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I made a sports teacher jump and she ate my cock

I made a sports teacher jump and she ate my cockMay 22, 2017,

Thursday morning, I started to flirt a girl on Adopte. Sunday night, she was on all fours on my bed getting her hair pulled. But let’s take the story from the beginning.

That morning, I did not want any headache, so I wrote her directly “I simply propose that we meet up, and why not venture to sleep together if the urge takes us, without any other thought or outlet.
– I recognize that the words and sincerity on your profile make you really attractive. So I accept your proposal. I really want to meet you.”

To maintain the flame from Thursday to Sunday, we sent a few messages (about one a day) but really, nothing crazy: “I am a sports teacher . And you, a penguin hunter?
– I think I would have been much more motivated if I had a teacher like you. Yes, but I release them after.
– Some tell me that they run to please me. So if you release them, you’re nice.
– It’s not running that you inspire me 😉 Yes, no doubt. And you, are you nice?
– Well, what do you think? 😉 Yes I am someone nice but with some character.
– You’ll see Sunday night, but it’s sporty. Yes of course, for me nice does not mean pigeon 😉
– I’ll see then. I do not like pigeons, in every sense of the word.
– Yes, we must keep some mystery. I do not have anything against the birds, except their shits.
– Yes, the mystery attracts and arouses curiosity. The birds in general do not bother me but I find the pigeons proud and I do not appreciate when they fly 2cm away from my head.
– I hope it will not bother you that I am at 2cm from your head.
– I think your company will be nicer.”

Yesterday evening, so arrived at my place a great sports teacher (she put me 10cm in the sight), in her thirties, very pretty with green eyes. For my part, I had slept just 4 hours and I had fucked with La Prof all the afternoon so I did not have enough energy to be impressed.

Strangely, after a few minutes, it’s even she who told me “it’s weird, I’m a little intimidated” while sipping a glass of wine sitting on my bed (that must be that, the power of a good body language).

I understood that the girl felt the sexual tension in the air and that it disturbed her so I wanted to intensify the phenomenon.

I began to caress her while doing a fairly neutral conversation. Then, I tipped her on the back and I licked/fingered her. So, I led her to orgasm at least twice…

To thank me, she got up, fucked me and gobbled my dick. I’m not kidding, she licks everything she finds and sucks really well, it’s a real little greedy! She even swallowed my descendants! Right after, I remembered that I did not know her name and asked her (that’s it to be a polite boy). She said it to me and I forgot it immediately… I’m not kidding!

At that moment, considering my state of fatigue, I knew that it would be very difficult to get hard again even if I was very motivated for the penetration. So, I saved time by making her come again with my mouth and my fingers.

Finally, the God of the Game allowed me to have a new erection and I took her doggy style. On the other hand, impossible to ejaculate… suddenly, after a while, we stopped because I was tired.

I admit that this sex marathon was exhausting and quite painful for my body. But I remain motivated because it is for the good cause! I do not want to disappoint the God of the Game so close to the goal… thanks to him, I reached the monthly record of proven fuckcloses of Snipe (the best PUA in France so far): 11 fuckcloses in a month (without being a sex bomb, neither rich nor famous, without going into a libertine club, without paying the girls or having planned it a hundred years in advance, etc.)

It’s already huge, if I had been told that I would get there when I was a teenager and in the sexual misery… I probably would not have believed it.

May the God of the Game be with you!

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This hot woman traveled 400 kilometers by car for having sex with me !!!

This hot woman traveled 400 kilometers by car for having sex with me !!!May 21th 2017,

Hi guys ! What to say, except that last night was a big night? I make it short: when I was at my grandmother’s in Tours, I had matched with a thirty-year-old girl on Tinder. The girl directly told me that she knew my blog and that she liked my stories but that she was not available for us to meet up because was taken aback, had her period and had to keep her son (strike out the useless mention) Me, I just wanted to take her because she’s really my type (I like the light-eyed brunettes)… but I thought that she would still be a little player, so I did not believe too much and I let it flow (I just sent a message from time to time because it does not cost anything).

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised: the girl really knew what she wanted (ie, my cock). She organized a weekend in Lyon, so 400 kilometers from her home, with 2 girlfriends and 1 gay friend attached to libertine clubs. They rented an Airbnb so she invited me for an aperitif.

