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The last days of my subscription on Adopteaguy

April 2nd 2016,

I am living the last days of my subscription on Adopteaguy, which I decided not to renew…

Yesterday (Friday afternoon), it was already the weekend in my head at work so I went for a ride on Adopte. It was on this occasion that I started talking with Florence: “Florence offers you the opportunity to talk with her. Do not hesitate to send her a message to try to land in her basket!
– I have the impression that our professions are quite similar [On our profiles: I “penguin hunter”, she “trainer of flea circus”].
– Yes, we seem to be in the animal-man!” But you’re hunting, I’m training, it’s another state of mind ^^
– I’m hunting and after I’m training
– I do not let myself be trained so easily! But I can let myself be hunted, if the hunter suits me…
– You would also like to be trained for once
– Maybe ! I am up for new experiences!

– So there is a lot to try you’ll forget about fleas
– I hope you do not have any flea!
– if I had you would have come with me in the shower anyway
– What if I’m hydrophobic?
– If you’re hydrophobic we do not do anything because I do not like the girls who do not wash
– Shit… But how do you think I do to practice my job, must have something to do!
– I think I prefer the hypothesis of the shower together. Are you hydrophobic?
– Not at all ^^ I like water! I am a hot water fish
– I can tell you, it’s going to get hot.

– I had understood that! Just for the minute a little more serious, I read in your novel-description – that I appreciated by the way – that you seek “just to start meetings without headaches, placed under the sign of the” adventure and fun… “. That’s good, me too! We may be able to get along with it ^^
– you should visit me in the early evening, I’ve got to go to the gym after work
– Why not ! It depends on where I am in my job, I have a lot to do. I talk to you in the end of the afternoon to tell you where I am and if it is feasible. Sweat well!
– Okay ! I will be back home a little before 7 pm
– I think I’ve worked hard for today. So I could meet you at the end of the day… Can you make me want to come?
– Yes . Where do you live ? You already want to come
– I do not live in Lyon, but it’s not a problem.
– OK girl. Do you want to take your shower with me then?
– I’ve already taken one. But maybe I’ll take another one with you later But let’s be clear, I can tell you no at any time. Would you respect that?
– LOL OK. Park in the bir hakeim
– Okay. I can be there within 45 minutes I guess, that’s good for you?
– Yes, if you want to take a shower
– Why ? It’s too early ?
– No because you come to my house and I want to shower
– Take your shower then ^^
– No it’s less exciting. So are you getting cold feet or are you coming?
– I am coming ! Why, do you have someone else on hold?
– no LOL
– I arrive around 7 pm in the square.
– Ok I live next door
– I am in the square.”

After only a few hours of discussion, I had in front of me a pretty little blonde with green eyes who is climbing and who lives in Vienna. She is 27 years old, which is also my age. We drank tea at home and we talked. She is a school teacher, just like my accomplice (for whom I am leaving Adopte).

She was tense “this is the first time I do this, it’s crazy to go to a guy I do not know”. After an hour of conversation, I offered to go taking this famous shower together. She said she wanted to, but did not know if she could. “I’ll help you”: I took her by the hand to screw her in the bathroom. There, I undressed her and she undressed me. She kissed me and finally, panic attack… SUDDEN DEATH OF GAME! There was nothing more to do, she dressed like a rocket and left like a fury. To retain her, I told her about the concept of “comfort zone” and everything, but it had no effect: she said she would think about it and disappeared!

Well, I do not care, I at least could kiss her, caress her little breasts and her nice ass. After she left, I masturbated and I watched a movie. I slept well !

Today (Saturday), I met a 42-year-old MILF. I was talking to her for several days on Adopte so it was urgent to conclude because my subscription ends soon.

– Hello beautiful
– Ah it’s always nice to take compliments !!
– Good for you I liked your phrase “the essential is the quality of the moment”
– Yes yes but it can be confusing, some think I am for the one night stands… what does not make me dream much
– the important thing is thathe it is not a bad lover
– Yes…
– And so if you sent me a message is that you would like to meet me then?
– Yes you are intriguing with your 20 pages that I started to read but that I did not finish you know !!
– So do you prefer to come to my house or me to come to your house? It gives you time to finish reading tonight
– No for a first date I prefer an appointment outside. If you meet women who invite you to her home without knowing you then go! it must be very rare
– Of course there are plenty of women who come to me It’s a limiting belief so that it’s up to you to see if you want to have a drink here
– If you really want to meet me you will make “effort” to have a drink outdoors, if not, too bad for you
– If you want me to make you orgasm you’ll make the effort to come to my house tonight
– At least, it’s clear!!! You are very confident and you will make me derogate from my principles you. But not tonight is not the right time of the cycle…
– No problem we can meet up week then? Yes, but having principles is not necessarily the best thing for your own pleasure
– Yes but find myself between 4 walls with someone I do not know, who knows maybe a psychopath like there is a lot on this site, I do not know if I will take the step
– In life, do you always imagine the worst?
– No no but as you saw I’m not 20 years old, I have a bit of experience, and it happened twice I tell myself “luckily I’m not in his home” !!!
– Yeah but never did you think this guy could have offered me a night out of time I could have enjoyed without judgment but I regret not having dared?
– Yes probably
– So next week you come
– This weekend are you there, Saturday afternoon?
– Yes.
– Don’t you want to go down at least the time I see you anyway before going up with you ??”

At the appointed hour she was there, in front of my door. A very classy woman, a beautiful brunette with Maghrebian origin, well preserved. With green eyes on a dull skin, the charm does not age. I went looking for her downstairs and she went up without any resistance.

We talked for about an hour. She told me “at my age, I have no time to wait”. She also told me that she found it very flattering that a young person of my age took an interest in her and that she hoped to take advantage of it because she did not like the guys of her age at all. She prefers vigor!

I took care of her, she sucked me and fucked too. I finished her on all fours. She told me it was the first time she had sex with a guy after only 1 hour of conversation.

When she left, she was broken and asked me if I was always taking so good care of the women’s bodies. It’s very flattering…

Concerning my relationship with The Teacher, I think the “very serious” begins now. Well, I know that a relationship that works is a fairly delicate balance… so I do not know if our relationship can work without I pick women up on my side… the future will tell! I have to throw myself into the big bath and try to find out.

May the God of the Game be with us…

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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