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How to make love to a woman and give her orgasms ?

How to make love to a womanI – How to make love to a woman ?

I write this introduction for the guys who are in the following state of mind “fucking her well or badly it is the same thing for me, the important is just to fuck her”. I want to become again an alcoholic to forget when I read things like that. First of all because if you know that you are one of the best fucks in town you necessarily convey more confidence. Then, because they tell it to their friends and it is advertisement for you héhéhé. Finally, because it is because of shitty mentalities like that that it is more and more difficult to have sex in France: the girls think by default that the dude doesn’t know how to fuck, thus to enjoy her body he has to show the money or other. What I want to say, it is that if it was “guaranteed orgasms every time”, the women would less be prayed and our value of man would raise. Capisch ? It is the state of mind I have and I can tell you that it is more constructive than the egoism and in addition when a girl put me a rake, I say to myself “go and get fucked by a fellow who doesn’t know how to do it and who we will lie to your to unlock your legs (95 % of chances) if it is what you prefer, you don’t even know what you miss when you do the malicious like that and you think you are clever :)… then you will say than men are all the same IE useless assholes!”

The second thing to know it is that the girls love sex but do not want to be denigrated (thought of as whores). The chicks are naughty but thus often give you advices to be artless, kind and submitted in long-term relationships. They will only very rarely admit what really turn them on and never confess that the bedtime they will remember till the end of their days, they did probably not have them with a shy and awkward man.”I love you as we like certain dark things, in a secret way, between the shadow and the soul.” Pablo Neruda

1) General state of mind

Being a good fuck, it is above all not being a bad fuck : you will be a lover at the same time bravely taking initiatives, comfortable and very sensual. I was inspired without having copied it by Eve O who gives very good advices in her book 267 conseils pour devenir le meilleur coup de sa vie as well as Nina Hartley.

2) The caresses

You have to caress them and kiss them often… and not only during the sexual act.

You can caress them with lips : vary the pressure, the rhythm and the opening. Have a good breath, so wash your teeth or take small fresh things full of mint. Avoid: cafe, cigarette, etc.

To caress them with your hands, have soft hands and thus hydrated. Rough hands will not optimize pleasant caresses. Be soft and sensual, do fluid movements and slide tenderly on the surface of her skin. Place your hand on hers when she caresses you to guide her… and she can do the same for you.

If you decide to make her a massage, you are not obliged to mass her only with your hands. More your body will be in touch with hers and more she will be warmed. You can even do it completely naked. You can improve this idea by using oils but try them before to be sure that they do not burn. Mass the thighs inside, outside and pass near her sex innocently. Take care of her butts then return towards her sex, then leave : turn her on until she begs you to take her! When hormones get the upper hand over the logical part of her brain, it is an extraordinary let go!

Be always on the lookout for her reactions: every woman is relatively different and according to the type of caress you use, you will meet more or less of success. You cannot guess!

As regards the caress of her sex: Begin by caressing her through underwear, you touch her, you turn all around, you cross your fingers around the clitoris. A thing which I also like to do to make them go nuts it is to lick them through their underwear and then when they cannot handle it any more move it a little to attack their sex. The saliva will be an excellent lubricant for your fingers which must be clean. She is then going to beg you to undress her (or will do it herself if the panties are too wet) ! Also play with the lips of her vagina, not only the vagina itself or the clit: watch her muscles contracting, it is funny. Vary the angles of attack and the speed and watch for her reactions. You have to judge what she likes most: breath, contractions, shivers, sighs, shouts (why not)…

To finger her, do not go as a horse there, anyway 80 % of the women are clitoral but that pleases them all the same (especially the association of both). Let’s go there slowly. Increase the number of fingers but not too much all the same to don’t hurt them. Small precision : your finger is not a penis (there are nails and everything thus attention). When you finger her, also try to stimulate the clitoris (thumb of the same hand or index+major of the other hand), this is the way you will totally drive her crazy. Do not be a pneumatic drill, it is not like that that they feel penetrated like by a penis: on the contrary, press downward, make a semicircle below as a swing … alternate all these techniques and be attentive to her reactions. This is key!

To give her the impression of penetrating into her like with your sex but just with your fingers, fold up the last two phalanxes as if you said “hey you come here” in her vagina. You will feel (normally) a kind of rough cavity, it is the place of the G-spot. To stimulate effectively the clitoris, make movements (rather circulars with your fingers or then with your tongue and maybe also a coming and going) faster and faster. When you feel she will come, slow down.