Small analysis: it’s my sexy identity that motivated her to come (she is a fervent reader of my blog). I have a reputation as a guy who has a life filled with pretty women and who fucks them well, which is attractive for a girl a little shameless.

I joined them at 9 pm in the apartment they had rented on the banks of the Saone for an apéritif : I drank two glasses of white wine that put me in the mood. At first, my target sat quite far from me so I socialized with her girlfriends and I told myself that it would be tense if it continued like that. But my bladder had been filled in the meantime so I went to pee. And there… O joy! When I came back, I noticed that the beautiful woman had switched places with her girlfriend to sit next to me. So I discreetly caressed her back, neck and thighs while having a normal conversation with her friends. At one point, she even stroked my hand back: compliance test validated.

We went out around midnight to go on a houseboat (I wanted to enjoy being with girls to get in). We drank a beer together and I still stroked my target under the table while her drunk friends did not see anything. At that time, I had not kissed her or anything yet but I already knew we were going to sleep together. Especially that at one point, her girlfriend wanted to quietly tell her something discreetly but I heard… it was “you do not think he looks like Allan Theo?” I did not know this singer but, apparently, they find him charming, so being compared to him gave me the implicit validation of her girlfriend.

That same girlfriend was supposed to have a Tinder meeting with a guy she’d picked up in the afternoon on Tinder to fuck (she was in “hunt” mode) but the dude got cold feet because he had to “revise his examinations “. Seriously ! Still, she was not bad too. Anyway, I remained focused on my milf who was really hot: brown light green eyes, 1m65, thin with shapes, etc.

We then went to a large bar/club famous Place des Terreaux. There, the goal was that her girlfriend finds a guy so we can go fuck on our side without leaving her alone (because the gay friend and the other girlfriend of my target had gone to get screwed in a libertine club ).

Except that the girlfriend was a big mouth but was unable to approach a guy. So she was trying to establish eye contact but, frankly, there were too many people and when a guy came to see her, she suddenly found him a crippling flaw. Requirement or fear of taking action?

I say that it is useless to note the girls because all tastes are in nature and the most important is that a fuck makes you happy not that your neighbor finds your the chick you’re having sex with sexy. In short, all that to say that the girlfriend should practice the Game instead of flirting with the tear: it would teach her a lot about herself and others.

On our side, we began to kiss, which made me hard. So, I took the hand of my target and put it on my hard cock (over my jeans). I think she liked to taste the goods! To not look too needy, I kinda let the girls talk together. It’s while strolling that I crossed the babacool blonde I fucked a fortnight ago. (In fact, she recognized me because she had tied her hair and I could not see anything without my glasses.) She came and shyly came saying hello and everything it was nice…

The mere fact of seeing her again gave me a good mojo (she is hot) and… a little later, I fell back on the Lyonnaise girl we had fucked in a foursome with Padawan 4 (see the field report “I had Lyon for breakfast“). She told me that she was fucked hard like never during this weekend in Aix and that it was a great memory for her. I asked her if she would like it to be fucke by me again, a little by provocation and, as an answer… she kissed me. Several times.

I know it’s not very logical but I ran away. I did not want my target of the night to see me kissing another girl (especially since I had already fucked this other girl). It would not be respectful, damn! So I joined the two hunters on the dancefloor (without dancing because James Bond does not dance) and I began to Frenchkiss the beautiful woman while the other girl throwing looks to the right and left. Finally, she gave up and took an Uber to go home.

We did the same thing on our side and we fucked from 5am to 6:30. It was a feat considering my state of fatigue. I licked her well and she orgasmed two or three times, so she wanted to suck me to thank me. Then we tried to fuck but it did not penetrate. I’m not kidding ! We were not super compatible apparently and we almost gave up… but, finally, by putting a cushion under her buttocks as a missionary, I could fuck. What a relief !

Then her vagina was more open and I took her doggy style. Like what, with a little inventiveness, we can do anything !!! But, I must admit that I was not at the top of my game because of the alcohol and the late hour. After shots, we fell asleep and this morning, I have the head in the ass. I have drunk coffee but it’s even worse now: it looks like my brain is a drum. But I’m happy because I have beautiful pictures of the pick up in the night (I filmed in the bar until the moment when we get in the taxi to go home – I will of course floute  all faces) for my training Cyprine .

