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From Russia with love

February 1st 2016,

It was a bit hard as a weekend. It still taps in my head while I’m supposed to work in my office. Everything turns, I feel so weak… but it was worth it, well, I guess.

Friday in the day, we had a good fight with The Teacher : she made me a big crisis of jealousy to have sexual exclusivity. Crisis that forced me to reframe her by saying that if she wanted me, for now it was like that and if not we would stop seeing each other. All of a sudden, she changed her mind and confessed to me her love. “I do not want to be in love with you, you’re going to hurt me… but it’s too late… by the way, do you wanna come to the restaurant tonight with my friends and me?
– I do not know.
– Why ?
– I do not want you to make me a crisis.
– Promise, I just need to see you, that’s all, no scandal, we start from scratch.”

It’s the damn fucking tax period right nowt at work. So, I worked like an egg Friday until 7pm but the restaurant was at 8pm so I went right after. I did not rest for one second. In addition, her best friend had gastrointestinal (she also vomited on her shoes after eating) so I’m afraid I don’t wanna be sick now!

Then, after eating, we had a date with The Russian in a bar for a drink around 11pm. Except that she joined us at the Bellecour metro stop because she lives not far then we asked her if it would not be simpler to have a drink at her house. She was not against this idea. Except that she was sad: she had only a half bottle of whiskey for the night (she’s perhaps the only Russian in the world who does not like vodka). She led us to the Monoprix and went straight into the right department: it shows that she is a regular. Unfortunately or fortunately, they were not selling alcohol after 10pm. So we just took the soft: I paid a coca (1€68), it is not very expensive for a threesome!

I was quite surprised that she brought us home so easily after the scandal she did the last time to do not come home directly. Well, I sent her a few messages all week to tell her that I had a serious desire to fuck her (which is true): it had turned her on and her logic had to go through the window. Arrived in her appartment : it was obvious that she had made efforts to clean it up, a little bit like me when a girl comes. But there were still lots of clothes, dust sheep and Colombian worn condoms under the bed. But I did only notice that at the end of the night.

She’s a fan of sharks. She has two stuffed, with their mouths open and a tongue that goes over, so I was frenchkissing them by looking at her as a pervert. Strangely, she did not want to kiss her stuffed animals. She put a little distance between her and The Teacher and me. She even went to the window to smoke while I was on the bed with the teacher. She sat on the ledge to be able to lengthen her feet on the bed, against mine. She drank 4 or 5 whiskey-coca, while I was having trouble finishing mine (but I wanted to be polite) and that Prof was drunk after one. The Russian remained normal after her 5 glasses, she explained to us she is drinking alcohol since she is 6 years old.

I was caressing her with my feet but she was shy. She still responded to my caresses by caresses of the big toe, as when we made the date all three together, a few weeks ago: we had passed the test of the caress of the hands… that’s why I was surprised that she did not come to my place the first time. This test is almost infallible. I caressed a little the teacher who was getting her hot and suggested to me “undress a little, you must be warm with your sweater”. I then was just wearing a t-shirt for the example. We challenged the Russian to open my Efficiency belt but it did not happen and she went back to this fucking window. I assumed that it was apprehension and stress that blocked her so I put down the ramp of the teacher and I looked at the Russian “what is that?
– shoulder.”

Then, I went up “the neck”, “the lips”… It interested her because at the same time I was giving her a lesson, I stroked the teacher with the fingertips. The Russian approached, tempted, she finally came on the bed: I took her index finger and put it in the mouth of the teacher…  “mouth”. It was beginning to become sensual.

I removed the dress of The Teacher. I took the hand of the Russian to slip it on the breasts of the teacher. She liked it. We went down, slowly, caressing and kissing the belly of the teacher. I showed the Russian where the clitoris of the teacher was. I showed her how to caress it circularly. Then I took her finger and taught her how to finger: what to do inside, where is the G-spot, and so on. She was a good and a hot student.

I fingered the teacher, she caressed it, sometimes we swapped roles. Our heads came closer, stronger of this complicity. We started kissing. It was really nice. With and without the tongue, while warming the teacher.

I briefly withdrew from the triumvirate to pee (not easy with a hard cock) and when I came back, the two girls were kissing. They seemed to enjoy eating female mouths.

I then put myself behind the teacher, sandwiching her, and we all kissed, sometimes even all together. The room was full of sexual energy. We rubbed the Russian, her breasts and everything. She was in underwear too. I was the last one dressed at that time so she asked me to close the curtains.

I don’t know how or why but after I was in underwear, I laid down on the bed and the Russian came on me. My hand naturally slipped into her panties. With the teacher we began to caress, fingering her. She came up very hard. It lasted a while.

After that, she was high and told us “I almost came”. For the first time in her life. I asked her if she had ever climbed so high in her life “once, maybe.”

