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The 6th girl in 6 days

February 26th 2014,

Before beginning to write, by way of warning for the 17 readers who’re still reading me, I am anxious to specify that every page of this Field Report is initialed by one of my sperm cells. What a waste when you know that at least one of these embryos would probably have been the author of a world-class best-seller within 30 years!

“You’re home, quietly installed in front of your TV, when someone is knocking at the door. Surprise, it’s me ! I approach and kiss you, and the desire rises of a sudden. You realize that I still have my jacket when you take it off, surprised again, I’m only wearing underwear. I think that I obtained the sought effect 😉 You stick me to the wall and come closer to whisper in my ear that you want me. I take your hand then lie you down on the back. I start kissing your neck, your trunk, I spend my language almost everywhere on you. I feel your breath accelerating, you’re savoring. I nibble, lick, kiss, everywhere. I go down again and stay there for a long time, because I love it… I take your sex in mouth, play with it, accelerate then slow down, spend my hands or my tongue on your testicles. Your legs tremble, you hang on to my hair, trying to make me move. When I go back up, you turn me and take me of a sudden! It makes me scream. Needs to say that all this fucking turned me on. You take me the way I like, hardly, you turn me in all directions. Then I feel you accelerating, a little more, still more, and coming with relief… Definitely, it was a good idea that I visit you.”

Because it was a quite long message, I received it in the form of a MMS message and not a simple text. So, I answered “ahahah when I saw ONE NEW MMS I thought that you sent me a naughty picture but it is very too“. Roughly, I made the idea germinate in her mind instead of asking her directly for a naked picture like a weirdo. When she actually send the first one to me, I answered her by two-three topless photos and told her that I liked what I saw (to encourage her). In the end, I got her naked. It is this technique I always use to get naked photos from girls without risking to miss one because I would be thought of as a big pervert. I don’t like being thought of as what I am. You know, a lot of girls out there have a narcissistic side and enjoy the effect their attractive body can have on us, poor obsessed males! With her, another thing made me have fun : every day in the morning I asked her what color was her underwear!!! It create bounds… 😉

A few days later, she wrote me another text. “You arrive at my place and when you’ve just come through the door, you jump on me. I feel your hands on my neck, on my breasts, my stomach, my hips, my buttocks, all this while you touch my mouth with your lips. I try to kiss you but every time I approach, you make a step back, it drives me crazy. When you are finally passive, I heave a sigh of pleasure. I take off your shirt while your head is in my tits, while you kiss me in the neck. I put my hand in your hair, your back, on your buttocks (fuck, I love men’s buttocks) and pushes you up to the bedroom where I finish undressing you. Just by seeing your already hard sex, I am totally wet. Just to make it even harder I linger above, spending my lips, my tongue almost everywhere, your legs are taken by cramps and I feast to continue still a little. I all the same eventually take it in my mouth and hears that you sigh of relief. I still continue a little then go back up by nibbling every piece of skin I can. You fall over on me without penetrating into me and rub against me. That drives me crazy because I have just one single desire : that you take me, and you know the effect it had on me. You put me on the stomach and come over me, while continuing your little game. You kiss me in the nape of the neck, play with me then eventually take me in this position in fact (by the way, it is my favourite) while I sigh of pleasure. We make love like that for a moment, alternating the positions, with one single objective, mutually doing great good to each other. I love these moments.”

In real life, it took place a little bit differently. Date fixed at 3 pm in les allées provençales. Arrived at 3:30 pm, I made her two-three contextual jokes in shape of caresses “the amygdala it is a spider” (it is a gland but I do not remember why we spoke about that) and “I don’t kiss at the first date, I fuck at the first date“. I thus got acquainted with an attractive girl, tall (almost 5ft8), natural blonde, nice cute face, but especially very soft and kind (she studies veterinarian, that’s explicit enough). I really looked forward to making her shout with the overgrowth of explosive flesh that blocks me when I want to run… like Pierre Woodman would do to a young and innocent Polish actress that he would audition by tickling her vocal cords with his swollen pipe.

We directly went to my place, without putting into words the thing. I have met again the old caretaker, it is the 5th girl whom she sees me returning at home in one week! In the elevator, I put my hand on her stomach (not the one of the caretaker), caressed it up to her tits by coming closer to her lips… but without kissing her. She was a player IRL just like on Adopt. Once in my apartment, I stuck her to a wall, fiddled with her decently on the basis of respect for Geneva Conventions then I turned her and put her fingers from behind with my left hand while I caressed her clit with my right hand (I also bit her buttocks). She tried to catch my cock but I prevented her from it “you’ll play with it later” to oblige her to concentrate on her own pleasure. It is a little what we did lack in the threesomes last week: the girls giving and receiving at the same time, that allowed them to find a diversion from their pleasure and not to let themselves go completely. Nom d’un cunni sec d’une pipe molle ! [untranslatable]

Well. Because it turned me on too much, I then took off her small pink panties to take her doggy-style up against that same wall. I took her from behind, but because she had a beautiful plump ass, we could say that it is her best profile. Then she rose on me on the sofa of the lounge (I took advantage of it to remove this bra she had for too long) and ended her in missionary. Je ne savais plus à quel (gros) sein me vouer [untranslatable]. So so good, her body is very comfortable, it was a good fuck : there is a connection (probably a wavelength story or something like that in any case something that overtakes us, poor mortal people). For the anecdote, she kept her big fashion glasses all the time. We then a little chatted to recover from these acrobatics (if too often practised that stuff could make us finish the ass stuck in a wheelchair – we like living dangerously).

Secondly, we went on my bed, I made her a massage, then I liked her. She came. Her pussy is very tasty. She then made me a massage and turned me and sucked me from A to Z by using my sex as a toothbrush (for those who still don’t know, I am sponsored by the agency of the oral health thus bring your social-security card when you come visiting me). I had a good orgasm, it had been a long time since I had not been blown till the end like that. I guess that’s what I like the most. I could feed exclusively on blowjobs like that (and her too – is organic and gluten free).

I wasn’t expecting such a girl like that… I mean that I wanted her but I didn’t really know with whom I had to deal because when she told me that she had only slept with 10 guys and that she asked how many girls I had slept with : she looked disgusted when I announced a number nevertheless 2/3 inferior to reality… then I asked her if she found that it was a lot or not. Fuck, I know nothing anymore about it : loss of reference points. Otherwise, she is funny and has already made a threesome with two guys (two buddies met on Adopt). Eventually, she asked me if I was going to call her back? Probably. Except that I am going to add her on FB in the meantime and except that seeing my blog is maybe going to block her (it often happens). This damned diary complicates my young heterosexual licker and wrongly heartlessly person’s life… but it is for a good reason. Besides, just like some legends like picking up with a fake mustache, I like putting myself handicaps.

Well, so, it was the 6th girl in 6 days, she is as a kind of bonus at the end of the DVD of February. Except that my thing, it is rather books (like Secrets for seducing on the Internet in which I teach how to make girls send you naked pictures and I also explain how to tempt them to write erotic pages for you with some ready-made texts that you will only have to copy-paste so they want to have sex with you – long live the product placement).

May the God of the Game be with you !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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