May the God of the Game be with us!

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This arab and this classy girl wanted to get fucked like little bitches

This arab and this classy girl wanted to get fucked like little bitchesMay 19th 2017,

Yesterday was a pretty profitable day, in terms of fuckcloses!

I started by receiving a visit from a 21-year-old beurette at six o’clock in the afternoon. I had approached her on Adopte the day before yesterday and we quickly realized that we lived in the same neighborhood. I was very clear about my intentions and she said “I have not fucked for 6 months, but I decided to stop waiting for love because I was too taken for an idiot and disappointed by men “.

Once at home, we went horizontal in five minutes. She knew what she wanted, had a pretty face and was really feminine so I fucked her despite her few extra pounds (for my taste). Do not believe that I fuck everything that moves, girls must be able to make me hard and it is not always a question of physics: for example, Tuesday night, I had an appointment with a girl in her thirties complexed who did not say on Adopteaguy that she was a bit fat and who, in addition to that, was not very feminine in her way of speaking, was afraid of sex and laughed all the time like a woodcock… so I told her asked to leave my place and I did not take care of her case (no interest for me)!

In short, I was not disappointed because the Arab girl who assumed herself asked me to take her “like a little dog” and told me many other crap that excited me like crazy.

When she left, she complimented me saying that I have “fairy fingers”, that she had never been fingered so well as to make her cum several times in a row like that. I appreciated her outspokenness and the fact that the fuck was easy, without headache!

Then, my sex marathon continued at 8 pm: I had a date with a small 21 year old classy girl who came from Limonest just to see me in Lyon. She wanted to go for a glass of wine in a bar before deciding to spend the night at my house. Never mind, it allowed me to film another date for my training Cyprine!

Then she offered to go to my house to make pasta. Because she was cute, pretty hot and I wanted to fuck her… I said “OK”. In fact, this girl had a skiing accident in February, and she still had a crutch even though she was feeling much better. Because of her immobilization, she separated from her boyfriend, had trouble going to class and had not fucked for several weeks.

While she cooked, I warmed her voluntarily then said “we will not do anything sexual for now, we will just eat, patience”. So, I must admit that I ate with a hard cock and that we did not last long at the table.

We quickly went to bed to play a strip – card game. She lost so she hid under the comforter to remove her string already soaked.

So I lay down beside her, we kissed each other, I fingered her and she sucked me. She told me that she wanted my cock elsewhere than in her mouth and that I “fuck” her “hard” (I’m just quoting).

At first, as a missionary, I did not go very hard to get used to the sensation of her pussy, do not break her leg and especially not to come too fast… but the beautiful was impatient “handsome, you’ll have to go stronger than that!” I started to go hard her and she said, “Go ahead, yes, like that, I’m your little dog …”
– So get on all fours.
– Gladly! “

In doggystyle, I found my famous power of cyprine and she orgasmed pretty hard. Then, she excited me with her sweet words “go now that I have my account, I want you to come…
– It will not be hard then, it will be enough for me to focus on your ass!”

Indeed, five minutes later, I ejaculated. Afterwards, I lay down and rested from the sleep of the righteous. Seriously, I do not know what they all had last night, wanting to play canines at all costs (the planets had to be aligned)… but the knight of the love juice has, I think, been up to the task!

May the God of the Game be with us!

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A clean pick up that ends with a sodomy

A clean pick up that ends with a sodomyMay 16th 2017,

Last night I brought a girl from Adopte to home. The pick up was clean. But if I managed to conclude quickly, it’s because I made a good sort upstream and I bet on the good horse (sorry for the term)! In fact, I had a date originally planned with another girl but, since she was boring, I replaced it with a more motivated.

