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A clean pick up that ends with a sodomy

A clean pick up that ends with a sodomyMay 16th 2017,

Last night I brought a girl from Adopte to home. The pick up was clean. But if I managed to conclude quickly, it’s because I made a good sort upstream and I bet on the good horse (sorry for the term)! In fact, I had a date originally planned with another girl but, since she was boring, I replaced it with a more motivated.

Conversation with the one who pissed me off: “Weekend very good but exhausting! And you ? I remain curious to meet you
– Tonight too you’ll find that exhausting
– Not too much, I hope! Besides, I will not have much time to devote to you. We meet up where tonight?
– If you start by telling me that you will have 5 minutes to devote to me in my opinion we will end up nowhere loool
– 1h?
– Lol. Either you come and we really spend the evening together or you think I’m a turkey and you go see another guy but in 1h it’s more frustrating than anything else.
– Ok I feel we are not made to get along, I have no time to lose either so we will cancel and you can relax
– Well, in my opinion you’re wasting time with your crap principles. And I’m not a reed I do not bend to please a chick
– Do you often get upset alone? In short as I said I have no time to lose with people like you, good luck »

Re-reading the conversation, I realize that I did not get angry… In fact, she was the one who was not happy but who wanted at all costs to be right. This is what happens when you come across a real guy: he does not bend at the slightest whim of a cranky. Especially that, meanwhile, I was chatting another girl who had put in her description “Where are the men ?” (The girls tend to play the princesses and forget that they also evolve in a competitive environment): “Thank you for putting me in your basket! To answer you, I do not know where are the men, but there is one in Lyon who lives near La Part Dieu;)
– And at what time is the man available? 🙂
– Afternoon and evening. I have my own business so I work when I want 😉
– Ok it’s convenient that ^^ Me I’m training here until Friday, so available rather end of the day in the evening
– Cool what is your training like and where does your employer lodges you ? Perfect, we can say tonight at 9pm if you want or Thursday end of afternoon/early evening… 😉
– Training at Charpennes Hospital, on the management of geriatrics. I am at the Republik Hotel next to Place Bellecour. Tonight it suits me 😉
– Sure it’s less sexy than our program… but very useful! Perfect, I’m in Garibaldi, it’s two stops away
– Not sexy yeah you’re right ^^ OK, do you want to come or do I come?
– What suits you the most! Knowing that I bought wine : I have rosé and white wine
– Cool I like wine that’s good 😉 My hotel room is really not good so it would be better if I came
– No problem come I welcome you gladly 😉 Too bad, they have not taken a room 4 stars for the occasion lol
– Ah no, it’s more like a student room and a bed for one person : / Just to explain the gait, I’m separated recently, with as you know the desires are natural but it’s hard to fill as a girl… I just want something simple, clear, respectful and nice 😉
– I think you hit the right door 😉
– After two disappointing experiences in a row, I’m still hopeful for the third! 😉
– It seems that perseverance is always rewarded !!!
– Thanks for your encouragement ^^ My buddies tell me to drop the plans for one night, but I’m not going to look for a longer relationship just to have a sex life..WTF ?!
– No and then it does not mean that sex would be better like that. Do not listen to the lesson givers! You look like a girl of character who knows what she wants and it’s pleasant!
– In fact the returns that I had or at least the assumptions are that I would be too direct… and apparently it does not work with some men ^^
– It’s a bit like girls. And I think that those who do not like it in general are a little too tight-ass or whatever, and even if they get reassured, after in bed is disappointing! So, I prefer when everything is done simply and it is often the most orgasmic
– I see what you mean 😉 I fell on guys who love to see that I am rather liberated on the subject but once in bed they do not appreciate that I am not at their disposal and I expect reciprocity
– Haha! Classic! Most gus are selfish in bed it’s well known!
– I’m discovering this sad reality: / So 9pm is good for you? The last metro is what time?
– 0:20am I think but don’t worry otherwise I’ll call an Uber;) (and if not at worst you’re 20 minutes walk.) You can also discover a reality much more enjoyable do not worry, just learn how to recognize guys guys in advance.”

Well, here it was, she came on time, without making any trouble : it was cool of her. Then we fucked after drinking a glass of wine (still without headache): she sucks very well, asked me to sodomize her and enjoyed very hard. Well, it’s not my thing to put in the ass of the girls, but once in a while, it does not hurt anyone! Besides, it was for the good cause: by leaving, she told me that, thanks to me, she was reconciled with the “one night stands”. So I accomplished my mission! (She also told me the same thing on Adopte so I can publish the proof that it is very true in my “formation Cyprine”).

I dedicate you this sodomy, God of the Game, I hope you’re proud of me!

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