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Perfect woman: what is a perfect woman for you?

You may be surprised to find that being a perfect woman, in my opinion, do not depends solely on the physical appearance, far from it… It come into account of course, but don’t be hypocritical, I can not imagine Gerard Jugnot be considered as the perfect man neither.

The perfect woman ! Ah la la, big subject that we are about to tackle! But before you begin your reading, know that a few months ago, I published a humorous article on this topic. I had also developed a list of 20 crippling details in a girl. I invite you to go read these articles, because I find them very funny.

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Does the perfect woman exist?

First of all, perfection does not exist! Take this idea off your head!

So, a perfect woman for everyone, it does not exist either… on the other hand, a woman who fits you perfectly, it may exist, yes.

But that does not mean that she would be universally perfect.

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What criteria can be decreed that a woman is perfect for you?

She’s nice

It is the basis of everything to build serenely but you absolutely need a nice woman.

It is better a woman a little less beautiful than another but who is charitable.

With her, you can be yourself

Because we sometimes need to let go and you do not want to be totally castrated by your girlfriend (that would be a shame), you absolutely need a girl who allows you to be yourself.

For example, you can burp without she pisses you off or reframes you in the privacy. In public, it’s something else: it’s up to you not to make her uncomfortable anyway…

She is in love with you while having a life next door

She must be happy alone to be able to truly love you. Otherwise, what she likes is probably not being alone thanks to you and not really you.

Go, confess, a chick that would choke you, you would find it unhealthy, right ?

So, a good selection criterion is to see if she has friends, real ones. Does she also have passions? Does she need to always leave the TV on in the background to feel good ?

The tortured girls are boring, seriously, I advise you to flee if you fall on a girl with problems or an emotional pit (It’s better a girl at least a bit confident, a bit mature).

She does what she says and says what she does

A brave girl, open-minded, sensitive to questioning and fundamentally honest, it does not run the streets.

If you found one, bravo!

In truth, most people never do what they say. For example, there are many who dream of traveling or writing a book but who always postpone it. There is also the problem of those who never say what they do: people who stab in the back, we cannot trust them…

So if your girl fits this description, you probably do not have a perfect wife for you… unless you’re a first time fucker, but that’s all about you!

She is beautiful in nature

You like her naked and without makeup.

Because yeah, being pretty with a nice dress and a ton of makeup is easy. But naked and without makeup, that’s another story.

She feels good naturally

You love her sweat when you fuck her and she doesn’t strink!

She’s healthy !

You have the same lifestyle

She eats much like you, has the same opinion as you about sports, kids (she has a developed maternal instinct), religion etc. Your working hours must also be compatible.

Or she pulls you up: requires you to eat healthy, move your ass, make you want to become virtuous, etc.

She has tastes and opinions

She thinks for herself, she does not stupidly repeat the ideas heard on TV or that she takes from her parents.

She has convictions, knows how to justify them clearly and defends them. She is open to counter-argumentation. She is not bounded nor conditioned…

She pulls you up

A girl who can teach you things in certain domains, it’s priceless!

A girl of the same social level as you, even a slightly higher level, it would be the best!

She knows how to give without counting

In life, sometimes you have to give without counting. A girl who would spend her time counting points, it would be problematic.

Same thing with money, you would not want a sting, anyway?

She knows how to compromise

Because we do not know how to be perfectly in agreement all the time, each of you must be able to make concessions. Not only you!

She has a sense of honor

This woman has a sense of honor, an ethic, who is not ready for anything for money or for celebrity.

She is not superficial

A perfect woman must love you for you, not for your money, your title or anything.

A girl who would openly select you on the criterion “what do you do for a living? » should probably be avoided.

Unless you are completely stupid or superficial.

She is financially responsible

In the same logic, she must assume herself financially. We are no longer in the 60s.

She is feminine

She takes care of her and has a certain grace.

She is positive

Because life can be hard and you do not need to get sunk!

She likes to fuck

Especially on all fours… and blows you like a goddess! Sexually and otherwise, you never get bored.

Ideally, she is a feminist and has a good relationship to sex but is not feminazie with stupid ideas in mind !

She is faithful

Except possibly in swinger club.


And you, what do you think about a hypothetical perfect woman ?

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How to find a perfect woman on dating sites and apps?

Personally, I have some criteria on which I base myself to know if I will or not approach this or that girl on the sites and dating apps.

I develop these 10 details in this article.

See you soon and may the God of seduction be with you!

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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