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The Game, Neil Strauss : The student has passed the master

the gameFebruary 28th 2017,

I just registered again on Adopte because I’m single again. Indeed, last week, I had a hard fight with La Prof and we broke up.

When reconnecting, I found a pretty cool message in my inbox: “Hi! I come back to your profile after a few experiences on this app that confirmed me that it is generally made for those who have time to lose and the desire to build a relationship. Well I do not have time, I have a roommate and single since recently I do not have the urge to force myself to try to put me in a relationship, it will come spontaneously! Generally I’m nice, I bring the bottle of wine and I get to talk if I feel comfortable. My only physical criterion is teething! See you soon if you feel like it 😉 »

I answered several weeks after she wrote to me but she did not formalize, the naughty girl : “Hello! So I hope that you will enjoy my teeth and that the wine will be good: p »

Fortunately, she was still active on the site when I returned so we could discuss (I put the full exchange in my “formation Cyprine”).

She is taller than me, 5th year medical student. I really appreciated her perspective on the thing, her relationship to sexuality and her honesty about her research. Super hot, she says she needs sex for her balance but only falls on guys who want “a couple at any price.” For her part, she does not have the time or the desire to invest in a relationship!

She did not get cold feet : she kept her word and came to my home on the Tuesday following my answer. I was very pleasantly surprised: she did not flake and even brought a bottle of wine. Respect !!!

She drank a glass or two… Me, I soaked my lips politely because I don’t drink alcohol anymore. So, we fucked less than 30 minutes after she arrived home. She, meanwhile, was very pleasantly surprised by the preliminaries that I made and sucked me well to thank me. We also fucked and she was not stingy in compliments on my performance, I loved it!

Then she went home… but the story does not stop there.

I did not really want to see her again so I did not get back to her, but she investigated me and wrote me a very flattering slab on Adopte: “Awesome! I just discovered your blog, very inspiring. The student has therefore passed the master (in this case Neil Strauss I think). Without grudge, I recognize that your technical knowledge is beyond comprehension, yet doctors learn in the first year that the anterior pillar of the vagina is particularly well vascularized and innervated but do not seem eager to apply their knowledge. I now consider myself lucky to have been able to experiment with you! Knowing me relatively new to such knowledge, the road is still long. Unfortunately this site does not allow postcoital advice yet, so I would humbly recommend you to all my ex/adventures that would only think about their own pleasure. So you’ll stay in the pantheon of the best lovers : a common man with limited career ambitions, having managed despite all to rise thanks to the ultimate knowledge of the body of the woman. Bravo, the artist. And your texts are really exciting ! I think I will find most of my answers on your blog. I really feel that I did not enough take advantage of the opportunity (alcohol increases libido but decreases performance is not it ?) that was offered to me. “

As I am very sensitive to flattery, we stayed in touch. And since a few days, she asks me for advice to flirt with girls in order to make her first time with a girl. I am tempted to give her the advice she asks and then to encrust between her and one of her “girlfriends” to enjoy like a little crazy during an inflamed threesome ! Time will tell…

May the God of the Game be with her, she deserves it!

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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