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How to enjoy a very powerful erection?

hard erectionErectile dysfunction: this is a very sensitive subject but that concerns many men, especially over age 40. It is also an almost taboo subject, because loss of erection rhyme for many people with loss of virility (sometime people talk about “sexual impotence”).

Let’s agree from the start : it can happen to everybody, from time to time, to do not be able to get hard or to keep it hard. It may be because of special circumstances, a partner’s fat ass, and so on. But if you notice a persistent decrease in your erectile power (more than three months), it should be checked that this is not the result of a heart problem. For this, consult your general practitioner. Besides, if the doctor is a hot girl, naked under her blouse, chances are you’ll quickly find your hard dick back!

Once you know that this is not a “serious” problem, you can look into the most likely causes of this problem. Most of the time, the difficulties to get hard are due to an anguish, a malaise. Its treatment usually does not require medication nor even to consult a urologist. The professionals probably most likely to help you are therefore a sexologist… and Cyprineman.

I will now do my part of the job by giving you tips for a better, a harder, a more powerful erection. It’s up to you whether you want to use them or not!



First of all, you have to know that the cock gets blood (like a sponge) when the vessels relax… and that’s what makes it big and hard.

1/ Bodybuilding

It is important to muscle your cock by getting it hard regularly… understand, by fucking often. As it is a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it is.

It may also be appropriate to muscle your PC muscle to increase the pressure in the dick and make it harder (and also a little bigger). I have already spoken of this muscle in my article about the ejaculatory control: have a look there for more information.

2/ Physical fitness

We do not fuck with the same energy at any moment of the day. Indeed: when we wake up, we are a bit pasty; After the meals, we are digesting; And in the evening we are exhausted. At night, when we get home from a club at 5am, it is rarely the moment when we are the most valorous. The best times of the day to have sex are actually: late morning or in the afternoon after digestion.

Lack of sleep, hunger and physical fatigue are two (fuck, three) enemies of the hard erection. So do not workout in a hardcore way before a fuck because you’ll need energy to get it very hard. On the other hand, some sports raise testosterone levels and are sexually exciting. I assume that the effect of sport is to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that having a good diet, especially avoiding alcohol and drugs, contributes to good health and therefore a good erection (I only recommend the small blue pill as a last resort).

3/ The cold

One stimulation technique is to pass a cold stroke on the perineum before having sex to cool the balls, which stimulates the whole area… including the penis. But I rarely do it because it’s not logistically easy.

4/ The clothes

It is also important not to over compress your cock. For example, sleep naked instead of wearing a boxer that squeezes it.

Personally, when I have problems to get hard, it is enough that the girl sucks me so that I get hard like a bull. It makes wet and hot sensations that remind the pussy and that’s what turns me on the most… it works every time. Like what, there is indeed a physiological AND a psychological dimension to the erection.



The whole mechanism of the erection is orchestrated by the brain. At each moment, the state of the penis is the result of a balance between excitatory and inhibitory signals.

5/ Visualization (imagine a hot girl blowing you)

One technique you should test to improve your erection is to practice positive visualization. To imagine fucking like crazy the ass of a hot chick. Basically, to excite yourself thanks to thought.

In any case, do not cut the visual excitement if you have erection problems, such as being shy and fucking in the dark (unless you have to fuck with an elephant).

6/ Stress

Avoid stressing or thinking about not horny things. For example, if instead of thinking about your friend’s ass, you are thinking about your problems at work, it may remain soft.

We must not stress too much, thinking that if we cannot get hard, it will be a drama. Anyway, you can always give pleasure with something other than your cock : your fingers, your tongue. Besides, ladies, I suggest you adopt a reaction similar to the one you should adopt in case of premature ejaculation: do not stress the guy, it will not help him. I refer you again to this article to know how to react if it ever happens to you.

7/ The routine

Finally, excitement does not like routine. So, try some original tricks to put some spice in your couple or change your wife if you have not yet built serious things together… and do not masturbate too much!


In conclusion, put all the chances on your side physiologically speaking to be in shape. And find what turns you on psychologically to have a powerful libido. With me, the threesomes with two girls, it works well! 😉

The foursomes with three girls too !!! Have a look there 😉

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