaving she said that, because I think that she would have liked to have another night ! Why not ?
    Thanks for your interest,

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