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The best advice I can give you

The best advice I can give youAt first I started the game in order to have sex with beautiful women. I admit, I was sick and tired when the others made out with girls while I masturbated.

But once I started to fuck 2 new girls per month (after a little more than one year of game): guys wanted to know how I was doing.

Few men will admit it but many need and want to know what I do now. And frankly, it makes me feel good to help my fellow men getting what they want (sexy girls). It’s even a new motivation for me now, sharing my knowledge with those who trust me. The timing is good.

But yet, they and I should eat humble pie. With the game (like in life), the idea is to always be a student, to never take our positions for granted. There is always something new to learn in seduction. A new way to use an old technique. Or a completely new approach for finding some quick & easy sex / a long-term fuckfriend.

If most guys really acted on only a small part of the things I talk about on the blog – two or three percent – their problems would be solved yet! Everyone would bathe in a sea of cyprine and I would look at my young Padawans proudly, like a pimp smiling among his girls fucking rich clients.

But things do not happen like that, right?

I’ve been doing this long enough and saw enough guys to know that if I’m lucky, maybe 15% of people who read me will fuck a lot of beautiful babes.

And the other 85%? I don’t know. Many will sort out the advice “I agree with that” and “I do not agree with this.” Of course, people rarely agree with the things that would really change their habits or beliefs. In other words, many reject what would really help them… so they just make poor efforts while staying in their comfort zone. Then they cheerfully complain about not having the wonderful results they were promised. Phew!

What I know for sure, on the other hand, is that there is certainly a lot of reasons for the fact that guys do not actually take action. Many excuses, lots of bad faith: it is easier to spend time criticizing the process and methods than to make real efforts.

Here’s the naked truth: if you do not take it to heart, if you are not seriously implied in your personal development process focused on seduction, if you have personal beliefs that hold you back, I can not really help you. I know you deeply want it, and maybe reading me gives you a clear conscience, but you must act! It’s just like with workout (and anything in life) : You can pay for a sports club but if you do not lift weights and do not adopt a healthy diet, you will never be “huge and sex.”

Let me be clear: everything I share with you works, it worked for hundreds of guys in recent years (indeed I thank them for sending me their feedback) and it will still work for some. But it only works if you actually take it into account. Only if you take it seriously and invest to improve your life, your success rate with women… then stop “thinking” about sex all the time and move your ass to actually take some girls in doggystyle.

My life has been revolutionized by the game. The game has changed my life and I know it can change yours too. That’s why it makes me sick when I think of all those people who are unhappy in their situation but who do nothing to change it. Because I was in their shoes, and I know that we can get by. It’s too bad…

It does not make those people bad people. It’s just that, honestly, youcan not help someone who has not decided to help himself (or who has decided to fake it). I can help you effectively if you are motivated and hardworking, if you really aim to get out of the hole and sexually change your life for the better – and, what’s better than a bouncing, in front of your eyes, of a pair of young natural tits, to the rhythm of young hottie working her hamstring while riding your cock all night long?…

I think it really is time to take action… to do things, to prove yourself that sex is not an insurmountable problem. Are you a serious man? Are you determined? Are you consistent?

If so, the best place where to start I know is here. I have been in your shoes, not knowing how to catch the problem. That’s why I decided to make an effective plan to help you (click the link). You will find quality work that will let you understand how the game works and how to become an expert. But there are no free lunches, and we must know what we want in life, do not just do half the job. I personally needed quite a studious summer of work for theory and more than a year of field tests coupled with the reading of a few ebooks and the watching of some seminars to maintain my knowledge. Are you ready for that? Is it worth it for you to work so hard? You can succeed a little faster than me if you have good sources (I lost a lot of time reading crap) but, anyway, there’s no miracle…

I hope you are not getting discouraged but I’m tired of these people who do not know what it means “investing” in a project. I’m pissed off by those who do not have the mentality of a winner – i.e. stop crying, stop thinking about an ex… and go for it – but certainly do not want to acquire it.

You can change, you have the right to change, you have the right to fuck hot babes. But do you deserve it? You’re the only one who has the answer. Tip: always go to the end of your efforts and do not listen to your lazy or your internal avoidance strategies. Show yourself worthy of your ambitions! Before you say that all the girls are cunts, and the Game does not work, have you really put the odds on your side?

Kick your own ass and stop passively watching your younger years and your sex life pass you by!

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