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If you want to know if you are fuckable, try to flirt with a gay…

10th June 2013,

Well, I summarize fast made the weekend because I am sleepy.

Thursday evening : date with a girl I had poked. The valedictorian of Science Po apparently… the so-called young political hope 2013 of my ass. The kind of princess you want to ejaculate in her mouth. The kind of small rotten whore from Aix spoiled by her parents who shows off. Not grave, she has just left her guy and wants to fuck… so, a scandalous writer, that turns her on ! She could stay only one hour on Thursday evening, so much the better, I was then able to go body-building after the date.

Friday evening : I saw her again. We began drinking mojitos. I asked her questions like “How many partners did you have? 7
– When was last time you masturbated? yesterday in my bed
– How would you rate yourself in bed and in oral sex? 7 and 8
– etc etc. Just to continue to warm her, I established another game : We could get closer and everything but not kiss each other. Then, buddies of her joined us… Well. One of them is in love with her, like Bob the AFC, that smelt not good…

In brief, the discussion lost this small sexual side which I had made every effort to set up then I removed a shoe and played footsie with her. I went with my foot under her dress and caressed her cute pussy discreetly. It turned her on. She caressed my leg in return. Padawan and the Captain joined us too then we moved in the gay friendly club of the town (the political girl paid our drinks to the bar, cool). On our way, I stuck her to an entrance of building and we played a little: my fingers under her dress, that became hot. She didn’t let me completely fingering her… but, caressing her everywhere, yes. Our lips eventually merged a short moment. We regained self-control, we moved in the club and there we danced very close. Then, she was a player and took up a challenge I had imposed : proposing a threesome to some people (I love this mindset).

We approached two guys asking a threesome with her and me, both were OK. I think that if you want to know if you are fuckable, try to flirt with a gay and if he says yes then you can be reassured on your sex appeal. They do not think like us : it’s simpler for them. Moreover, the photographer of the gay club photographed us and told me “if you want to thank me for the photo blow me or show me your candle “. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, another world!

At around 2am, the guy in love (thus jealous person) pretended that he felt sick and they left together. Apparently, they did not fuck but well I had warmed her just in time then it is always tiresome that another one takes advantage of it… but on the other hand, it is some waste! What is the worst ?

Not grave, the high school chick of the last week announced me that she had found a friend for a threesome! I said OK, that we should meet in [this club]. Finally, they were not able to come in… too young.

Bad night from this moment, we were obliged to take a €55 bottle… I mean, we had fun with the Captain who made imitations but we didn’t move our ass. I don’t like it. Needs to say, I was not in a good mood. I passed from the twosome to the threesome then to masturbation.

Saturday : I have poked quite a lot of chicks during the day then we went out at night with Padawan. Opener : “you’re cute but are you good in bed?” I took three FB with this technique, one really hot in the street and the two in a bar. I sent a message to the hottie (the others, it was for sport)… nice, sounds good ! I also told a girl who had crossed my look in the street “you don’t stop looking at me ?” then we talked and I took her FB. I tried a crash&burn, just saying “frenchkiss?” but that did not really work except with one cougar who pissed me off afterward.

To finish, an anecdote: a girl who looked offended, she explained to me that a guy did not want of her because she is the ex of the buddy of this guy and complained “one never say no to me, I’m always rated between 5 and 8… how hot do your think I am, you ?
– 7! and you, Padawan ?
– 6!
– and would you fuck with me? Knowing that if you pay me a drink I kiss you…
– No thanks you !” She was offended… it is not that she was ugly or anything but I don’t like this mentality, then I punish !

Otherwise, we met an inhabitant of Nice and her sister. I wanted that Padawan bang the sister but nothing to do there, even when I took away the brother. Not grave, there are worse things in life.

Last thing, both silly bitches to whom we had sent blacks contacted me again. The poor girls wanted that I come in a party at their home. They really have no common sense it is disconcerting. I will ask them naked pictures and talk them in a trash way.

May the God of the Game be with you !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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