3) The cunnilingus

It is again something very subjective even if appears guiding common main lines. NB : some girls do not like that but the largest part THINK that they do not like that because no guy was able to do it in a correct and they were bored or had to feign pleasure. It is because I won several times the prize of the king of the cunni in Aix that I allow myself to develop this part.

If you have a doubt on your performance, ask her for the rhythm, the pressure when you play with the clitoris… some girls are really sensitive and that can hurt them or fear them especially when you start or at the approach of the orgasm. Attention with teeth like, just like she has to do it when she performs blowjob : respect. And do not blow in her vagina it may be dangerous: respect.

To begin: kiss her breasts, come down by kissing her small stomach, her navel then continue to come down to attack the point which interests us. It has to don’t be too easy for her, the anticipation is going to make rise her desire as in seduction. At the beginning, use your tongue to make the zone wet. By putting a pillow under her buttocks, you give her an ideal position. Do not blow in the vagina, it is very unpleasant. Explore the hidden recesses of her vagina and her lips with your tongue in mode “hard tongue”. Travel her sex of various manners, lick, penetrate, turn, lap, suck…

In fact, put your mouth as in duckface (it helps a little) and position it on her clitoris. Normally, you feel it under your tongue, as a small hard button… It is very rare that I had to go there blind because it was very discreet but by following the plan you know in which zone it has to be and that is enough (btw always being just on it is not optimal). I think that licking it is good but sucking is excellent too : suck her as she would suck your sex which would not be hard yet. No, that does not make you a fag. Mass her so as to make the blood come on her sex. You can tap above delicately (attention slowly). So that she gives you her rhythm, position your mouth on the clitoris and do not move, let her indicate you the angle. Put your fingers in her vagina (in mode “hey come here”) and move her body also while you suck her.

Continue: pay attention on the nonverbal communication which she sends back to you to know if she likes that. Continue what works! Place your fingers on her sex by making a V with the bottom towards buttocks and top towards the stomach: it is the zone of the cunnilingus.

At the end: if she approaches the orgasm, she can ask you to stop by tightening legs. I do not advise you to obey: make her enjoy like in a dream. If she does not return it to you, give all the same, for the pleasure to give (God will reward you). Do cunnis because you must show that you love your partner’s body. If the smell bothers you then breathe through your mouth but put out your nose so as you don’t stifle. Be careful if she is on her period, do not make me say what I did not say. If you have hair in the mouth, remove them discreetly… If really too much hair, remember that you do not HAVE TO lick.

Let her the choose to kiss you or not directly after your cunni (dry yourselves discreetly). It is an act of dominion because it is you who master her pleasure. Hold her firmly if she moves too much the legs because of the pleasure. If she ejaculates in your face during the cunni it is only some water, for information, that never happened to me thus don’t be afraid. Be resilient and successful: if you are bored, draw the alphabet on her sex. I advise you to put the condom during the cunni, neither seen nor known then you fuck her directly… Go down on her while she sleeps : queen’s alarm clock…

4) The penetration

2/3 positions, it is a good average. Turn her on before penetrating into her with your penis. Begin in penetrating into her slowly then push your sex. Start slowly then accelerate: There is a gradation. Idea : To turn by making circles with your sex in her vagina, that gives her some pleasure and that allows you to recover. Talk to her : steer her, share your pleasure with her. Laugh at pussy farts or pretend not having heard anything. Lead her by the hips. Try to stimulate her clitoris at the same time you penetrate into her : a good position is you on her because the pubis rubs the clitoris. Otherwise in doggy style for example, you can use one of your hands to do the same thing. Let her lead the penetration at her rhythm by giving her the commands in certain positions like doggystyle or side-saddle (mode “man object”). Alternate sweetness and firmness. Kiss her: neck, shoulders… Then, intensify your movements to lead her to the orgasm. It is difficult to know if what we did was appreciated if we have no feedback : talk (even if it is better if she congratulates you by herself just after like “that never happened to me before that it was soooo good” and I can tell to you that when that it happens regularly to you that gives you a fucking good inner game)! If you feel that she is going to come and that you are a player, stop and start again because the final orgasm will be multiplied tenfold! Stop everything while she has an orgasm, because she will enjoy it more than if you continue.

For the sodomy, speak about it with her : doggystyle or side-saddle advised.