She laid down to recover as I took off the bra of the teacher who completely undressed the Russian to position herself between her thighs. She started licking the Russian who was lying on her back. As the teacher was in position doggy style, I fingered and caressed her. She came once. The Russian did not succeed, however, so she called me to the rescue: she was aching with fingers. We cooperated: I fingered and she licked. The Ruskov rose very high but could not let it go.

She begged us to stop. So we took a break. Then we started again, and she enjoyed like crazy, she insulted us in Russian and everything. If she lost her French and could speak only in Russian, it was frankly a good sign. The thing is that she tightened her thighs, made pelvic movements and everything and so she moved back towards the edge of the bed, she even ended up on the arms with her head in a vacuum. Not obvious to come with all the muscles contracted like that but we did not give up.

The teacher invited her to relax, told her to let everything go, to surrender: she was accompanying her to orgasm. I do not know if the Russian ended up really orgasming but she told us never having climbed that high in her whole life. They then came around me, kissing, warming me, shaking me. We made the Russian dolls. Then, the teacher took the lead of the Russian and put it on my cock by saying “do you want to suck it? ”

She pumped me super well and I confess I was really excited by the situation. The Tsar was me at that time. I came in ten minutes. I said to her “I will come in your mouth if you continue
– Yes yes “
. I had her permission and she swallowed everything. After that, the teacher was pouting a little, because usually when she sucks me… I last super long. She was a little pissed off. But frankly it was the context that put me in that state of mind and both girls contributed to my excitement. Maybe, even a goat could have sucked me and I would have ejaculated anyway.

After that, we hugged all together. The Russian was KO. Then, all of a sudden, the teacher wanted to go home, just like the last time during the threesome with the estate agent. She said « stay a little if you want, I’ll walk, I need some fresh air ». On the one hand, I felt guilty about letting her go on her own, on the other hand it was a bit of a whim, and on the third side (if there was one) I really wanted to fuck the Russian . I was already hard again. I confess that I was a little selfish and that I thought with my dick because I stayed.

The Russian accompanied the teacher to the door and then came back to me, kissed me, climbed on me and rubbed. Then she sank over me and said nothing. I admired her mermaid tattooed on the thigh during the back and forth, it was very sexy. Everything was very firm so it was nice. And then, I must say, that she had made me fantasize.

We fucked a bit like that, and I do not know too much if I ejaculated without pleasure or if I lost my erection but I became soft and impossible to get hard again. I was surely stressed by the teacher’s sudden departure. And then there was fatigue, it was almost 4am after a hard week of labor.

The teacher told me to have forgotten her necklace… so we looked for it and it was there that I could see the mess under the bed (the one I spoke to you at the beginning of the text). I lifted the quilt to look under: there was clothes and underwear and everything. It made me smile. It reminded me of someone!

I’ve talked a bit with Russian. She told me that this threesome with a girl was one of the best things she’s done in her life. She is now afraid to love more girls than men! I asked whether she was taking the pill or not to have no children. She called me crazy to have ejaculated in her. I let her believe that was the case even though I’m not sure. I hope that it excited me like crazy, the fact that she made me wait 3 weeks and I seriously imagined her naked, but hey. How did I last 5 minutes when I usually last at least half an hour…

In short, I convinced her to take the pill of the next day after explaining to her what it is. I did not want to visit my children in Russia. She did it but was convinced that it would be bad for her health. She said she would never want to see me again after that. In short, I told her that I will keep a good memory of her anyway. It was shared. I took her in the arms to say goodbye. And farewell.

I am now scared to have a Russian STD (I played Russian roulette there): I have the cock on fire and she has a reputation of whore in her college, according to my friend who had talked to me about her.

After that I brought back her jewel to the teacher I found in the midst of a crisis of anguish, nerves. I spun her a Lexomil. But before she calmed down, I was entitled a lot of insults and I had to admit to her that I took the Russian without a condom. So she does not want to fuck me without a condom before I did a test… that is to say in one month. It will be long but I understand.

The next day, she absolutely wanted me to fuck again and again. Until 5pm. I missed the pool, and I went home, shattered without eating. At 9pm, the seminar “the kings of the field” began with almost all the guys of the lair (about 12 people).

It lasted until 5am. Everything was turning, I had dizziness and everything but I held on. I had energy, drawn from the threesome. As much feminine energy for one man, it feeds.

The thing is, I could not do the shopping or the housework with all that. Yesterday I went to eat at the restaurant at noon with the teacher and we fucked after : she made me a lake of cyprine in front of Ghost, sucked me in my elevator and we fucked in the missionar0 positiony because she wanted “that I make love to her” for once. By looking at her in the eyes and everything.

The teacher told me that she usually took “pigeon” guys because she was afraid of her feelings. But that there she fell on a real male (even if I have the flaws that go with it), not a submissive one, and that she loves it as much as it terrifies her. It made me great pleasure, this analysis!

Here I am at work : I did not sleep enough, I’ve not eaten (I have nothing in my fridge) and I woke up in a total mess… but at least I am officially decorated with the legion of honor of the international threesome.

Sweet Kisses from Russia … Signed: James Bande.

May the God of the Game be with you!

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