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Overcome the shyness

Overcome the shynessI – 20 obstacles which prevent you from taking action :



Obstacle n°1 : The school which prevents us from speaking freely (have to keep silent in class but at the same time if we are too introvert it is not good either, then we are lost).
Obstacle n°2 : The love stories which idealize gender relations (it is always magic while you say to yourself that if you approach hastily on a bar that will have nothing specially magic except the girls these cute beings which you adore deserve of course to live a fairy tale (in your mind)).
Obstacle n°3 : The pornographic sites which let you think that the girls are all bitches (thus when you approach on the street you will fall on a nasty bitch because you do not usually interest the girls and you have nothing of a porn actor).
Obstacle n°4 : The education and the “correct” way of approaching a girl (it is not good to approach, you will be thought of as a weird guy, it’s better to stay alone at home masturbating).


Obstacle n°5 : I don’t know what to do (remain simple, friendly, make new acquaintances) nor when to approach (randomly or detect IOI).
Obstacle n°6 : I do not know what to say (the words don’t really matter, cf. the ebook on the body language to be convinced of it).


Obstacle n°7 : I am afraid of the rejection (nobody 100%succeeds but 100 % of the players who won at the bingo played).
Obstacle n°8 : I wait too much before acting (she then has too much importance in your head whereas she loses her respect for you who have not what it takes to approach her).
Obstacle n°9 : I am impressed by her (become used to the contact with beautiful women).
Obstacle n°10 : I think like if I was her thus I guess that I should not approach her (women all have different personalities and expectations, just like men).
Obstacle n°11 : I am not confident (if you do not believe in you, how could she believe in you?)


Obstacle n°12 : The look of the unknowns (public place, she is going to tell that to her friends who will make fun of you (friends who maybe would to dare just like you)).
Obstacle n°13 : The look of my friends (who judge you or encourage you, that makes them feel ill-at-ease if you are not any more the passive and shy guy they liked because not dangerous).
Obstacle n°14 : The look of the other women (fear of being thought of as a weird guy, of disturbing them or even for some of frightening them).


Obstacle n°15 : I have negative faiths (adopt encouraging thoughts).


Obstacle n°16 : Nobody does that in my circle of acquaintances, it is not normal (then, in your circle of acquaintances, I don’t think there are a lot of PUA, and at first what’s the normality?)


Obstacle n°17 : I still think of my ex with whom everything happened naturally (yes, but why? Do not take the easy way especially if you can have better by moving your ass and fortune smiles to those who are audacious).


Obstacle n°18 : I wait, for example to have learnt a maximum of theory before taking action (you will never learn as much as on the field on the condition of not doing anything and having a minimum of culture of the seduction to avoid the basic errors).
Obstacle n°19 : I invent excuses to don’t act this time (the girl is not cute enough for you, or then she looks busy, in brief you always wait for the next one).


Obstacle n°20 : I had a bad experience one day (persevere).


II – The solutions which will allow you to enjoy a total freedom of action are:


The inner game (constructive faiths) :

– Adopt positive faiths (“that pleases her that a guy approaches her because she feels desirable) rather than “I am going to approach her and that is going to annoy her because I shall certainly be the hundredth today”).
– Use a positive vocabulary (“I am going to give her a chance to have orgasms with me” rather than “I am going to approach her and certainly take one more rake”).
– Give a positive sense to your failures (every “no” move closer to a “yes”).
– Separate your behavior and your identity (it is not you that she will judge in a few seconds but your way of trying to pick her up (most of the time)).
– Surround yourselves with positive people (wingmen motivated, cute girls or alphas).
– Fill with positive energy (sport, music, radio, think again about your successes).
– Meet a maximum of people to be less affected and enter a dynamics of success (it is a issue of numbers!)
– Do not try to please her by losing your values. Resist the temptation to want to look like her ideal, and assume yourself such as you are, with your qualities, your defects, and especially your desires (and hers). It is against intuitive, and that’s why it is difficult to understand.
– Find a balance, between the necessity of taking initiatives, and of not going too fast at the risk of totally blocking her.
– Do not necessarily give up if she says that she has a boyfriend or that she is lesbian (feminine routine most of the time, sometimes a test). It is advised to say, in this case, that we are only looking for friendship because it sub-informs that we are not interested in her more than that and you can thus see her again without sexual barrier this time. Then, the motivation to cheat on her boyfriend can be purely sexual (the prohibition excites). Another motivation can be that it is bored in her relation (or that her guy is hopeless in the bed or that he pisses off her and she wants to punish him). The third possible motivation if she had a “crush” for you (or that she knew (tried in bed) nothing else than him and would want to diversify).


The outter game ( progressive exercises) :

– Master some simple lines for approaching, to begin. For example, to a foreigner, the classic : « where are you from ? »
– Do not forget that the main part is breaking the ice, then : she wants to speak to you or she doesn’t want to, you will see it thanks to her body language. Remember that the words are not that important… but if she says “fuck off” don’t insist. Her loss.
– Say “excuse me” to stop her in the street: if she continues walking, let her go, it was just a “excuse me”, it is so important finally… as if she had brought down a €20 bill of her pocket and if you wanted to tell her and because she snubbed you, you kept her fucking cash. Normally, she walks 1 or 2 meters and she stops then comes back to you. Apologizing (dominated) is not advised in principle but it works! Otherwise, say “please…”
– The keys are : Spontaneity, cool tone of voice, giving a rhythm to the conversation, not being too intrusive, setting up an exchange, listening to the other one… At the beginning you will probably have to do 90 % of the conversation and then the more she will get involved, the more the fish will be shod!


Finally here we are, stop finding excuses, leave your ego aside and stop believing that the girls do not go out for approaching/being approached (they are not pure and innocent as some claim it and seem offended when you do not behave as they want – while in fact that maybe even excites them this balance of power). If it is still your case, here is an electric shock which will make you open your eyes.

The bottom line : acting shy or playing the kid can be sexy on a girl, but it is not for what we expect from a man.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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