5) Delay the éjaculation

– Make a break in the comings and goings ;
– Pressure on the perineum (area around between anus and testicles) ;
– Change position for a less exciting position for you ;
– Think of hard things like for example that she can twist your sex ;
– Catch yourselves the thigh discreetly (or the ear) ;
– Say to her that you will “cum” ;
– Contract your perineum, technique close to the tantric ;
– If you come before her, make her enjoy otherwise (cunni), do not leave your partner dissatisfied except when she is really blocked for specific reasons to her ;
– After having finished, take her a little in your arms.
NB : To be very hard strained and be able to reload easily, a good hygiene of life helps.

If you do not have orgasm when you ejaculate too much early it can be due to a lack of experience or relaxation. Orgasm and éjaculation are not necessarily connected. Thus, put in perspective your situation, even think of something else, do not take all this too seriously and you will do better next time… If she impresses you too much, here is craftiness: imagine her doing number two (try not to go limp all the same lol).

How to know if she enjoyed ? If she enjoys, observe the cramps on her stomach, observe her mouth for the shouts or the groans if she interiorizes, otherwise at the level of her sex, it opens more, becomes wetter and contracts a little. She can also catch hold of you or sheets.

6) Talk

Ask her what she would like to do next time.
What are her fantasies?
Tell her what you appreciated or not really liked.
Tell her that you need a small time of rest before being able to do it again.
Stay class: do not become vulgar like in a porn… except if she likes that.
On the other hand, be open-minded.

7) Other ideas

Savage :
– Use your nails (backs, buttocks) flat or edge, but short and filed ;
– Nibble her ;
– Maintain her wrists ;
– Grasp her neck ;
– Grasp the buttocks ;
– Catch her hair ;
– Stick her head to the pillow;
– Your warm breath in her ear;
– Put her small pats on buttocks (if she protests say to her that it is stimulating).

Sensitive places :
– Feet ;
– Hair, mass her hair by making small circles on the skull ;
– Hair, play with your fingers ;
– Brush her then intensify your movements on her back and buttocks ;
– Lob ear ;
– Hollow of the neck ;
– Approach your sex of hers or her butts then go back up casually ;
– The neck ;
– The breast (lick her or brush them) slowly and next to the navel ;
– To touch her sex, be careful to be wet (saliva) ;
– The folds of knees, elbows, ankles ;
– Ears, nape of the neck ;
– Thighs ;
– Shoulders.

Sexual games :
– Cover her eyes ;
– Attach her hands with her bra ;
– Write imaginary words in her back with your fingers ;
– Suck one of her fingers while you fuck her or put her one of yours in the mouth ;
– Look at you in a mirror ;
– Role-play ;
– Make love in improper places ;
– Make love with people next to you ;
– Make love on the ground or on the balcony in front of the street, or standing love ;
– Do quickies when you are in a hurry ;
– Make love in (appropriate) music ;
– Eat on her body;
– Use objects, watch a porn together ;
– Seduce without looking like it : after the shower do not get dressed at once, or stay topless on the terrace.

Accessories :
– Privilege the blue or sieved light ;
– Clean and not pierced boxer shorts: black will always be an excellent choice ;
– No bed which creaks, it is weird ;
– Candles can give a cool atmosphere ;
– Take a bath together or a shower ;
– No phone or do not answer ;
– Do not always make love with clothes : sometimes, just go under her dress.

8) Wide-spread feminine fantasies

– Being taken by a beautiful stranger that they will never see again ;
– The rape: passivity = loss of control = justification (but do not rape her but be persevering) ;
– The flagrante delicto: public place (parking, toilet, cinema) ;
– The uniform: policeman, serviceman, fireman… ;
– A love triangle with another man or with another girl for the most curious.

All this is not exhaustive, but practice it and you will become a better fuck than 95 % of the men. And they will thanks you for that ! In brief, that you look for a mother, for a girl or for a woman, fuck her well and she will ask for more of it ! Maybe that one day, the man “good fuck” will become as valuable on the market as the “hot girl”.

II – How to give orgasms to a girl ?


How to give orgasms to a girl

This article aims to make everyone happier in bed. In other words, I will give you my secrets, as Cyprineman. Orgasms guaranteed!

To follow this tutorial, you need:
– fingers ;
– a tongue ;
– a cock;
– a woman.

1) The power of your fingers (G-spot and clitoris)

Before fingering her, you have to warm up. I had already made two articles-videos:
How to kiss a girl;
The erogenous zones.
Feel free to watch it (again) !

Now, let’s go in the thick of it.

First, take the entire genital area with your hand (everything is important) but go easy… because everything is sensitive. It is later that you will specifically attack Mr. Clitoris.

First, pat the area over her jeans to tame her. Then open her pants and do it over her string. Then, when she will start to get wet, go under the last underwear.

