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Introduction to Evopsy

Introduction to EvopsyEvolutionary psychology (sometimes abbreviated Evopsy) is a current whose goal is to explain, from the theory of biological evolution, the mechanisms of human thought and behavior.

This discipline, located at the crossroads of biology, psychology, anthropology, social sciences and paleo-archeology, examines psychological traits in an evolutionary perspective.

It is based on the fundamental assumption that the brain (like other organs) is the product of evolution, and thus of an adaptation to environmental and social constraints that our ancestors faced.

Evolutionary psychology identifies and explains the human traits that are the product of natural selection. In this ebook, we will study in particular the general traits that result from sexual selection (defined below).

Evolutionary psychology insists that most of human evolution took place under circumstances that no longer exist (mainly during the prehistoric era) and that behavior and internal states that characterizes us today have in fact been selected to be adapted to a world that no longer exists: there is what researchers call a “mismatch” between this environment that gave rise to the evolutionary adaptation and the contemporary environment of the human species.

We owe this concept to Konrad Lorenz. He was, for example, the first to postulate that the pleasure to eat sugar and fat comes from the rarity of these energy resources in prehistoric environment. Today, however, these products are easily accessible and this “natural” inclination for sugar and fat can have deleterious consequences (such as to frustrate adaptation) in the current environment (obesity, diabetes). Yet we continue to be, we believe, “naturally” attracted to sugar. In fact, we have been programmed to like it. Just as we have been programmed to look for certain characteristics when it comes to our sexual partners. And as our brains are evolving much more slowly than our environment (unless it is our environment that is evolving faster than our brain), it is important to be aware of this.

In this book, we will discuss Evopsy in terms of seduction and will deduce the attitudes necessary to be more successful with women. We’ll find that the theories of the game are perfectly in this logic. This will also be an opportunity to rediscover the concept of “alpha male.” Finally, we will focus on many results of experiments that we (men) will help us to better understand ourselves and better understand women (and which will also help women to understand men, of course).

In fact, realizing that some of our lackluster behaviors are natural (in the sense of “biological legacies”) allows to enjoy life with more philosophy and to accept more easily (of course if you stay in limits set by law).

Of course we will avoid encouraging old macho clichés about gender differences. We will try to remain objective!

Extract from : Evopsy and Seduction


How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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