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I fucked my neighbor in the dark

Picture : Girl next door

May 3rd 2017,

Since my last post, it was a little shit for me. In fact, La Prof searched my texts while I slept and she became crazy because of what she found out. She thought we were together again, even though we had not talked about it since we broke up, because we’re getting pretty good. So, she blackmailed me: I had to choose between my training and her.

It took her 2 days to digest the fact that I had fucked 9 girls since we broke up, I remember one night when she woke me up at 3am to insult me. asshole! Finally, she understood that I had to do this for my work, that it was somehow “professional” and that if I stopped now, the job would be half done and I would regret it all my life. So she wants us to continue to see each other and I can do what I have to do for a while.

Satisfied, I spent the week with her because I’m still very attached. Yesterday she was back to school so I too got back to work. I put a little all my plans on stand-by since her nerve crisis that has a little fucked up my mojo so I had nothing to put in my mouth. So yesterday late afternoon, I was bored a little: I relaunched the various numbers that I took and there’s a girl of 40 years, a brunette with blue eyes not bad with whom we had exchanged sexy photos in March, who replied that she was available.

Chance doing things well, I learned that she lives in the same street as me. So, I visited her yesterday at about 9pm. We discussed and she told me that she left her husband only two months earlier after 24 years of life together and that she intends to have fun to catch up. Like what, the girls of 18 who are looking for a couple at any price make me laugh: we find a lot of them in cougar mode a few years later!

Then she asked me what size I was doing. I confess, I lied, I answered 1m74. She replied “1cm less and it would not have been possible between us”. Apparently, she finds that the guys who are smaller than she and who are under 1m70 “are not enough men”. I tried to explain to her that being a man is in the head but she did not seem to understand that. What follows could be a lesson for her!

We talked for a while on her couch but we got cold so she went to get a plaid. Then she told me that the fabric was very soft and that I should get naked to realize it. Suddenly, I provoked “OK but you too.
– OK !”

We quickly caressed as teenagers under a sheet and then she invited me to her room “we will be better”! I followed her. So, I had no more shoes and I was smaller than her but she did not notice anything. Once lying on the bed, she wanted to fuck in the dark (surely because she is not as firm as a young girl)!

She sucked me and everything, she gave it all, she really made me the total! On the other hand, when we fucked, she was a little on my balls (fuck off, there are surely guys who like it but not me). And also, sometimes, clinging to me while I was taking her hard in doggy style, she pulled my leg hairs… which was not very pleasant.

Finally, I returned home around 10:30pm. I received a text message wishing me a very good night and saying that she enjoyed the evening. Like what, a guy who is not tall can quite make her orgasm like crazy but she did not even know it and did not notice anything. Ahlala, people are really full of limiting beliefs and prejudices…

May the God of the Game be with us!

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