You will be in contact with her most intimate skin, it is necessary that your fingernails are short and clean (it’s called respect). The first touch may be accompanied by a SMALL cringe, it is instinctive and normal : you know the privacy and extreme sensitivity of the area. Warning, if she says “NO”, it is a NO and stop everything : do not take the risk of being labeled a rapist.

The move to caress there… it’s either rub up and down or in a circular manner. Or around the clitoris or REALLY ON THE SPOT : all depends on the sensitivity of the girl!

To help, here are two little diagram to help you find the clitoris and the G-spot:


Once she is really wetted and open, you can finger her without hurting her. Do not hesitate to lubricate your fingers with your saliva a little more if necessary.

Start by using two fingers (index and middle). It’s most of the time enough. Some want 3 or 4 fingers but it is better to wait that women say they want more before trying it. When they guide us, that’s cool!

Do not completely take your fingers out of her vagina for up-and-coming but rather do a “hey come over here” type of movement. It’s a bit like scratching… To do well, always leaves at least two phalanges in the pussy and you can make back-out movements with the length of the third.

When fingering, we will try to tickle the G spot. If the girl is lying on the back, it is up, on the top of the vagina, a few centimeters away from the entrance only. You will recognize this area because the texture is different from the rest of the vagina, rougher. It is this stimulation that make some women ejaculate.

One can very well combine stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot: either by taking it with both hands or by using the thumb of the same hand. After a vaginal orgasm, a woman is often too sensitive to be touched up again, contrary to point G that can endure multiple consecutive orgasms. In fact, both orgasms give different sensations.

For details, watch the video demonstration:


2 / The power of your tongue (everything about cunnilingus)

Put one hand on her stomach with your thumb which pulls the skin up to release the clitoris (useful for girls who are not VERY sensitive). In addition, it will show you if the girl simulates because with one hand on her belly you will be able to feel her spasms during orgasm.

Lick, do like a cat drinking, with the tip of your tongue a bit hard.

We can also add fingers for the ultimate combo. This way, you will also see if her pussy tightens on your fingers (she contracts very strong at the moment of orgasm) and thus, again, we can find out if she really orgasmed or if she has simulated.

You can put a pillow under her buttocks for a more comfortable position.

Average time to come with something like this: 10 minutes.

Some women at the time of orgasm, have a kind of flight reaction, you will have the “force” them to enjoy, for their own good. It is the loss of control fear ! Themselves do not control this reaction…

After oral sex, you can wipe on her legs by kissing her, or on the sheets.

Ladies please do not hesitate to return the favor, especially if it’s just shyness that hold you back. There’s nothing worse than licking a selfish girl. Just as exciting is licking, sucking will make you really wet ! If you feel like it, of course…

Gentlemen if you think that licking is being subjected, it is a bad state of mind. To seduce: it’s better to love women, to love their bodies and want to give them orgasms. There’s no place for taboo : we do what makes us happy and pleases the others. The important thing is to give pleasure and take some!

Gender equality is that blowjob and cunnilingus, it’s equivalent. Too few women know that they can come with a cunnilingus. Too much believe that sex without love is zero. We need you to prove them wrong by being good lovers!

For details, see the demonstration video:


3 / The power of your cock (let’s fuck like a god)

Here we will see how to give orgasms with your cock. But it’s cool if she had some before you take her, with preliminary.

Some think 5 minutes of preliminary followed by a selfish penetration, it’s cool for a woman. Obviously not, you need to be a better lover than that! With you, women must have the chance to take off like crazy. It will give you a great value and you will really be confident…

Sex is not something men snapped to women who are nice enough to say yes. Good sex is a privilege that you accorde to some lucky girls : this is a good state of mind!

Some essential positions:

– The missionary with the lifted pelvis. She must take a position to make your dick slap her G spot.

– She on you, let her fuck you or fuck her. There’s the feeling of penetration and rubbing her clit.

– The doggystyle (with spanking if she likes it). She must arches her back, again to touch the right area.

You can stroke her clitoris and/or breasts while you take her. Buttocks too. You can also kiss the women. Women love the overall touch.

For details, see the demonstration video:


All my tips to make world a place of sexually fulfilled fuckers are grouped in The awesome lover’s manual ! Inside, I detail a lot more things, and there are several diagrams of the anatomy to better find your way. And numerous studies (including one on the real fantasies of women).

If it shocked you, too bad for you, but someone must do your sexual education and take your broom out of your ass. I’ve seen too many girls over 20 years who had never orgasmed… So gentlemen, it is your responsibility !!!


Fabrice (the king of cunnilingus)

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