Conversation with the one who pissed me off: “Weekend very good but exhausting! And you ? I remain curious to meet you
– Tonight too you’ll find that exhausting
– Not too much, I hope! Besides, I will not have much time to devote to you. We meet up where tonight?
– If you start by telling me that you will have 5 minutes to devote to me in my opinion we will end up nowhere loool
– 1h?
– Lol. Either you come and we really spend the evening together or you think I’m a turkey and you go see another guy but in 1h it’s more frustrating than anything else.
– Ok I feel we are not made to get along, I have no time to lose either so we will cancel and you can relax
– Well, in my opinion you’re wasting time with your crap principles. And I’m not a reed I do not bend to please a chick
– Do you often get upset alone? In short as I said I have no time to lose with people like you, good luck »

Re-reading the conversation, I realize that I did not get angry… In fact, she was the one who was not happy but who wanted at all costs to be right. This is what happens when you come across a real guy: he does not bend at the slightest whim of a cranky. Especially that, meanwhile, I was chatting another girl who had put in her description “Where are the men ?” (The girls tend to play the princesses and forget that they also evolve in a competitive environment): “Thank you for putting me in your basket! To answer you, I do not know where are the men, but there is one in Lyon who lives near La Part Dieu;)
– And at what time is the man available? 🙂
– Afternoon and evening. I have my own business so I work when I want 😉
– Ok it’s convenient that ^^ Me I’m training here until Friday, so available rather end of the day in the evening
– Cool what is your training like and where does your employer lodges you ? Perfect, we can say tonight at 9pm if you want or Thursday end of afternoon/early evening… 😉
– Training at Charpennes Hospital, on the management of geriatrics. I am at the Republik Hotel next to Place Bellecour. Tonight it suits me 😉
– Sure it’s less sexy than our program… but very useful! Perfect, I’m in Garibaldi, it’s two stops away
– Not sexy yeah you’re right ^^ OK, do you want to come or do I come?
– What suits you the most! Knowing that I bought wine : I have rosé and white wine
– Cool I like wine that’s good 😉 My hotel room is really not good so it would be better if I came
– No problem come I welcome you gladly 😉 Too bad, they have not taken a room 4 stars for the occasion lol
– Ah no, it’s more like a student room and a bed for one person : / Just to explain the gait, I’m separated recently, with as you know the desires are natural but it’s hard to fill as a girl… I just want something simple, clear, respectful and nice 😉
– I think you hit the right door 😉
– After two disappointing experiences in a row, I’m still hopeful for the third! 😉
– It seems that perseverance is always rewarded !!!
– Thanks for your encouragement ^^ My buddies tell me to drop the plans for one night, but I’m not going to look for a longer relationship just to have a sex life..WTF ?!
– No and then it does not mean that sex would be better like that. Do not listen to the lesson givers! You look like a girl of character who knows what she wants and it’s pleasant!
– In fact the returns that I had or at least the assumptions are that I would be too direct… and apparently it does not work with some men ^^
– It’s a bit like girls. And I think that those who do not like it in general are a little too tight-ass or whatever, and even if they get reassured, after in bed is disappointing! So, I prefer when everything is done simply and it is often the most orgasmic
– I see what you mean 😉 I fell on guys who love to see that I am rather liberated on the subject but once in bed they do not appreciate that I am not at their disposal and I expect reciprocity
– Haha! Classic! Most gus are selfish in bed it’s well known!
– I’m discovering this sad reality: / So 9pm is good for you? The last metro is what time?
– 0:20am I think but don’t worry otherwise I’ll call an Uber;) (and if not at worst you’re 20 minutes walk.) You can also discover a reality much more enjoyable do not worry, just learn how to recognize guys guys in advance.”

Well, here it was, she came on time, without making any trouble : it was cool of her. Then we fucked after drinking a glass of wine (still without headache): she sucks very well, asked me to sodomize her and enjoyed very hard. Well, it’s not my thing to put in the ass of the girls, but once in a while, it does not hurt anyone! Besides, it was for the good cause: by leaving, she told me that, thanks to me, she was reconciled with the “one night stands”. So I accomplished my mission! (She also told me the same thing on Adopte so I can publish the proof that it is very true in my “formation Cyprine”).

I dedicate you this sodomy, God of the Game, I hope you’re proud of me!

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Before me, she had never had an orgasm with a stranger

Before me, she had never had an orgasm with a strangerMay 15th 2017,

Last night, I received a visit from an Adopte girl, whom I had warmed with speed-seduction lines. On the site and by texts, the girl really wanted me to reassure her “you’re not going to hurt me, right?”; “I’m a little afraid to come directly to your house… but I want to!”

