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Johan summarizes his year of seduction

Picture : Brice de Nice

This text is a bonus to my Diary of a French PUA 3

Here is the assessment of Johan, after a little less than a year of seduction in Lyon.

Your best moments on the field:

When you have results (KC in less than 5min), you make them laugh, they compliment you.

When you are having fun with your friends in crash & burn mode and provoke the stupid bitches.

Your results:

The KC it’s good but you have to transform into FC…

2 afters directly at girls’ places after parties in NPU…

The FC of a little bitch was awesome.

Your regrets if you have some :

Having missed this FC when I fingered a girl and slept with her without sex. I still fantasize about her after 6 months.

Blocking during some night : motivation at home and then no more desire or balls once there.

Do not have met enough nor tested adopeunmec.

Has the quality or quantity of your targets increased?

Quantity yes (I started from 0 …) but not enough to compare the quality.

Which books or videos have helped you the most?

Fabrice, his tips, his shares on his FC (especially the detailed FR).

You must have a minimum of theory but it is the group spirit of the LAIR that motivates me to go out.

Your desires for the future?

Getting out of my LTR.

Continuing the personal dev, traveling…

Fucking some real HB.

Your analysis of your game year:

Half-year : good progress for 3 months then bullshit to put in couple by default with the 1st coming.

Your advice that you would give to beginners to start well?

ACT. Force yourself to go out. Surround yourself with the best.

Do not relax efforts.

Optimize your time on the field intelligently.

Do not lose too much on theory and intellectual masturbation.

Mistakes not to make ?

Do not give up, do not look for LTR when you have no experience.

Be autonomous and not rely too much on others.

Do not waste time on the online if you do not know how to manage a date.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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