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I almost took a nightmare complaint because of her

March 24th 2017,

I picked up a girl on Facebook on February 26th by telling her that I had seen her one night in November at a bar but that I could not approach her because she already kissing another guy when I wanted approach her! She did not believe me too much and told me that if I lied, she would not be interested anymore.

Not crazy, the wasp! Of course it was totally wrong: the truth is that one of my friends has fucked her and wasn’t cool with me… so I wanted to take revenge passing after him in this pretty little pussy. Although he would never know, I did this for my personal satisfaction.

But beware, it was far from a chore: she is a pretty little blonde. In addition, she is a student in sociology (so open minded) and organizes parties for her college (so a party girl and enterprising): it should not a priori be a target too difficult for my game of womanizer.

But the thing is that she really insisted that we go on a date in a bar before going for sex at my place or at her home. Except that I don’t really like this kind of plans (I will surely do for the purposes of training Cyprine because it will be necessary to film one or two dates in a bar but when it’s just to fuck for fun like that I prefer going straight to the point)…

So, I warmed her a lot on Facebook Messenger and the fact that she read my blog has only played in my favor (usually it blocks the girls who don’t have what it takes but it was apparently not her case): she wanted to see if I was talking shit or if I was really able to make her get off like crazy! I like this mood of adventurous !!!

She finally came straight to my house on a rainy night (as if I was telling a romantic encounter, you know). She was soaked so I asked her if it was to think of me on the ride that had made her so wet. She warmed up a bit with my heating, we had a drink on my bed and then I put a finger in her pussy less than 20 minutes after she arrived and realized that she was actually soaked there down too.

She enjoyed it so much when I licked her (she came a few times) that she sucked me while she rarely practices oral sex (about 4 times a year if you believe her). She is quite talented with her small mouth and I was afraid to come too fast but nay. In addition, she told me being a fountain woman flowing so it made me all the more excited! I honored her in several positions (including doggystyle with spanking) and she took the last metro to return, satisfied. It was a nice evening.

It was my neighbors who had to be relieved when she stopped because if I told you how much she shouted loud, you would have said a real crazy, you would not believe me. Well, it’s not particularly my talent, because she told me that her ex took a nightmare complaint because of her (for the anecdote, she left this guy only one week before I do not contact her… like what, it was destiny: when it must be done it must be done)!

FYI, know that just before the fuck, she asked me if the story that I told her about Messenger, at first to connect, was true and I confessed that no: she said she doubted and we still enjoyed together! In fact, she did not care, as long as there was a way to get off!

After sex, she also contacted me to ask me if I knew girls who would like to make a threesome with her! But, in truth, I’m not fan of the idea to connect different bisexual girls that I know because I want them to work a little for me and I’m looking for unpublished targets! It should not fall all cooked in their beaks anyway! 😉

Before finishing, know that I left my job but that I work a lot at home. The setting up of the Underground forum and of the online store require a lot of effort, it’s hard, it takes all my time. But, well, I think that once it turns alone, it will eat me much less time and energy.

And then, you should know that the plug-ins that I used cost me an arm (more than 450 euros in total) so I will have to make them profitable: so, I really hope that it will work, this story of training Cyprine!

May the God of the Game be with you!

May the God of entrepreneurship be with me!

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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