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The 3 categories of cocksuckers

The 3 categories of cocksuckersIn my career, I have been able to distinguish three types of cocksuckers.

0 / But first, what is a cocksucker?

Blowjob is the human sexual behavior which is stimulating the penis of the partner with the mouth, lips and tongue. It can be performed either as a preliminary or to lead the man to orgasm.

Fellatio is an oral sex, it is the symmetric of performing a cunnilingus on a women for a man… but for a woman.

This practice is referred to by many expressions or colloquial terms, my favorite, “suck my dick bitch”.

Oral sex was also observed in some animals with a conflict management purpose (with bonobos, for example) or with a sexual purpose (in some bat species). A study on the bat shows that when the female of this species practice fellatio on her spouse, each additional second of this activity increases the coupling length of six seconds (it is quite the opposite with most men but well when your cock is soft it can help). Blowjob could therefore encourage reproduction. In addition, the saliva with antifungal and antibacterial properties of the female would prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Since the beginning of sexology and until the sexual revolution, oral sex was considered as a pathology. Fellatio was a perversion of the sexual instinct, “instinct” which “normally” would produce only sexual activities for reproduction. In 1952, oral sex with masturbation and oral sex were part of the pathological behavior described in the first edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. When I told you that we all are crazy…

1/ The dream seller

This is the one who sucks you at the beginning of the relationship, to make you addicted and then it is not anymore worth it in her opinion.

In general, these girls do not really like sucking but they make an effort in the beginning… to impress! You, on the other hand, are supposed to lick all the time…

She can sometimes suck again punctually, eg. for your birthday!

2/ The good surprise

It is the one who does not suck at the beginning of the relationship, she is discreet. Then she begins to show you her naughty side, over time.

These girls try to make you faithful, they believe that the dangling of blowjob is everything, it’s her reward for you.

But if you’re not a good lover, you, they may never suck you and not even continue to be your girlfriend… and you could find it normal. It has become a privilege in your eyes.

3/ The regular

It is the one who sucks from the beginning to the end of the relationship. She gives back, no dirty trick!

Carpe Diem !

The problem is that she gives you good habits and if one day she is too tired and too eager and what to do the starfish: you will be very disappointed!

4/ Those who do not suck you, dirty boy

There are of course those who do not suck (never). But it does not count as a sucking category, by definition.

Often because it disgusts them (yuck), because they don’t trust their sucking skills (shame) or because it does not fit with the image of “good girl” they try to give you (social pressure).

Then, there’s also those who suck any guy at a party … but not a guy with who she wants a serious relationship! Bouh, what a trap! Her purpose is that the boyfriend does not see her as a “slut”, it’s always the same. If you are used to serious relationships and that you only fall on chicks like that, you’re not lucky!

Fortunately there’s those who do not suck any dude but who only suck when they are in a relationship (cf. 2) but hey sometimes when I lick one of them in a so good way, they suck me anyway ! You give so much that they feel compelled to give more, to stay in the competition. You take control of her sexuality, this way…

We should be able to create lots of other categories : those who suck by you shaking at the same time or not, those who only suck with the lips or those who rub you the glans with the tongue too, those with a small mouth so their teeth scrape against your glans and those who are pure mouths made for blowjob it is really comfortable. Those who swallow or not, those who suck at the beginning of the report or at the end, those who suck with the condom or without, those who lick your balls, those who put a finger in your ass, those who suck on her knees or lied down on the bed…

Finally here, I just wanted to have fun writing this little article like an asshole. I let off steam because I broke a tooth! The next one will be more serious!

And you, which one is your favorite sucker? And it is forbidden to answer “your mother”!

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