So, I told her that it was normal to be a little stressed and that I was a little, too, at the idea of ​​meeting up… but that I found the concept very exciting. Once at home, I realized that I was not dealing with a little shy girl but a shameless kinky woman. In fact, she was testing me with those crap messages but she’s a crazy about sex. She had dressed in a tight black dress and it fit her very well because she is thin and firm. So, I got hard directly when I saw her.

While I was really cramped in my boxer, we drank a glass of white wine on my bed… then, she stuck to me so I slipped my hand under her dress. I then started stroking her string until she became wet. She asked me, as the ultimate shit-test, how much girl I had slept with . I confess, I lied, I decreased the number not to scare her and I replied “I do not know… maybe sixty.” It worked perfectly : she asked me to undress her. I did it and congratulated her for the choosing of her lingerie. It’s when I kissed her nipples that she became really wild: she jumped on me, put me naked and sucked me.

After a while, I felt a bit selfish so I tipped her on the back and licked her. I felt her climb very high but she really resisted and begged me to take her with my cock when I felt she was coming through my tongue. Since the best is the enemy of good, I started with a quiet missionary, then doggie and spoon.

After half an hour of penetration, I felt that I was going to enjoy: suddenly, I left her, the time my excitement down and went back to lick. There, I forced her to come. I brought her with the tongue close to orgasm holding her legs wide apart so that she does not tighten them because of her fear of letting go… then, when I felt her on the edge of ecstasy, I added two fingers on her G-spot.

She revealed to me that it was only the second time in all her life that she had such an orgasm… and that it had obviously never happened to her with a stranger! Only once, with an ex. She told me she was going to talk about me to all her friends to make them jealous !!!

I felt very flattered… suddenly, I took her doggy style quite violently and asked her if I could finish in her mouth. She said “for a good leg like you, I’ll do anything you want.” Damn, it made me hard even stronger!

When she left, she told me that I was her 25th guy and that she was rating them all out of 10. She showed me her list of “conquests”: I was surprised! I was warned but, at least, this is the ultimate proof that girls are like guys (or even worse).

May the God of the Game let us quietly meditate on it!

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Foursome with my partner and two chicks

Foursome with my partner and two chicksMay 11th 2017,

Yesterday evening, around 7pm, I had invited a girl at La Prof saying it was to get to know each other with a glass of wine… in view of a threesome scheduled for Friday night. What a naive, she had to believe that I am the kind of person who organizes dates like a virgin, without sex!

Where it is awesome it’s that I also invited a second chick, but this time by warning her that we would probably be 4 and that it would be for an orgy (I felt her a lot more open-minded on the chatting). It’s important to note that we did not know these girls, we just hooked them up on Tinder.

I admit, I was a little manipulative in this field report (but I think that the hunger for pussies justifies the means): I had not warned the first that we would be four, to prevent her from being afraid. I told myself that my orgiastic plan would be more likely to succeed if I put her before the fait accompli, so that she does not have time to apprehend. As for the other, too bad for her if she gets cold feet… we would be at least three to have fun!

We took advantage that the second chick was late to warm the first so she does not want to stop at seeing a fourth person coming by surprise. La Prof is still a great accomplice because even if she was scared (I too was a little nervous), she perfectly followed the plan ! Congratulations to her !!!

Suddenly, when the latecomer arrived and she advanced to me to make me a kiss, I already had my cock in the throat of a girl… who herself had the breasts naked. We quickly put the last arrival in the atmosphere, which was not very difficult as the atmosphere was warm and sweet. The sexual tension was then more than palpable!

We did a lot of oral sex in the living room before going to the room. On the bed, the positions became more and more sophisticated. We did particularly ingenious montages like with a girl who was getting licked by another, I licked myself her while the last one took care of me while being fingered by the first. Sometimes I was licking a girl while getting sucked by a girl being licked by a third, herself having her pussy eaten by the one I licked. The sexual energy circulated very well. Moreover, at one point, one of the guests ejaculated in my face (feminine ejaculation). I am not kidding, I licked cushy when I received a hot jet directly in the eye. It was weird! What a fountain !!!

