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Hitting on women

Hitting on womenWhere to find women ? Seriously ? I would have been able to content with writing “everywhere” (to save time) and with going elsewhere doing other things like pulling my cat’s tail, watching Daredorm or sending naughty texts to all my female contacts. But well… I was told in first grade that it is always necessary to develop my answers.

There is one thousand one ways to meet the soul sister (or a fuckfriend)… then do not wait passively that the others introduce her to you (it would be a bonus). Certain men have more success in a type of meetings rather than in the other one : You do not know in advance with which method(s) you will be the most comfortable so try (who had believed it) ! Just like you will not know if you like the blanquette of tata Ginette before having tasted it. And just like you will ignore if you like doggystyle, licking her pussy or being suck on her kneels in a public place before having tried. Multiplying the means and thus the meetings = maximizing your chances…

The classic meetings : We can meet women in the shops of clothes, bookshops, cafes, universities, laundries, grocer’s shops, department stores, banks, the public transports, parks, etc. Either with cold approaches, or by having had before a EC maintained some seconds. ( If she maintains more than three seconds, you have a moral obligation to go there (because yes they are more discreet than us but some assume all the same)).

– Dating sites (or even the social networks): the experimented PUA, generally, do not like this process (except me because I don’t give a shit for appearances): you will thus not be in competition with them. It is an easy way to meet women because the rejects will just be some words on a screen or an absence of answer and you can more easily seduce her because you will directly reach the first meeting. The problem is often the misleading advertising (I speak about photos) and the state of mind of the chicks (too much clamped, looking for love like in the movies, or then too much sexually crazy like “lick my feet”). The principle that the experimented PUA doesn’t like, in fact, it is to have to pay to seduce women (what is logical because it is them who win the most at it in that case because most of the others guys are just suckers…).

– In the street: the most difficult exercise because the target is in movement. Knowing if she is inclined to meet and to convincing her that you are interesting in some seconds requires a lot of competence and tact. Seducing her by speaking to her about her dog (or having a dog yourself) either an accessory or then take out an opener completely randomly. It is necessary to have a great deal of social freedom to manage to do that, and is needed a minimum of open-minding for the girl to accept, especially that where I live, when the fellows approach it is more often to rob than to give orgasms. The universe of the possible is infinite there according to on whom you fall, it is what makes the pepper of it.

– The speed dating : The pickup is a story of quantity and number, and it is not so important after all. It is necessary to target the kind of people which goes to this kind of things… There are often opportunities to fuck, but the eternal question is asked “why do they need this kind of things if they are quality chicks?” Because there are quality chicks (yes yes sometimes), like on the dating sites, some lost further to a coincidence.

– The marriages: easy line : “how did you meet the married ?” Besides, they are in the atmosphere. The problem is there are chances that everything is repeated and deformed to your common friends.

– At work: it is a common point, we are in contact every day during hours, sometimes in conditions of cooperation. Do not make too many efforts to meet women at work (harassing) but be susceptible in their calls (without letting them illusions if you do not want a couple otherwise attention on the bad atmosphere after… I remind that jerking at all costs is not a state of mind of Alpha). There are always some co-workers whom we would fill more gladly than the paper machine.

– Blind dates : it is when two persons who do not know each other but who are recommended by common friends go on a date. More intimate than the meals with three or four people where they would have the impression to hold the candle. It is cool especially if your friend in common recommended you as a good lover.

– The happy hours : A relaxed and quiet moment after work. They are often more opened than at night and then it is less late thus you have more time for the after in this case.

– The private parties : everybody was preset thus the girls are reassured, the music is not too strong (thanks to or because of the neighbors), we can thus have a conversation which leaves on good bases. A must if there is a good ratio M/W !

– Bars and nightclubs: day pick up > night pick up. Because at night, the girls are on the defensive (drunk guys). It will also be necessary to overcome obstacles: the BFF, the jealous friends, the other guys who like her (the AMOG for example). Well, the positive point, is that the alcohol (and the rest) succeeds in some who cannot disinhibit themselves without. Dancing on dancefloor or staying in a quiet corner and approaching? It depends, I prefer talking and provoking and I never go to dance without a girl (alone it is easy to be ridiculous).

– The associations of voluntary help: the woman-man ratio is interesting, besides, having a passion is attractive. For example, animals.

– The classes: going to places where there are more women than men for example “yoga”. The best way to open the conversation is to speak about the class that you chose to see how she reacts to your contact. No need to go too fast because you will see again each other every week but it is not an excuse to don’t act ! Inquire before about such or such activity to have interesting things to say : moreover, the women like that a man is an expert in something (and yet, even in not sexy domains like computers there are some sexy geek chicks)! Ideas: art, craft, kitchen, literature, psychology, foreign languages …

– The activities and the hobbies (not Frodon): for example: doing magic, singing, dancing, taking a hike, eco-tourism. Keep in mind to avoid the mainly male groups (video games, chess…)

– The conventions: for example nurse conventions are a nest with meetings, they group together into bars and hotels. Furthermore, they are on “holidays” thus more open. Moreover, the things like the Med club it, seems to be not bad too!

– Your social circle : enlarge your circle of friends with women… and men (but no coal nuts who would pull you downward) ! Call your old friends, meet new people. Go out with your co-workers. More you will know people, more they shall introduce you to new women. Do not always stay with the same closed group, drinking beers. Go out when you spend your nights between men but avoid being 15 fellows without girl, your value would fall!


The morality is : do as you want but contact girls you like (and don’t use the excuse “they all are not good enough for me” to do nothing). Because even the worst approach has more chances of success than the inactivity (and a 7 in your bed in better than a 10 in your mind).

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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