Finally, the girls were all bisexual, they wanted a cock shot. So, I was helpful and took them one by one. I was in a sort of trance, without lying, I was probably helped by the God of the Game: I had my erection for more than two hours. I must say that I did not have the right to make the mistake: I did not want to be on the sidelines when it was perhaps the night of my life, fantasmatically speaking.

I was all the more excited that often the one I took tried to take care of another girl while the last came behind me to encourage me or was going to frenchkiss the one who was licked. It was really a beautiful show.

In short, I’m pretty proud because all the girls have orgasmed, and even several times. As I said, creating a harem was really a fantasy I had for a long time. Moreover, in the training Cyprine, I will give you all the explanations you need to organize this type of parties (and your dick will say “thank you”).

After the fuck, we spoke a little, all four together. I learned that the two girls were in a couple: one with a guy who had difficulties to get hard, the other with a guy who lives far away, in Alsace (it describes well the mentality of the girls when they are not fucked regularly…) Being in the minority, I’ve seen what girls’ discussions look like when they are together and I can tell you that they talk about their sex in a very trashy way… they also like teaching each other about their own bodies, how to have more fun and do not hesitate to exchange their experiences as well as their naughty ideas.

Finally, it was already midnight when the guests left. La Prof opened the window to dispel the smells of sex and I heard the other two exchanging their cellphone numbers out there. It’s cool for them! Me, I slept with LaProf telling me that this girl is still fucking great to allow me to live adventures like that. This morning, the alarm clock was hard with us but it was worth it…

Please, God of the Game, stay a little longer with me!

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Refusing mediocrity to enjoy the best the world has to offer


Refusing mediocrity to enjoy the best the world has to offerMay 9th 2017,

Yesterday, I have been flaked by a girl on Adopte then, the only rescue plan that I had was a girl a bit too fat for me. I hesitated to fuck her but, finally, I respected myself and I was right. I prefer to stay at home working on the training Cyprine and to approach on Tinder really sexy girls who would motivate me. To reward me, the God of the Game allowed me to fuck a 19 years old pretty blonde .

I talked to this girl on Tinder for almost a week but it had not yet given anything concrete and I did not put heavy on her: she was never available and answered my messages once every three days. Last night, she told me that she could not come to my house because she had to go to bed early. But, after a while (I do not know why), she asked me “what are you looking for on Tinder?” I answered that I am not looking for anything serious, that I take with pleasure what life gives me without trying to always have more… and she said to me “then you can come to my home if you want”.

Since she lives just 15 minutes of walk from my place, I went there. It was a bit of a last-chance mission because I did not have anything else to put in my mouth. Fortunately, I was not disappointed when seeing her… aesthetically speaking she is hot, however, mentally, she is quite special.

It is a kind of babacool that smokes three or four joints a day. At her home, it’s a mess and it’s pretty dirty… but she’s still pretty. She lives with a roommate but her friend was not there and she was bored. So, we talked for a while on her couch while she smoked the “bedtime joint”. She repeated to me two or three times that my way of looking at her and keeping close to her disturbed her a lot.

I pretended to be offended… but, deep down, I knew what it was going back to: it was sexual tension. Nevertheless, I was not sure I could fuck her because she was kinda distant with me. I a little sexualized by asking her to show me her tattoos and if I could touch them but that’s it. Less than an hour after I arrived, she nevertheless told me “I’m going to bed, I’m working early tomorrow… but you can sleep here if you want… it’s not polite to invite people for only 30 minutes”.

I did not ask too many questions and followed her to her room. She turned off the light and put on her underwear. On the one hand, I thought she would not have invited me in her bed if she did not want my cock, but on the other hand, I thought she was so special that it could really be a form of politeness of drug addict.

Finally, I carried my balls because I told myself that I would really be a big virgin if I slept next to a girl without trying to fuck her. So, I also undressed and touched with her. As we continued chatting quietly while I stroked her, I pulled up her t-shirt. She told me “you’re very direct” when I kissed her breasts.

I asked her if it bothered her and she said no. So, I fingered her… and she jerked me back. Then, we touched each other completely naked and I fucked her in the missionary position. Then she asked me to lie down and ride me. But as she smokes a lot, this girl was out of breath after 10 minutes of sex.. so I finished her in doggy style.

This is the second girl that I fuck in the dark in a week… what’s going on? Is it a new fashion? In any case, it’s not great for my libido: I like to see the pretty buttocks of women I take.

Finally, I fell asleep next to her. In the middle of the night, she came to rest her head against my shoulder and I found it really cute. This morning, thanks to the light of day, I finally saw her naked and found it really appetizing. It made me happy to have slept with her so I congratulated myself inside for the coitus… with a little delay! 😉

May the God of the Game be with us!

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Wine and pussy licking… what else do people want?

Picture : Gossip Girl

May 7th 2017,

Friday night, I had organized a special evening. I invited 4 girls on Tinder for an orgy at La Prof. I really thought it was going to be crazy: wine and pussies-licking .

Except that I had a bad surprise at the last moment: three have not answered my messages since Friday noon, without confirming their arrival or absence. I hate the bastards. The next day, I relaunched them to tell them that their attitude was shameful and that it had not helped for the organization.

One finally replied that she had not yet left her ex but that it bothered her to come before having made her situation clear, the other was supposedly at an aperitif with friends and did not see the time pass… as for the third, she did not even bother to invent an excuse. Anyway, you understand, it’s always the same: many girls are hot to the idea of ​​orgiastic fantasies like that… but, in fact, those who have no real strength of character rationalize and get cold feet, this fact does not actually leave many serious volunteers.

So, finally, we ended up at only three: two girls and a guy. In fact, it is all the interest to play on the numbers and invite them all at the same time: you know that one or two may come. That’s why, do not mind, it is not safe to focus only on one chick, especially as you do not know what she has in the pants.

We drank a glass of wine that the nice blonde who came had brought… and I must say I was kinda drunk after 2 glasses (that’s it, not drinking regularly). The girls were also happy, which brought down the last barriers and allowed them to have fun.

The evening went very well, the sexual tension really invaded the room. We even started to fuck in the living room. Sitting on the couch, the blonde was licked by La Prof while she masturbated me at the same time. Then, the two girls fingered each other. After, I went down to lick the blonde who touched La Prof. In return, the blonde licked La Prof by fingering her like a blunder and it made her cum. So, La Prof wanted to thank the blonde by licking her to orgasm, too. Except it was hard enough so we had to take turns until she let go.

After that, the two girls undressed me and gave me a great blowjob together, they were instinctively very complicit, it was cool. I felt a little as the king of the world at that time, with these two sluts at my service.

Finally, we went on the bed where we fucked together. The girls got along very well horizontally and they both enjoyed having fun with each other. This show was wildly exciting…

Finally, we made quite acrobatic and funny positions. I put in my cock when a pussy was available, then I stopped when I felt too excited and I came back a little later when it was better. Seriously, I got hard hard for 3 hours this way. I assured as a porn actor, hey!

Seriously, I do not regret that the other three girls have not come because it was still a great night (and perhaps the better would have been the enemy of good). So, I’ll tell them on Tinder what they missed, to make them regret a little bit… hihihi!

May the God of the Game be with me!

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I fucked my neighbor in the dark

Picture : Girl next door

May 3rd 2017,

Since my last post, it was a little shit for me. In fact, La Prof searched my texts while I slept and she became crazy because of what she found out. She thought we were together again, even though we had not talked about it since we broke up, because we’re getting pretty good. So, she blackmailed me: I had to choose between my training and her.

It took her 2 days to digest the fact that I had fucked 9 girls since we broke up, I remember one night when she woke me up at 3am to insult me. asshole! Finally, she understood that I had to do this for my work, that it was somehow “professional” and that if I stopped now, the job would be half done and I would regret it all my life. So she wants us to continue to see each other and I can do what I have to do for a while.

Satisfied, I spent the week with her because I’m still very attached. Yesterday she was back to school so I too got back to work. I put a little all my plans on stand-by since her nerve crisis that has a little fucked up my mojo so I had nothing to put in my mouth. So yesterday late afternoon, I was bored a little: I relaunched the various numbers that I took and there’s a girl of 40 years, a brunette with blue eyes not bad with whom we had exchanged sexy photos in March, who replied that she was available.

Chance doing things well, I learned that she lives in the same street as me. So, I visited her yesterday at about 9pm. We discussed and she told me that she left her husband only two months earlier after 24 years of life together and that she intends to have fun to catch up. Like what, the girls of 18 who are looking for a couple at any price make me laugh: we find a lot of them in cougar mode a few years later!

Then she asked me what size I was doing. I confess, I lied, I answered 1m74. She replied “1cm less and it would not have been possible between us”. Apparently, she finds that the guys who are smaller than she and who are under 1m70 “are not enough men”. I tried to explain to her that being a man is in the head but she did not seem to understand that. What follows could be a lesson for her!

We talked for a while on her couch but we got cold so she went to get a plaid. Then she told me that the fabric was very soft and that I should get naked to realize it. Suddenly, I provoked “OK but you too.
– OK !”

We quickly caressed as teenagers under a sheet and then she invited me to her room “we will be better”! I followed her. So, I had no more shoes and I was smaller than her but she did not notice anything. Once lying on the bed, she wanted to fuck in the dark (surely because she is not as firm as a young girl)!

She sucked me and everything, she gave it all, she really made me the total! On the other hand, when we fucked, she was a little on my balls (fuck off, there are surely guys who like it but not me). And also, sometimes, clinging to me while I was taking her hard in doggy style, she pulled my leg hairs… which was not very pleasant.

Finally, I returned home around 10:30pm. I received a text message wishing me a very good night and saying that she enjoyed the evening. Like what, a guy who is not tall can quite make her orgasm like crazy but she did not even know it and did not notice anything. Ahlala, people are really full of limiting beliefs and prejudices…

May the God of the Game be with us!

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The girl who wanted me to fuck her to better review her exams

The girl who wanted me to fuck her to better review her examsApril 24th 2017,

The God of the Game was with me last night: something improbable happened. I was quietly watching the Sunday night game on TV while sending some charms on Adopte… when, suddenly, I received a notification. A little blue-eyed brunette had agreed to talk to me.

I said, “It’s cool. Your profile had particularly caught my eye”. She said she also liked my description … so I asked, “Do you prefer wine or massage?”
– Massages without hesitation!
– So this will be the theme of our first appointment! What do you say
– if you really want a theme why not;)
– Cool. When are you available?
– you’ll not like the answer… probably not before Friday
– Well we’ll do with;) Do you have periods of exams or something?
– Yeah, I’m right in there
– What do you study?
– osteopathy… or if you’re motivated to move, it may be tonight…”

Normally, I would not have gone because it would have seemed too good to be true. But since she lived only 10 minutes from home (by walking) and I do not work at 8 am on Monday morning, I moved my ass. I got dressed, put condoms in my back pocket and went out around 11:30pm… ready for the adventure!

In the subway, I met fans of Lyon soccer team, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. I wondered if I would not be better off leaving to live abroad to fuck girls more easily and especially to avoid being there when France will really  be a mess. Finally, I do not know much about politics so I have to see what it gives, but it seems to me that our governors are always taking us more for idiots and that there are many countries where girls love Frenchies and are more libertine.

In short, I arrived in front of the girl a little before midnight. She came to get me in front of her door. She was cute and since she absolutely did not give me a headache, it was worth it to go!

When she got to her apartment, she showed me her room and then put on her underwear after five minutes while defying me with her eyes. It fucking made me hard, this directional side. So, I licked her, she sucked me and we fucked. It’s only after we had a little discussion… and that was frankly funny! Cyprineman is in the place !!!

After cumshots, I asked her (with a little tact) how many cocks she had known in her life… and (suspense)… she told me “only 7”. I was surprised so she explained to me that she has been in a relationship for 7 years and that it’s only been a few months she was single. That said, I remind you that she is in a school of osteopathy so she sees bodies in underwear all day… that’s probably why she wanted to go bad a little!

Finally, I learned a little about her establishment. It seems that girls are the majority and, in addition, there are quite kinky. The existence of such a pool does not go against my theories because it can be related to the medical branch that I have already identified as a “hot tank”, like the literature and psychology.

So, at work, guys! If I could make such a move, you can too!

May the God of the Game be with you!